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Extended Warranties

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Companies, including manufacturers and third-parties, often offer extended warranties to consumers to ensure repair or replacement of expensive items or home systems. Unfortunately, sometimes consumers pay for these extra warranties in good faith only to find out that the company that offered the warranty will not pay out when needed. Lawsuits have been filed against various extended warranty providers, alleging they operate in bad faith and deny legitimate claims for questionable reasons.


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Extended Warranties

There are situations that void extended warranties. These include failure to properly maintain equipment, misuse of the equipment, pre-existing condition or negligence. Some warranty companies, however, use those valid excuses to deny claims in situations where they may not be accurate. For example, lawsuits against some warranty companies allege claims were denied due to "pre-existing condition" even though the warranty company did not evaluate the appliance in question when the policy was purchased. In other words, the company had no proof of a pre-existing condition.

And in some cases, the warranty being offered might itself be a scam.

Home Warranties

reitsmoneyhousesHome warranties are offered by companies to cover the cost of repair and/or replacement of appliances and mechanical systems in a home. These extended warranties tend to provide coverage beyond the typical one-year warranty that manufacturers provide. Items or systems that can be covered in a home warranty include heating systems, central air conditioners, pools, dishwashers and ovens.

Lawsuits have been filed against some home warranty companies, such as American Home Shield, alleging the companies violated their contracts with policyholders. The lawsuits allege such companies failed to provide required repair and replacement services, denied claims for reasons that were not legitimate, or otherwise acted in bad faith.

Car Warranties

Some companies offering car warranties have been accused of offering bogus warranties that have very limited value, which does not become apparent to consumers until after it is too late to obtain a refund. One such lawsuit was reportedly filed by the Minnesota Attorney General in September 2014, alleging one car warranty company is not keeping its promise of a full refund within 30 days. Often, these car warranties appear to offer bumper-to-bumper extended warranty coverage when in fact their coverage is limited.

Extended Warranty Lawsuit

Customers who have purchased extended warranties may be able to file a lawsuit if the company that offered the warranty failed to hold up its end of the contract.

Extended Warranty Legal Help

If you or a loved one has suffered similar losses from an Extended Warranty Scam, please click the link below and your complaint will be sent to an Insurance lawyer who may evaluate your claim at no cost or obligation.

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Is there a class action lawsuit against select home warranty? If so how can I get in!!!

Posted by

Easier to explain on a call.

Posted by

My complaint is I co-signed on a loan for a truck for my daughter and son-in-law thinking I would protect myself because I wouldn't be the driver. I don't have verification that the truck has been maintained as to oil changes and that's a part of the deal. My first conversation and agreement with them was for a $200 per month deal. After thinking about it I told them I wasn't comfortable with that much money so the guy I was speaking with said lets reduce it. I did not sign anything after that for did I get a confirmation email. I went online (finally) to investigate and saw all the trouble people were having and it was a scam so decided I no longer wanted this warranty. I sent an email to tell them I'm cancelling this "warranty" and also contacted my bank to refuse any automatic withdrawals, a situation I was very uncomfortable with in the beginning. So one contacted me on Dec. 31, 2016 and berated, argued, yelled and threatened me. I think this persons name was Keisha. I told her I had sent written notice that I no longer wanted the warranty because #1 I felt it was a scam, #2 I was paying for something that gave me no guarantee that I would get an equal service, and #3 I no longer have the vehicle so it's not necessary.
I'm still getting invoices from them and I want it to stop.
I plan to send them a letter today to advise them to cease and desist with their harassment.
Please advise what I can do to #1 make them stop and #2 make sure they don't try to put this on my Credit Record.
Another curious item is I'm still getting calls and ad mail from various companies, "Including Them", trying to sell me a warranty on my home phone and cell phone. I am on the do not call list and I advise them of that but they persist anyway saying something on the order of "I understand that and respect that.....but"! I went on line and reported that at the .gov site.
Thanks for reading my long complaint but would appreciate any advice you can provide.

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Can I sue a used appliances store for not honoring a 90 day full warranty.

Posted by

I'm willie j wall and I purchase a 18 wheeler with a warranty and now my truck been down for also 10 months and the warranty people don't want to fix my truck and also I purchase a warranty with my truck and they giving me the run around about my truck and I want to know if you can help me with this matter!

Thank you
Willie Wall Jr

Posted by

Hi, Service USA Inc from Texas is denying and refusing to honor legitimate furniture warranty. Just wanted to know if there are any class action lawsuits in works. After a month I am still trying to get a spill on a white sofa taken care of. I have been getting the run around, without any results.
Thanks for your time.

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I'm in process going with this truck extended warranty NTP for a commercial truck 18 wheeler . I got the truck towed to a shop in Moriarty New Mexico on the 18 last month . Since it was the engine block they want it me to again tow it to Albuquerque New Mexico to Cummins the truck engine manufacture that was more money for towing . Not adding the / days hotel car rental . Now that the root of the cause was found after almost 2 weeks truck still at the shop the diagnostic came back as a bad camshaft and it shows in my contract that should be cover and all oil changes were requested and I provided it. Now the warranty wants to send an use engine to the dealer but dealer won't swap it if is not remafactured or new . Now the warranty wants to take it to another dealer plus I have to pay again for towing plus the charges over $1000 at the dealer . After the warranty said take it only to Cummins and they won't cover towing what can I do on this thanks . NTP is a big nationwide extended warranty company

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The extended warranty request all my oil changes receipts which I have because of a turbo engine problem, they request I authorize $700 to get my vehicle torn down so they can inspect it so they can decide if they gone cover the repair.If I have every oil change up to date how can they deny the repair? If they ok the repair they will cover the $700 cost otherwise I am stuck with the repair bill please help!


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