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The Kentucky attorney general filed a lawsuit against the car dealer for allegedly selling substandard cars and trucks at inflated prices. The case was filed on behalf of 14,400 people who purchased vehicles at the Louisville dealer from January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2004. J.D. Byrider of Louisville has agreed to pay a $7.1 million settlement that will award $500 to each purchaser. Marc Maguire owns the franchise with his father James Maguire. The dealer's parent company, J.D. Byrider Systems Inc. of Carmel, Indiana will contribute an additional $300,000 to the settlement. (Jan-31-06) [INDIANAPOLIS STAR]

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Published on Feb-3-06


Posted by
Brandon Johnson
August of 2016 I bought a 2009 Mitsubishi Outlander from JD Byrider in appleton Wisconsin. The vehicle was priced at $14,995 along with every other vehicle in the lot. The reduced the price to $11,995 as they do for every vehicle. The shop was closing and I needed a car for a new job fast so I decided to go there. I really loved the vehicle so I went ahead and signed the paperwork and they said I could pick it up tomorrow. I picked it up the next day with a huge scratch and dent on the drivers side door, they said it was already there and that I already signed the paperwork. (I think I would have noticed that) the following day the muffler fell off of the car. This was just the beginning of my problems. I soon found out that the vehicle was only worth $5,100.00 when I got it appraised by my bank for refinancing. I was told the interest was around %11.5 but I soon figured out that it was %22.8. I told them that I was getting a new job soon and would need to eventually change the date that my payment comes out to reflect my new payday. I called to change that and they said there is not way to change the date at all. I was told that the price of the vehicle reflects the 3 year 30,000 mile warranty, which he said was worth $4,000.00. He originally clearly stated that all repairs where only $20.00 and thats all you pay. Here I find out that it is $49.00 per hour and $20.00 per part. Months later my Bluetooth goes out, electronics started acting weird and locked the doors over and over. I called them and they do not cover any of the electronics. Then the wheel barring started scraping and breaks where making horrible noises. skip ahead a few unpleasant phone calls and just now, today 10/19/2017 on the way to my new career, my transmission gave out in the middle of a 1 lane bridge. This whole situation has been unbelievable and this is horrible.

Posted by
Markeese Jefferies
My husband and i purchased a 2007 pt cruiser from jdbyrider last year aug 2016. Theyve had it back ten times and it is headed back for a 11th this week. It constantly over heats and smokes the inside of the vehicle fills up with smoke. Theyve put two engines in a radiator fix the thermostats the cam sensor and it is still running hot. They manage to break our air and heat while fixing it and wont fix that because its not covered under the warranty. My husband often has to miss work because the car wont make it. Thwy wont give him a new one. Im looking into an atty as i feel they frauded us.

Posted by
Rob Stine
I had purchased a vehicle from JD Byrider back in 2005. It was back and forth to their shop 6 times in the first couple months of having it. Same issue each time. I was finally told to bring the vehicle back in and it was settled. They got the vehicle back. Now... this week... I get a small claims notice for $6500 from March 2005. Lmao! 12 years go by and I am getting a suit? Absolutely nothing on my credit from them after the vehicle was turned in, nothing all these years, and still nothing on my credit and this? Anyone seen this yet??? The scamming still goes on after 12 years of nothing to do with them.

Posted by
Nicole grayson
Similar issues to everyone else. 17,000 ending payment for a 2008 Buick LaCrosse worth blue book $7000 has been to the shop 7 times and we have just had it a month. Now I have to take it to the dealer to fix it (they are covering cost) because they can't get the knock sensor part in.. this is super stressful. I keep missing work to being this car in. It's just to much. Preying on people with lower income and bad credit and the worst is my credit is 600 not even that bad

Posted by
Lionel allison
Need help had 2006 Chrysler town and country had got it in 2014 had over 100,000 miles on soon I pull of the lot had problem they take me and my girl to court in Nov 2017

Posted by
Sheila Lamirande
Last year, my boyfriend and I were desperate for a vehicle. JD Byrider saw us coming a mile away. We purchased a 2005 Chevy Malibu with nearly 200,000 miles on it. We are paying $185 every 2 weeks. If we wanted to pay it off now, we would have to pay over $11,000. Kelly Blue Book values our car at about $260-$2600 depending on its condition. What we still owe is almost what a 2017 Chevy Malibu goes for. We are stuck in this. I should have checked all this before buying from them. We have 4 more years to go @ $370 a month. Ridiculous.

Posted by
Gerald C Gay Jr
I got A 2005 Ford Escape in September 2016, they let me keep it long enough to take $1100 for down payment. Then before December payment they repossessed it, didn't even call before coming to get it.

Posted by
i bought a car from them brake caliper froze up couple months after i had it thay wouldnt fix it had noise in front end said it was ball joint he fixed still had noise said it was my struts i took it to a garage 700 plus dollers later its fixed still needs work way to much money for a car that many mile wish i could get out the contrac and get some money back

Posted by
Ann Hawkins
My spouse and I have been going throw the same thing with JDbyRider, and still are. We live in Savannah GA. and are currently looking for help with this matter, they are trying to contuine to do the same hing to us,an it's not fair.We are the defendants.

Posted by
Garry Maize
I bought a 2006 PT Cruiser from JD By rider and before our first payment the radiator exploded while my wife was driving and had to tow it in for service.The front end needed work and that was service twice and still not fixed.while paying $420.00 monthly $210.00 every 2 weeks.This experience has been very stressful on my family.We paid over $20,000.00 for a car worth $2500.00 with 86,000 miles.


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