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Chantix: Complaints Keep Coming In

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Freemont, NCWith every day that passes, more and more people are writing to LawyersandSettlements with their complaints about Chantix. Most of the complaints involve serious side effects, including suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.

Some have said that the Chantix caused them to become angry and violent when they normally were not, while others said that Chantix exaggerated certain aspects of their personality.

Chantix suicideKelly S. says that she took Chantix in October 2007 and within a week she noticed changes in her personality. "I became really moody and I would cry. I wanted to take a knife to my chest and plunge it in. It went on and on and kept getting worse for about three weeks. My husband said, 'No more,' and I quit taking it. I actually got the knife a few times, but my husband found me and took it away.

"I was also quick to anger. I would yell at my father-in-law—stuff I would never say to an older person. I was just going off on him every day."

After a month of taking Chantix, Kelly quit. She says it took just over a week to feel better. The drug did not help her quit smoking.

A common theme among patients who say they had suicidal thoughts while they took Chantix is that 'I felt like I had no control over my thoughts'. This is echoed time and again by interview subjects and patients who write to LawyersandSettlements. Many say they felt like they were losing their mind.

A few people report feeling incredibly paranoid and anxious while they were taking Chantix. Although some note that they were anxious prior to starting their Chantix prescription, they believe that taking Chantix exaggerated their anxiety or paranoia.

Other patients report a feeling of hopelessness or uselessness while they take Chantix. They say that they lost interest in activities that once brought them joy, and they wind up staying home all the time, often sleeping because they are so tired. Some report that they even lose interest in work, losing pay because they no longer have the energy to work full shifts.

And there are also patients who attempt to commit suicide or who struggle with suicidal thoughts. They say their life is not worth living any more, or they simply have a sudden, overwhelming urge to take their life. This urge can, reportedly, happen at any time. In one case, it happened while the patient, Angela W., was trying to go to sleep—she says she fought for seven hours not to go upstairs and get a knife. In another case, the patient, Joni C., says she was driving and had the urge to crash her car into a tree. Luckily, both patients resisted their urges. Other people have tried to commit suicide and some had loved ones nearby to stop them. Sadly, not all have been so fortunate. Family members are now coming forward after their loved ones committed suicide while taking Chantix.

These patients took Chantix because they wanted to quit smoking. That is all. They certainly did not expect that a drug designed to help them quit smoking—to help them live healthier lives—could possibly cause them to want to commit suicide. They did not expect that an anti-smoking drug could ruin their lives, as so many have said.

Many are now investigating the possibility of a lawsuit against the maker of Chantix, alleging that they were not properly informed of all the serious side effects associated with Chantix.


Chantix Legal Help

If you or a loved one has suffered suicidal thoughts, or committed suicide from using Chantix, please contact a lawyer involved in a possible [Chantix Lawsuit] to review your case at no cost or obligation.


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My husband took 2 packs 28ea to quit smoking. He was able to
quit except for an occasional smoke. He was tired and c/o feeling bad all time and spent lot of time on couch. Quick to anger and irritable. Few days after taking Chantix 2packs he committed suicide July 25th 2019.

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My complaint is that I want to quit smoking but I can’t afford it!!!! The cost is out rages, and my insurance won’t pay on any of it! I think $325 is way to much. I have tried chantix before and it works. At that time it wasn’t that much. I was stupid for started back smoking! I truly want to quit smoking because of my health and lungs!! I really need chantix to help me to stop smoking! Is there anyway you all can help me out on getting it? It is sad that this medication cost so high and people can’t afford it that want to quit! Your help would be appreciated! I get my medications from Walmart.
Thank You for listening to my complaint.

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I had a slightly different experience with Chantix. The very first dose messed me up so much that I almost took the second dose 12 hours too soon. I say messed me up and I mean: lethargic, disoriented, horny, as if I were drunk. At that point, it was already affecting my sleep. Although I always felt tired while on Chantix, I could only sleep 4 hours maximum at a time. My dreams were also very strange and vivid. It wasn't long, maybe two weeks, until I decided I could not handle a full dose. I dropped down to half. After a stressful situation, a chorus audition, I went straight to cigarettes again. They did very little, but I knew it was over. I also knew that Chantix crosses the blood-brain barrier, or at least has psychotropic action, and therefore could not be stopped abruptly. I spent 2 more weeks tapering off, having been under its influence for at least 2 months. I have had serious issues since then (2009). Most issues I've dealt with on a constant or repetitive basis, and are similar or the same as most of these complaints from people while they were taking Chantix. I still have trouble sleeping. Getting to sleep is the hardest, but it almost never lasts more than 6 hours. The most notable symptom that has stayed with me all this time is an incredible sense of smell. The slightest odor is detectable to me. Bad smells seem to get caught in my nose and stay there for days. I have lost interest in almost everything, and now suffer from a vicious unemployment cycle. Dreams are still vivid and strange, but they are the only thing keeping me going. They have reminded me how much I enjoy being in my own imagination. Now 2016, I have never seriously considered suicide so often in my life as in the last 2 years. I feel these symptoms escalating. I have cut off all my friends and have no one to talk to any more.


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