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Medical Malpractice: When Doctors Mess Up

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Summerville, SCThey are among the most trusted professionals in the world, so when doctors are accused of medical malpractice it can be shocking for their patients. After all, doctors take an oath to do right by their patients and patients trust doctors with their lives--literally. So, a failure on the part of a doctor to take correct medical action is a very serious concern.

Malpractice DoctorMedical malpractice law helps to ensure that doctors keep the well-being of their patients at the forefront of their concerns. However, when something goes wrong, which does happen, doctors have medical malpractice insurance to help cover the costs of compensating patients for their pain and suffering.

A patient does not have to die for medical malpractice to have occurred. All that has to happen is that the patient is in some way harmed by the negligence of a doctor or other health professional, including medical students and nurse practitioners. However, doctors receive the majority of medical malpractice attention because they are the ones who are ultimately in charge of their patients.

Medical malpractice is basically negligence that occurs in a medical setting. It can involve a number of issues, including failure to provide appropriate medical care, not paying proper attention, surgery on the wrong part of a patient (such as a surgery on a left knee when the surgery was required on the right knee), giving a patient the wrong medication or failure to diagnose when a reasonable doctor would have made the correct diagnosis.

Some of these errors are serious and result in life-threatening complications for patients. Other errors are not as serious but can cause life-altering complications.

Medical malpractice lawsuits are not just about compensation for your pain and suffering. Often, medical negligence results in financial hardship, including more medical bills than were expected, more time off work to recover and more pharmaceutical bills. Medical negligence can be costly for a patient and his or her family.

And, while you might think that it will not happen to you, the numbers on medical malpractice are actually staggering. A study conducted by HealthGrades, a healthcare quality company, and cited in Medical News Today, found that an average of 195,000 people a year in the US died because of potentially preventable, in-hospital medical errors from the year 2000 to 2002. That is almost 200,000 people a year who died because of medical malpractice. Think about it: a life lost because someone in a hospital, a trained professional, made an error.

In addition to those deaths, the HealthGrades Patient Safety in American Hospitals study found that there were approximately 1.14 million patient-safety incidents during those same 3 years. This means that patients are at more risk for a patient-safety incident than they may have thought.

Where medical malpractice has occurred, the courts are siding with plaintiffs and awarding damages. Recently, a man who suffered from a gunshot wound to the let was awarded $1.5 million after he sued his doctor, alleging the doctor's negligence resulted in his leg being amputated. The plaintiff claimed the doctor did not properly treat his gunshot wound, which caused an infection that resulted in the leg being amputated. According to the Southeast Texas Record, the victim was awarded $100,000 for physical pain, $450,000 in lost earnings, $100,000 for disfigurement, $175,000 for impairment and $715,000 for medical expenses.

You expect that your doctor and other medical practitioners will help you through your medical problems, not make them worse with negligent treatment. When their actions cause you harm, medical malpractice law can help to make sure you are properly compensated for both financial costs and physical injury.


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I was recently in a motor cycle accident and my leg was broke the Doctor connected my right thigh artery to a vain in my left leg and after a month I of me having hope I lost pulse I my foot and due to my foot turning mummified. Sent me to deal with my leg getting amputated and which I didn't even give consent to amputation

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My left thumb was amputation but the doctor cut on my My index finger now at me as so much pain

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I had gotten a gastric bypass after July 6,2017 my heart beat was at 39mph I was in the icu for 3days ...I've been going to the hospital every week or every two weeks for my heart rate dropping...The doctor send me to a heart cardiologist. He told me that my heart was fine but that my vagus nerve ..was damage so there for my heart doesn't go stay in normal 60 to 80 mph...As of oct 6, heart started to my me panic attacks and I also can't drive I get I also went to the hospital and they told me the same thing about my vagus I don't know what to do

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I broke my ankle on April 27th didnt think i broke it til i went to the hospital tge next day come to find out I did break it in three spots dr did surgery that evening at 8pm mean while im getting all kinds of pain medicine after xrays and other tests...a few weeks later i go back with a sore throat come to find out its a abcess on my tonsils they made me do tests Nd pee in a cup doc comes in to lanse it Nd says cant give u pain medicine ur pregnant...but wait two weeks ago i juzt had surgery im still on narcotics from that incident abd no one on april 28th told me i was pregnant....after i go to plan parent hood and due to a recent premature child birth i had ultrasounds down twice to see how far along i was as i was concerned all the drugs woulx hurt my unborn and i was 13days 6weeks on july 7th do the math i was pregnant they fidnt tell me....until two weeks later when i went back so i was not only stressed zcared the baby was affected by it i ended the pregnancy due to all the stress medications and other i hzve to deal with the regret and heartbreak of it anything i can do about all the drs not telling me or their failure to even test me before surgery.?? Plz help

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I had a normal delivery and I was not stiched all the way back up. I told the Dr and he said it's no ones fault?
Yet, he didn't give me a logical reason why it happened.
I need to be sewn up probably a good inch.
He recommend me reconstructing everything!
It costs a lot of money, he says!
I don't want reconstruction, I want to be sewn up!!!
I can't take baths, I get infections if I do.
I can literally hear when I walk noise !!
I have issues wth tampons.
I asked for him to look at this before I go in to get my tubes tied, he ignored me.
So now he wants to put me under again and do reconstruction since someone couldn't stich me back up!!
I'm furious! I've had two other kids 20 years ago! No problems, no complications. No loose skin... Nothing.
My insurance just ran out, so he said .... Well what are you going to do?

