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Attorneys in Canada Investigating Lipitor Lawsuits

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Ottawa, CanadaAttorneys in Canada are investigating potential Lipitor lawsuits, alleging Lipitor side effects include an increased risk of developing type II diabetes. Jeff Orenstein, attorney at Consumer Law Group, says his firm has been contacted by people from across Canada who are interested in being part of a Lipitor class-action lawsuit.

Lipitor (known generically as atorvastatin) is a statin drug used to lower a person’s cholesterol by reducing low-density lipoproteins in the patient’s blood. In February 2012, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated Lipitor’s label to include a warning about an increased risk of patients developing type II diabetes while taking Lipitor. Health Canada followed suit in September 2012.

“The people who are at the most significantly increased risk of developing type II diabetes after taking a statin are women who are 50 and older - post-menopausal women,” Orenstein says. “That is the clearest category of people we are looking to contact us.”

That said, anyone who took Lipitor and developed type II diabetes can contact the law firm to investigate the possibility of joining a class-action lawsuit against Pfizer, maker of Lipitor.

Among those who would have the strongest case against Pfizer are people who took Lipitor and developed diabetes before September 2012, although a case could potentially be made for people who took Lipitor after that time that the label change did not sufficiently warn about the risks.

“Before September 2012, it’s our position that had Pfizer put in the patient information precautions about type II diabetes, people could have made an informed decision about taking the drug,” Orenstein says. “Their doctor would also have monitored their blood sugar levels and they would have taken necessary precautions to make sure the patients did not get type II diabetes.”

Lawsuits have been filed in the US, although so far no class-action lawsuits have been filed in Canada. Orenstein says that a big difference between the US and Canada is that in Canada, class-action lawsuits involving personal injury can be filed. Consumer Law Group, which represents clients from across Canada is looking at filing a lawsuit in Quebec, where Pfizer’s Canadian headquarters are located.

Patients who have taken Lipitor and developed type II diabetes are advised to obtain their pharmacy records - so they know when they took Lipitor and when they developed diabetes - and contact Consumer Law Group sooner rather than later.

“Type II diabetes is incurable,” Orenstein says. “You can control it, but it has its own complications. With type II diabetes, the risk of heart problems is higher, which is why you took statins in the first place. It wouldn’t make sense to have a higher risk for something you’re trying to avoid.”


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I was diagnosed aug 18 2016- Lipitor levels were quiet high, my muscles and joints are sore constantly, fatigue, weakness.this is on-going at the moment, now my doctor has arranged for me to see a neurologist to examine my muscles, I been battling this since early april this year. was told it was the Lipitor that done this to my muscles to breakdown, was on Lipitor since 2008.this is really affecting my quality of life and has put a stop to earning extra income for my daily living, being retired for awhile now.

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I Had an MI aged 42 due to a blood clot from a back injury, my cholesterol levels were spot on perfect 4.5 yet I was still given Atorvastatin. A month later I had lost 1st in muscle mass, the low amount of fat I had was still the same. I had muscle pains, spasms and then developed severe nuerological symptoms which hospitalised me 10 times with ridiculous diagnosis from panic attacs to constipation!
I refused to take statins and suddenly started to feel better. I was press ganged/emotionally blackmailed to go back on the statin or "surely die!" due to bad cholesterol etc (it only measued 2.4 by that time, far lower than perfectly normal.)
My symptoms came back imediatley.
I sought out a private cardiologist who took me off the statins. I then saw my GP and demanded he raise a yellow card for it and he said no need as they already know about the side effects!!!
Its outrageous that there is still no suit for rhabdomyolysis and nuerologcal damage caused by statins!

For those of you still suffering ( im much better but still seriously disabled after 11mnths) I found that taking daily folic acid has helped tremendously.

