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Stevens Johnson Syndrome: Just One Little Pill…

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Los Angeles, CAIt’s one of the strangest Stevens Johnson Syndrome stories yet, but one that is no less compelling. The tragedy is that an antibiotic administered to a 19-year-old woman from California wasn’t even prescribed to her. Yaasmeen Castanada had been complaining of a sore throat. A friend sought to help by giving Yaasmeen a pill that she had left over from her own ailment.

Was it Zithromax? It could have been. We don’t know for sure as the CBS (12/11/14) report does not specify what the antibiotic was. But it could have been, as Zithromax (azithromycin) has been linked to Zithromax Stevens Johnson Syndrome, a rare allergic reaction typified by blisters and skin loss akin to serious burns. Doctors have characterized SJS as the body burning from the inside out.

It is rare, but for those who succumb to the horrific disease, Stevens Johnson Syndrome is horrid and sometimes deadly. It can rob a person of their sight, either temporarily or permanently. Many victims of SJS have to contend with heightened sensitivity to light for the rest of their lives. Zithromax side effects include a rare association with Stevens Johnson Syndrome, as do other medications.

In Castanada’s case, the 19-year-old only took one pill. Just one. But one was all it took, as she soon began experiencing burning sensations in her throat, eyes and mouth. Her eyes became bloodshot. Taking no chances, Castanada’s mother rushed Yaasmeen to the emergency room at the local hospital, where a diagnosis of SJS was quickly made.

Yaasmeen, indeed, suffered an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she was given. Within four days, Castanada’s condition worsened dramatically. Occurring adjacent to US Thanksgiving, the 19-year-old has since suffered burn-like blisters and lesions to over 70 percent of her body. She has endured two surgical procedures. Two weeks before Christmas, the California State University sophomore was still in the intensive care burn unit, and was hoping to be home in time for Christmas. However, with Stevens Johnson Syndrome, there are never any guarantees.

Zithromax Stevens Johnson Syndrome can begin with a Zithromax rash, quickly progressing to Zithromax reactions such as SJS.

There’s not much help on the Zithromax product labeling. On the official Zithromax website, a page intended for consumers and last updated in June 2011 deals only with children’s Zithromax, and makes a veiled reference to the possibility of an allergic reaction. Zithromax manufacturer Pfizer simply advises parents to have their child see a doctor quickly if signs of a possible allergic reaction surfaces. Zithromax SJS is not mentioned.

It is only in the prescribing information intended for physicians that Stevens Johnson Syndrome is referenced, including the potential severity. Fatalities are referenced. However, this document is written for doctors and would rarely be accessed by a patient. Other links for more in-depth information about Zithromax - including the potential for a Zithromax skin rash that could lead to SJS - is accessible only by doctors by way of a flag that pops up, requiring verification.

Little wonder many sufferers of Stevens Johnson Syndrome seek the services of a Zithromax attorney. SJS remains extremely rare. But at the same time, consumers want to know that Zithromax side effects could include, albeit rare, Stevens Johnson Syndrome. The results are often devastating and tragic, if and when it happens.


Zithromax SJS Legal Help

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SJS is not an allergic reaction; knowledge of a person's allergy status is not remotely applicable to causation. It is not possible to foresee who will have an idiosyncratic reaction to a medication and develop it...and it's not even always caused by a medication. This unfortunate woman did get SJS from the pill, whatever it was, but it's not possible to say it was an allergy. Literally, not possible.
As to allergy in general, often one's first symptom of an allergy is, well, the first symptom. By definition, an allergy requires exposure to a substance; the first exposure results in no reaction (absent prior exposure to a very similar/related protein, e.g., cephalosporins and penicillins have significant cross-allergenicity). Therefore asking about allergy is helpful but not definitive in determining whether allergic reaction is possible to even a prescribed substance.
Please feel free to contact me if you don't have a nurse consultant for medical-related cases to help you clarify these issues.

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"Castanada might have avoided her ordeal had she only taken medication prescribed to her, medication that was properly vetted to avoid any known allergic reactions."
OH Really!
I have had pain medication entered into my Hospital medication as Intermuscular Injection every 6 hours instead of 1 Tablet every 6 hours as needed.
I have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea after taking 30 mg of Morphine ER [Extend Release] Tablet and then having a sleep study. These people are nuts and should never be able to practice medicine. I know more about medication than the medical profession including Doctors who look in a book and say to themselves OH Yea that is the RX we need to give him for his condition - No vetting required.
I went to the hospital to the tune of $13,000 because I could not breath after taking Lisinopril and 15 mg of Morphine Sulfate IR Tablet.
WARNING if you take medication you better read and understand all the real and possible side effects of every medication you put in your mouth.
I am creating a web-site call Patients View after all of the experiences I have had.
USE EXTREME CAUTION when taking your medications, be well


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