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  • 40 Year Old Man Awarded $27M in Asbestos Mesothelioma Lawsuit (Jan-24-14)
  • Patient Awarded $5M in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit (Aug-2-11)
  • Lasik Eye Patient Awarded $550,000 (Mar-25-11)
  • Police Harassment Clinton Township agrees to pay $85,000 settlement in employment lawsuit. (May-26-08)
  • Excessive Force Tallmadge Police reaches undisclosed settlement in civil lawsuit. (May-23-08)
  • Union Benefits Electricians win $50,000 settlement in employment lawsuit. (May-17-08)
  • Two Teens Shot At Homeowner to pay undisclosed settlement in endangerment lawsuit. (May-9-08)
  • Downtown Improvement Springfield to pay more than $2.5 million settlement in eminent domain lawsuit. (May-1-08)
  • Chain Saw Emissions Three companies to pay $2 million settlement in environmental lawsuit. (Apr-27-08)
  • Salesman Prejudice Car dealer to pay $149,500 settlement in harassment lawsuit. (Apr-25-08)
  • Pollution Permits Violations Landfill pays $18,900 fine as settlement for clean air lawsuit. (Apr-23-08)
  • Loan Balance Due Rossford to pay $50,000 settlement in creditor lawsuit. (Apr-21-08)
  • Police Sergeant Fired Bentleyville to pay $110,000 settlement in wrongful termination lawsuit. (Apr-19-08)
  • Racial and Age Discrimination Staffing company to pay $585,000 settlement in employment lawsuit. . (Apr-17-08)
  • Waste Water Violations Colgate Palmolive Co. to pay $14,200 settlement in environmental lawsuit. (Apr-9-08)
  • Youth Prisons Require Improvement Columbus to pay up to $30 million settlement in correctional facilities lawsuit. (Apr-7-08)
  • Investment Advice Fraud Investor to pay $5 million settlement in fund management lawsuit. (Apr-2-08)
  • Police Pursuit Turns Tragic Ohio State Patrol to pay $1.18 million settlement in wrongful death lawsuit. (Mar-26-08)
  • Patrolman Causes Fatal Accident Ohio proposes $1.1 million settlement in wrongful death lawsuit. (Mar-26-08)
  • Building Satisfaction Building Satisfaction Nimishillen settlement fire station lawsuit contractor builder babik b&j electric (Mar-18-08)
  • Principal Resigns District to pay $20,800 settlement in misconduct lawsuit. (Mar-16-08)
  • Sales Incentives Chrysler, auto dealer reach settlement in opposing lawsuits. (Mar-13-08)
  • Police Assault Drunk driver will get $65,000 settlement for being assaulted while under arrest. (Mar-12-08)
  • Plane Crash Family awarded $15 million wrongful death settlement after surgeon dies while trying to land his aircraft. (Feb-29-08)
  • Student Assault Columbus School District agrees to pay $350,000 settlement for negligent handling of the incident. (Feb-27-08)
  • Eminent Domain University of Akron pays property owner $443,000 settlement. (Feb-10-08)
  • Scrap Metal Ocanna Inc. pays $86,000 EPA waste violations settlement. (Jan-31-08)
  • Chemistry Lab Fire Hudson's Western Reserve Academy awards $18 million personal injury settlement to two burn victims. (Jan-20-08)
  • Proper Counsel Tentative $600,000 settlement in wrongful imprisonment lawsuit. (Jan-19-08)
  • Roof Repairs Eeman & Blinn, Inc. agrees to pay $290,000 settlement for installing a faulty high school roof. (Dec-30-07)
  • Professor Harassment Ohio University pays former student $225,000 gender harassment settlement. (Dec-30-07)
  • Racial Slurs A teenager has been ordered to pay $128,500 to a black family who alleged the boy left a box marked "KKK" that contained racial slurs, in their driveway. (Dec-13-07)
  • Vehicle Fees ASK Powersports pays $70,000 fine for charging customers freight, assembly, and dealer service fees. (Nov-21-07)
  • Sergeant Termination Athens County pays former employee settlement after being fired for political reasons. (Nov-19-07)
  • Inmate Death Montgomery County agrees to $21,000 settlement after an inmate died from cardiac dysrhythmia. (Nov-15-07)
  • Employee Reassignment Chillicothe City Schools pays former director of personnel $30,000 settlement. (Nov-15-07)
  • Construction Mud Dixon Builders pays $80,000 EPA fine. (Nov-14-07)
  • Recycling Pollution Perma-Fix Environmental Services Inc. pays $1.3 million settlement for Clean Air Act violations. (Nov-12-07)
  • Overtime Records City of Akron must pay two employees $1.7 million for destroying public records that proved unpaid overtime. (Oct-17-07)
  • Wastewater Spills Dannon Co. pays $71,000 in penalties for environmental damages. (Oct-10-07)
  • Demolition Pollution Warren Fabricating Corp. pays EPA fine. (Oct-8-07)
  • Dry Cleaning Contamination Couple pays EPA fine for groundwater contaminaiton. (Sep-26-07)
  • Bostwick Design Group $250,000 settlement in lawsuit over excess construction costs. (Sep-24-07)
  • Mall Lease Dispute Mahoning County pays $1 million over next four years. (Sep-22-07)
  • Wayne County, OH $700,000 settlement in wrongful death civil lawsuit. (Sep-10-07)
  • Kent, OH $65,000 settlement in wrongful arrest civil lawsuit. (Aug-31-07)
  • Larry Nighswander $10,000 payout in breach of settlement and fraudulent misrepresentation suit. (Aug-28-07)
  • Columbus Steel Castings $75,000 fine in environmental pollution lawsuit. (Aug-25-07)
  • U-Store-It Trust $121 million settlement reached in store management dispute. (Aug-8-07)
  • Dr. Lathardus Goggins $30,000 settlement in misappropriated funds lawsuit. (Aug-4-07)
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