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In 2002 I had MI diagnosed with CHF. I've was on Zocor for a while then changed to Lipitor with various dosage changes all the while suffering from muscle cramps, spasms, lack of energy etc which has been reported to cardiologist. Recently taken off Lipitor and placed on Crestor and newly diagnosed with atrial fib and still suffering from all symptoms listed above regarding muscle cramps, spasms and lack of energy. I have been on various "or" statins since 2002, had my MI at age 32 and can truly say I have never felt so weak or horrible for such a long time and I'm currently only 45 yr old female.

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I was prescribed Lipitor after my heart bypass surgery sometime in July 2006 and have continued taking it ever since. I was subsequently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes sometime (as of May or perhaps earlier) in 2009. I was, therefore, prescribed with Metformin 500mg (twice daily) and a few years later one pill of Januvia (100mg) was added to my medication.

I was not aware that there was a linkage between the use of Lipitor and type 2 diabetes.

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I truly hope you also pursue the rhabdomyolysis . I also have the same or similar problem my doctor called polymyositis. I also have pain every day. I cant sit for long or stand for
without paying for it in severe pain. As a previous person explained the stairs are something I avoid if possible, getting dressed,or getting into the bath is like a work out.
I will get sudden sharp pain that stops me in my tracks. Walking for to long is out of the question. Standing for a few hours which I do as well as bending or just general
housework can tire me quickly. I had to take prednisone as it effected my throat muscle, which caused speech problems. It would also causing choking in my throat where food would not pass. Sometimes I would pee my pants or throw up. thus I had to be put on 50 miligrams of the prednisone. I worked in a fish plant where I was always exposed to cool areas and constant cold and wet weather. This would cause my muscles to cause my great pain plus hinder my movement. I am off the prednisone but this devastating problem
will plague me for the rest of my life. It was the main reason I had to leave my job of eleven years. I was on disability and now a retirement pension. I volunteer two days a week in a low income grocery outlet as I am afraid of losing all mobility. As far as being a diabetic. I was border line and now a full type two diabetic.

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I have found since i have been taking lipitor since 2009 i have had muscle loss and my joints are very sore, sometimes i can't get out of my car or walk up my stairs. Why is the law suit only against lipitor for diabetes II. Worse of it all is i had my blood tested and the doctor told me i needed to go up in mg on my lipitor, i did and now i am sweating and feel worse than ever.There has to be something els to control cholesterol other than these statins.

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Lipitor can also cause a condition known as rhabdomyolysis, which is the breakdown of muscle tissue that leads to the release of muscle fiber contents into the blood, often resulting in kidney damage, and severe muscle pain. I have been suffering severe muscle pain daily and unrelenting for over 3 months now. My doctor suspects it is rhabdomyolysis as a result of taking Lipitor for years. My pain is so bad that it is severely restricting my activities of daily living. Nothing relieves the pain and evern worse than that, I don't know how much damage is done and to my knowledge nothing will repair the damage done. I am living a nightmare of pain that never goes away, buttocks, thighs, calves; it hurts to sit, stand, walk and even lie down. I can no longer enjoy the things I like to do and I now on Percoset, which only helps me to get through the day and function somewhat normally. This is the worst pain I have ever endured. I am very angry that Lipitor is still being touted by big pharma, when it so clearly is a dangerous medication. I will continue going through the x-rays, the blood work and the other tests, but everything points to this being caused by the Lipitor. I am really afraid of what long term damage has been done, and what my quality of life is going to be like in the future. I force myself into work everyday, because I support myself and need my job. I have never been sick and my friends can't believe what has happened to me. Regards, Cherrie Poste

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It was I think July or August of 2012 when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.It was Sept. of 2012 when I found I was getting leg muscle problems.I didn't find out that the muscle problems could be from lipitor until Aug.2013.By then I was close to being a cripple.I had been taking lipitor for about a year before being diagnosed with diabetes.

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What if you have diabetes already and experienced a heart attack - they presribe Lipitor - does it make your exsisting diabetes worse over time? I went from controlled diabetes to now being on insuline - could it be because I am taking lipitor? Any ideas?


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