• Richard johnson April 20, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    I would just like to n of any new findings about the cases

    • Veteran June 10, 2018 at 10:02 pm

      I am a disbled veteran lied to by the VA about finasteride that the VA goes out from it urologists for BPH-Enlarged Prostate. I have an FOIA act answered by VHA and VA Phamacy which shows that the VA despite FDA adverse warnings on finasteride in 2012 and 2014 the VA never put warnings on their drug labels. I was told it was 100% safe drug never given hormone blood tests by the VA and when one was done they did absolutely nothing about my hormones being messed up as part of my permanenet Post Finasteride Sympotmology -PFS adverse symptomology . The VA has stated in my medical records PFS does not exist and have refused me and tiers treatment and denied consults despite two top evaluations by leading researchers in the field of PFS .

      Although I had full blown symptomology before 2012 ( took the drug between 2009 and 2014 as ordered as a safe drug by my VA uriologist) I ad a incompetent PFS case action lawyer who actually sued the wrong company as an Indian Company made my Generic finasterdie not Merck . He supposed expert as well as the class actions expert was not allowed to talk with him. The plaintiffs so called expert threw out from the class action anyone who took finasteride , proscar or procepia (despite having full blow symptomology and ones doctor stated it was 100% safe drug as the VA has stated in writing ) past 2012 when the FDA came out with the first warnings .

      Thus anyone who took finasteride , proscar, or procepia past FDA warnings, even if there were none on your bottle like the VA pharmacy , past FDA warning of 2012 are thrown out of the class action or court and none will help us veterans . Not one lawyer so we cant get treatment from what the VA did to us and has lied about the drug anmd still lies about the drug refusing to recognize PFS claiming that there is no adesre symptomology as all symptom logy goes away onc you cease the drug. VA doctors and facials have also stated besides this verbally that all PFS doctors are bogus, the research is bogus , and there is not such a thing as PFS . Lawyers have refused to take our case for discrimination of a recognized disability, failure to report one case of PFS at the VA despite millions given this drug (They lie and tell vets its all due to your enlarged prostate or hormones being messed up to begin with or your mental health diagnosis kept in check for years) for enlarged prostate. This is millions of veterans . This discrimination by the VA in the form of medical neglect and medical malpractice goes on and on and who knows the numbers of vets committing suicde and are in pain like myself every day with no help.

      So anyone who took finasteride proscar or procepia past the FDA warning of 2012 or continued to take such drug has no case period .according to the class action lawyers for finasteride. Many were lied to to take such cases and over 80% were throne out by the plaintiffs expert for this reason and not allowed to talk with plaintiffs expert like myself and others .

      If you will look at the internet and this site no lawyer is taking any PFS finasteride, proscar or procepia cases period. Try to find an attorney who will do so !!

      you can get me at :

      Need help legally to sue the drug company and the Veterans Adminsitrations doctors and personnel.


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