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Uber Hit with Proposed Class Action in California
Uber Hit with Proposed Class Action in California Los Angeles, CA: A California labor lawsuit brought by a Uber driver likens a pricing model observed by Uber to stiffing drivers of proper wages as required under California labor law. For its part, co-defendant Uber Technologies Inc. disagrees with plaintiff Sophano Van’s allegations and is trying to have the lawsuit tossed [READ MORE]

Can a Cabbie Collect Overtime?
Can a Cabbie Collect Overtime? San Francisco, CA Many people assume, without much thinking, that cabbies rent the cab from a cab company and then work pretty independently. The California Court of Appeals decision in Linton v. DeSoto Cab Company breathes life into a driver’s contention that he was an employee, entitled to unpaid wages, unpaid overtime and waiting time penalties. The Appeals Court did not determine that Darnice Linton was an employee, but sent the case back to the trial court with instructions that it apply certain legal principles originally developed in workers compensation and unemployment insurance cases. Simply put, plaintiffs in California overtime lawsuits now have more tools at their disposal [READ MORE]

As More Icons Fall, #metoo Continues to Fuel Movement Against Sexual Harassment
As More Icons Fall, #metoo Continues to Fuel Movement Against Sexual Harassment Los Angeles, CA: Allegations of sexual harassment that is consuming the entertainment, media and government industries and given birth to the #metoo movement, has at its root the various allegations against former media mogul Harvey Weinstein. While none of the allegations against Weinstein and others have yet to be proven in court, the mere allegation of wrongdoing is enough to disintegrate a career overnight, and bring once-mighty dynasties to their knees [READ MORE]


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