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Liberty Mutual Denied Disability Claims

Denied disability lawsuits have been filed against Liberty Mutual insurance company. The Boston-based Liberty Mutual Holding Company, through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, is one of the largest disability insurance providers and the fourth largest property and casualty insurer in the US. Liberty Mutual, which has over 800 offices worldwide, has denied countless disability insurance claims. Liberty Mutual policyholders have filed lawsuits against the insurance company for allegedly practicing bad faith insurance and denying their Liberty Mutual long-term disability insurance.


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What is Long-Term Disability Insurance?

Group and private individual disability insurance policies are designed to allow a person to still receive an income if unable to work due to an illness, injury or accident. A long term disability policy typically pays roughly 60 percent or the person's regular earnings and generally includes a built-in waiting period of 90 to 180 days for benefits after the insured stops working.

Liberty Mutual Disability Claim Denial

If Liberty Mutual denied your disability claim, or if your claim was granted and then terminated later, you may be eligible for substantial additional benefits.

Insurance companies may use a number of tactics to avoid paying disability benefits, including:
  • Approving a short term disability claim and then denying benefits when the claimant files a claim for long term disability.
  • Repeatedly requesting additional medical examinations.
  • Claiming the policy lapsed.
  • Arguing that a disability was a pre-existing condition.
  • Denying a claim in an attempt to wear the claimant down to agreeing to a lower settlement.
  • Relying on video surveillance to deny claims
  • Making a determination that there is at least one job a claimant can perform.

Applying for Liberty Mutual disability insurance benefits involves complex documents, paperwork and deadlines. It is recommended that those seeking long-term disability benefits or claimants who have been denied seek counsel from an experienced attorney.

Liberty Mutual Ranked Among Worst Insurance Companies

Denied Disability A report from the American Association for Justice (AAJ) ranked Liberty Mutual at number 10 in its list of the top worst insurance companies. The AAJ report covered insurance companies across a range of insurance fields including disability, homeowners, auto, health and life insurance.

According to the AAJ report, Liberty Mutual hired consulting giant McKinsey & Co. to "boost its bottom line" with a strategy of lowering amounts paid in claims whether the claims were valid or not. "Liberty Mutual is facing a glut of litigation from its own vendors who say the company’s cost-cutting has resulted in poor claims processing and a spike in lawsuits," according to the report.

Liberty Mutual Disability Benefits Lawsuits

In 2012, Leonia Kirkpatrick, a claims specialist who worked for Indiana Insurance, a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual, filed a lawsuit against Liberty Mutual after it allegedly denied her claims for short-term and long-term disability benefits. Kirkpatrick argued in her appeal that Liberty Mutual failed to her total medical history and the cumulative effect that her medical conditions have on her ability to function in the workforce on a full-time basis, according to court documents.

A Kentucky woman, Yulunda McAlister, filed a lawsuit in 2015 against Liberty Mutual, alleging that her disability benefits should not have been terminated because her mental impairment has an organic cause as opposed to a psychiatric or psychological one. Liberty Mutual denied McAlister's appeal based on the insurance policy's 24-month mental illness limitation and its determination that she was not disabled from her own occupation, according to court records.

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Liberty Mutual Ignored Plaintiff’s Fibromyalgia: Lawsuit
Liberty Mutual Ignored Plaintiff’s Fibromyalgia: Lawsuit
August 9, 2017
Miami, FL: It could be argued that it’s somewhat unfair to paint an individual insurance company as a villain without acknowledging the role other insurance companies play in creating a less-than savory reputation for an industry known for denying legitimate claims. Be that as it may, Liberty Mutual has its share of Liberty Mutual wrongly denied disability claims. READ MORE


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My brother was denied short and long benefits fro liberty mutual

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I've been dealing with these thieves since January 17, 2002 when work related injury to Lower Back was diagnosed by company Dr. as lumbar strain of the L-4 - L-5 of my spine. Was released back to work full duty with no restrictions on 03/11/2002. July 11, 2005 was last day of work due to back issues related to 2002 injury that will eventually lead to inter body spinal fusion surgery on January 17, 2007. Been nothing but an on going painful nightmare since. Denied claims, followed by termination of benefit on Oct. 2006. If surgery was to take place, payment for 3 months Oct 2006 - Jan 2007
($1260.00) out of pocket payment to COBRA was requested.Yet to be reimbursed. Blue Health Blue Shield covered all pre surgery claims till the Oct 2006 date, then terminated my benefit so that they would not be held responsible for $ of surgery coverage they never paid , sending bill to collection agency that due to this Undue Financial Hardship combined with depression at stress because of fear of the unknown, added to the emotional, physical, mental distress i was already dealing with has taken its toll on not just my credit score but my Life in general, this industrial work related injury no need for appoporshment official Workmans Comp report by (AME) dated Feb 29, 2008. Declaring me permanent & stationary or (MMI). I'm no Lawyer, but I am able to read the informational facts and right for injured employees. After you have reached P/S or (MMI) Status as reported by (AME) when does LTD begin or who is responsible for to pay disability benefits when WRKMNS COMP. benefit stop and Im not able to return to my previous job & no reasonable accommodations are available by employer due to my disabilities? Yes , I did contact SSI/EDD/DPSS/LOCAL UNION/HR DEPT all have either denied claims others have denied to help, and others just don't care about you once you become or considered (DAMAGED GOODS / HIGH RISK) unuseful to their company, organization or crooked union reps.

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Would that be why Walmart uses them?

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Liberty Mutual is one of the worst Insurance you could ever in your life pay your money to their bunch of Thieves they want you to pay your money and never file a claim or nothing they're very unfair and they are dirty company they should be out of business cuz they're cheating people consumers out of money


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