• Matisse February 9, 2010 at 4:46 am

    You should be thankful it didn't turn out as bad as predicted – I would bet that the number of cases of H1N1 would classify as a pandemic, it just didn't turn out to be as severe. However, it killed my father. So I only care about one number – his. He was an otherwise healthy sixty year old university professor. Call it what you will, I'll call it a disaster that more people should be thankful they didn't have to experience the full brunt of.

    • admin February 9, 2010 at 6:49 am

      Hi Matisse, Thank you for your comment–and yes, I am very thankful that the H1N1 flu did not turn out to be as severe in numbers as anticipated. I am sorry for your loss, and certainly appreciate that from your perspective, as with anyone who has experienced the premature loss of a loved one, the only number you care about is the dear one you lost. I've known several individuals who have been stricken with H1N1 and their experiences were very, very different–ranging from one patient who was basically told to "go home and ride it out" to another who was on a respirator in ICU for close to two weeks. H1N1, no matter how prevalent–and to what extent it can or cannot be called a "pandemic"–is still very serious.

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