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Almost 2 years ago i went to my doctor because I had been running a fever, had nausea and pain in my lower left abdomen. My doctor said it could be appendicitis or pancreatits. He sent me to the hospital for blood work and a cat scan with contrast. My insurance was due to kick in the next day but he told me I shouldn't wait to get those done. I got to the hospital after being forced to get $200.00 out of my bank account in order to get the cat scan they couldn't find anything wrong. My doc thought it was an infection. After two weeks on antibiotics and still not feeling any better I bought a home pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant. I went back to my doctor to confirm he said I was pregnant and that that would explain my symptoms and the fluid in my abdomen. At no point did anyone give me a pregnancy test until I took one at home. Now I'm stuck with $5000.00 in medical bills and they couldn't tell me I was pregnant. My baby turned out fine but I was wondering if there is anything I can do to get rid of this bill? It is maddening that I had to pay that amount of money for them to not know what was wrong.

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2 years ago as of April 5th 2015 I gave birth to my first son vaginaly. I tore. And my OB/Midwife had a student stitch me back up. I had no knowledge of any students in the delivery room nor was I aware of one stitching me up. Due to me being stitched wrong I now can not have a healthy sex life with my husband and it cause me exstreme pain in that area for days after intercourse bleeding even accures in that area. It has and is continuing to effect me psychologically and physically. I want to sue due to the effects it has and is continuing to effect my every day life. I also cannot afford therapy or nesacary treatment (re-stitching) due to this problem. Can I do this?

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I have a 15 year old child that now has a paralyzed stomach that is from having her appendix removed. At mary bridge
and the same dr has done this to other kids. Is this something i should follow up on !!

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Hi there about a year ago I severed the tendon on the inside of the second knuckle, small finger, right hand and had to get it reattached. I went to the hospital here in alberta where I've moved to from Ontario for work and the docter confirmed thatmy finger would need surgery without taking any x rays. As he was explaining I had to be careful before the surgery because the tendon could slip deeper into my finger making it a bigger surgery he found the tip of the tendon in my finger and squeezed it with his thumb making it pop down from under his thumb deeper into my finger. It hurt a lot but I didn't question it as I thought he was just examining it and knew what he was doing. I came back in three days later and be examined my finger again before the surgery. The thing is he did the same thing (squeezed my finger when he found the tip of the tendon) again causing the same result of the tendon popping out deeper into the base of my finger this time from under his thumb. This is when I really began to question his professionalism but he proceeded with the note taking then anesthesia then the surgery. I woke up and a few hours later had extreme pain down my entire right forearm. It dealt like it had been driven over by a car. But It didnt seem significant as it was my first surgery and I didn't know what to expect pain wise. I was still grogy from the anesthesia when I was let out of the hospital and only had my phone to call someone to pick me up which had died sometime during the 4 hour wait befor surgery. I didn't think to use the pay phone and so I went outside and started walking (I would thing quite apparently incapable of walking out of a hospital alone) and began hitch hiking. I got a ride and was able to use the mans phone to call my brother to pick me up. I think close to 2 months later I was back to have the cast removed that was in place to protect the stitching and rubber block tied into my finger to anchor my tendon. When it was off the nurse proceeded to take out the stitches which were quite tight into deep scabs that had formed. I asked to be let to remove them myself and was refused. The nurse left to get a better pair of tweezers for the job and while she was gone I removed the remaining stitches as I had done it before and felt I could do a smoother less horrifying job than herself. She returned as I was removing the last stitches and seemed surprised but not annoyed (I guess it just made her job easier). I hadn't done anything with the stitching and rubber cube on the back of my finger because I wasn't sure of the extent of it so the nurse cut the stitching on top and removed the rubber block. Now she had to pull the stitch out of my finger (the one that went into the back of the tip of the finger through the tendon and back up through the same spot) she proceeded by taking a pair of tweezers/plyers grabbing ahold of the stitch and pulling (hard) the stitch don't budge And I passed out from the pain. This is the first time I've ever passed out from sheer pain and I have quite a high pain tolerance. I was only out for a few seconds but I had slumped back onto the bed I was sitting on and as I came to she said. What are you doing? Get up. And pulled again at this point I pulled my arm in holding my hand and wouldn't let her try again. She went to get the doctor to do it And he came in and snipped the stitching off at the skin saying it didn't even need to be pulled out. I went home and looked up the different types of physio therapy he had ssuggested and worked on my finger daily for a couple weeks before wondering why the tip of my finger was still incapable of moving. The second knuckle which was previously fine although that is were the tendon was cut but it affected the tip of my fingers movement. But this knuckles movement was now inhibited and painful. The tip of my finger still incapable of movement I continued with therapy. I went back for a follow up I think three weeks after the cast was removed and even though the do yet saw no movement in the tip of my finger he told me it would be fine and to continue with therapy which I did. 3 or 4 months later I had still had no progress whatsoever with my finger but I had decided to put off having it looked at again until my trip back to Ontario were I could go to a familiar hospital to have it checked out. When I got to Ontario I went to the hospital and the doctor immediately knew something was wrong so he had an x ray taken and when he talked to me after viewing the X-rays and seing the extent of the surgery he said it was a mess and confirmed the surgery was not a success. It's now 1 year after the surgery and I have not had it dealt with as I am back in alberta and fear going back to the hospital here. It hadn't been an inconvenience until the winter when it began causing me chronic pain. It always gets extremely cold when I work and has become quite a hinderance at work and in daily life as it is so weak and sensitive from built up scar tissue and uselessness. I don't know what to do about it and have heard various other more tradgic stories coming from this same hospital. The doctors and nurses in general seems to have no knowledge or care for their patients or work. I look foreword to a reply to help explain some of the steps that need to be taken to have help from the government or someone to be properly taken care of in this situation. Also I'm a Canadian citizen so if you aren't able to benifit from my situation please still be able to take the time to help a fellow human. Regards, Kent Holley


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