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Attorney is Hopeful Current Opioid Litigation will Pave the Way for Individual Opioid Lawsuits

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Attorney and physician Shezad Malik says he is monitoring closely the opioid MDL in Cleveland, hopeful money will support neighborhood drug treatment centers.

Dallas, TX"With all these opioid lawsuits filed against big Pharma, manufacturers, distributors and pharmacy chains, we are hopeful that a treasure trove of discovery will be uncovered to help individuals," says attorney Shezad Malik. "This teacher, this fireman, so many people wouldn't have fallen into the opioid trap if these drugs weren't pushed on them by their doctor or hospital."

The Tobacco Analogy

Malik likens the opioid problem to tobacco, whereby states and attorneys general opened the lid for individuals to litigate. The largest civil-litigation settlement in U.S. history, the "master settlement agreement" in 1998 involved the tobacco industry, 46 states and six other jurisdictions. State attorneys general argued that tobacco companies should take up the burden of paying for the costs of treating smoking-related diseases. The tobacco companies agreed to fund public-health programs and anti-smoking campaigns by making an annual payment to the states. Malik is hopeful that litigation history will repeat itself and pharma companies will make payments to drug treatment centers, and help support individuals with opioid addiction.

Opioids and Pain Management

"I'm hopeful that a lot of discovery material generated in this Cleveland opioid MDL will expose pharmaceutical marketing practiced by Purdue, J&J and Teva," says Malik. "It all started back in the 1990s with the push by pain management doctors to recast pain as something else. Pain was no longer a sign or symptom; instead it was dealt with aggressively with medication, rather than looking at the source of the pain. So, this paved the way for pain management doctors and clinics who just numbed the pain, whether you were suffering from broken bones or depression. And that started the whole shebang. We have always had pain in our lives and dealt with it but here was a different view of things and it had to do with narcotics."

Compound that problem with how easy it is to obtain opioids and them being so dirt cheap. "You can get fentanyl by mail order from China or Canada; they can be sent to you via the internet. They come as multiple dots on a piece of paper or wrap, so easy to disguise," adds Malik.

Elissa, aged 48 from New York underwent a surgical procedure last year to help correct nerve damage in her back and was prescribed oxycodone 20mg, cyclobenzaprine 10mg & gabapentin 900mg to help manage the pain during her recovery. In an email to LawyersandSettlements she describes her opioid dependency. "Dealing with daily and constant pain throughout my body has made me totally dependent on these drugs ... the side effects of taking the drugs has changed my life forever; and not for the better. I've been suffering from mood swings, aggressive behavior, insomnia, night sweats, nausea, stomach cramps and skin irritation just to name a few. The worst side effect of them all is depression."

And Jordan from Arkansas writes that he has been on prescription opioids for years and became addicted to them. "Getting help is where the problem lies… more attention needs to be brought into focus on the particular problem in order to provide help for those who are asking for help," he says in an email. "The meds have ruined my life and I wish I never started taking them. The medical industry needs to be held accountable, so I would appreciate being included in any actions that will be taken against them."

Opioid Multi-District Litigation in Cleveland

Malik is optimistic that the current opioid litigation will lead to an early settlement with these big pharma companies and distributors, "because they don't want to expose the can of worms behind this marketing deal and pharma doesn't want to air their dirty laundry," he says.

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation recently created an MDL for opioid litigation known as the National Prescription Opiate Litigation, MDL #2804. Judge Daniel Polster is overseeing hundreds of lawsuits in this Cleveland MDL. According to the transfer order, the MDL litigation might also include "additional categories of plaintiffs and defendants, as well as different types of claims", which could include lawsuits filed by individuals affected by addiction.

Judge Dan Polster asked the DEA at the beginning of March to provide plaintiffs lawyers with the identities of drug manufacturers that sold 95 percent of opioids in every state for 2012 and 2013. Polster wants the DEA to release data from the Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System, or ARCOS, which is key for plaintiffs' attorneys. ARCOS contains information about sales of prescription painkillers - as Malik says, discovery can provide a "treasure trove of information". The case is In re: National Prescription Opiate Litigation, case number 1:17-md-02804, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.

Individual Opioid Lawsuits

"Once plaintiff attorneys have this information, we can start targeting single event cases where people have died in the event of taking opioids as prescribed," says Malik. "We will have the ability to sue pharma and doctors - in other words, follow the prescription paper trail. Everyone knows these drugs are dangerous but it is difficult to litigate, unless proven that pharma downplayed the dangers and committed fraud on the FDA and doctors. We are looking at millions of people and a multi-faceted problem and nobody has the answer-yet."


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what makes you think others didn't follow the labels on the bottle then were given for so long and cut off not knowing why you feel the way you do . Withdrawl comes with increased pain, so the reason why you were given the opioids is there again. PAIN you go back to the doctor tell them whats going on and given more opioids, all of a sudden all those other symptoms are gone too. We are brought up to "trust" our doctor, after all they have the answers and know how to treat...
Please do not comment on something your ignorant to.

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After FIVE total hip replacements (2 on left hip, 3 on right) I have tons of scar tissue that rubs every time I walk or bend at the waist. My opioid meds have increased in strength over 10 years, now all doctors are under an EDICT from Sharp Rees Stealy management to taper off ALL patients -- regardless of need! Docs won't be covered from a malpractice lawsuit if patient dies! But they have NO answer for how to handle pain without opioids! Told to try Tylenol or listen to music or join group to talk about pain? Pendulum has swung too far so all chronic pain patients are scared to death how to deal with pain at levels where we feel like it's worth living! There will be many more suicides by desperate sufferers if no realistic pain management, non-opioid pill is created! The bad guys don't care about all the rules and regs! It's the good guys, suffering from doctor screw-ups, that are being effected by these holier-than-thou people who haven't a clue what chronic pain feels like!!!

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Will this action help those that have fallen prey to the prison systems? Those that have no criminal records until they began and became addicted to opiods. No habitual behavior of dug useage or criminal activity until they started using opiods. This seems to be a big problem for those as well. And getting max sentences and they're not even criminals.

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Doctors and Pharmaceutical industries are just not liable for people's misconduct in abusing drugs. Opioid crisis is a self inflicted condition from a minority of people. Most patients follow prescriptions recommendations.
Opioids have been prescribed for several generations and helped people in acute pain situations which will no longer be an option in a near future.

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Opioids have been produced since almost 100 years. 99% of the prescription drug users comply with the prescription recommendations.

Because of "the opioid crisis" docotors are scared to prescribe and patients who have been law abiding citizens are not getting the pain management they need post surgically.

It's predicted the use of benzodiazepines will be under the same faith, which will result in critical negatives consequences for patients using when for various types of illnesses.

Because a minority of people break the law the majority of us has to suffer the pain.

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was prescribed Percodan every mos for over 1 yr by my obgyn Dr. Gardner in Wyckoff, NJ. Became addicted at the age of 20 and after the Rx ended, I ended up becoming a heroin addict for 20 yrs. I'm now sober for 15 yrs. But my life was ruined. I didn't know what addiction was at that age. I didn't understand why I felt so sick when I had no Percodan on top of the horrendous pain from endometriosis. My family suffered as a result of my addition as well.


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