• Sandy Bird November 4, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    Flixotide, a drug of GSK, was in early 2000 too potent with dose inconsistencies-WHO. Then nearly 8,000 suffered serious side effects……NOW?; see Patientville/flixotide site.
    I had a reaction, am now ANA positive for SLE and overlap syndromes,CSS?-a rare side effect.
    I hate the hypocrisy of legal killers and illegal ones. Sure most drugs have side effects but one doesn't expect faulty drugs, where the drug company ignores responsibility. Where is my compensation?
    NZ Ministry of Health, Doctors and Specialists all lied, denied me support and medical care. Where's their ethics and nobility?
    Now my eyes/heart/lungs/kidneys etc are damaged……does anyone care out there?

    • janet August 18, 2013 at 2:30 am

      have you seen a lawyer Is there a class action? i have been on seratide (contains flixotide) for 7 years, doctors refuse to replace or adjust. I have drooping eyelids, drooping lower face… plus many side effects.
      I found japanese research which indicates at least 80% of TMJ and bite problems when cured cure ashtma.
      My bite was destroyed immediatley before I got asthma in my 60's, when a dentist cut down 10 teeth to compensate for his error in a crown.

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