• Karla S January 6, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    I received 24 months of LTD from Unum after having to quit my job due to mental health issues. After the 24 months were up, Unum decided I could do certain sedentary jobs, as I do have a number of physical issues, i.e. spondylolisthesis @ L4-5/S1, severe arthritis in multiple joints, a rotator cuff tear, carpal tunnel, obstructive sleep apnea, etc. When I appealed my denial, a "Physical Physician with a specialty in spinal cord trauma" reviewed my case. 9 pages were sent to me explaining that because a Pulmonologist and my Family Physician had both written in my records that my "gait was normal" and that I was "alert and oriented x 3", there was no evidence that, despite having to take narcotic pain reliever around the clock (Darvocet N-100 and now Percocet), no evidence existed that I had any side effects as I had said I did in my appeal letter (drowsiness, dizziness, difficulty focusing and staying alert). Is there anything that can be done now that they have denied my appeal?

    • admin January 7, 2011 at 4:09 am

      Hi Karla, I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble you've been going through. A number of other readers I've heard from have had a challenging time with denied claims–particularly related to chronic pain brought on by various conditions–things like fibromyalgia and the like–and I think insurance companies have a way of hearing "pain" and thinking "it's in her head"–even though a doctor may have diagnosed it and prescribed something long-term for it. You may want to submit your details regarding the Unum denied disability claim to an attorney for review to see if you might have a case. You can do so by filling out this form and submitting it–it's a free service to our readers and your info will go to a lawyer who specializes in Unum litigation.

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