• tena April 23, 2015 at 12:14 am

    please help me I called I e-mail lawyer no one helps I married my husband hoping to be together forever. until one he came home and say that his ex wife wanted to move in with his mother and I said no then we had a little bit of fussing .i dropped my computer on the floor and he said he was going to call the police for they would kick me out of house or take me to jail and I say why do you want to do that for he said that I was going to jail. he called the police and say that I choked him and he had red marks on his neck and arm the police came to the house and the police officer said show me the red marks and he laughed and said he did not have any in he started saying take her to jail or make her get out of my house. the police officer said that he could make me leave so he kept telling me to get out his house so i started packing stuff up so I go into the back bedroom to get stuff and he came in there and got his gun out so it scared me so I went to the other bedroom so I put stuff in front of the door and lock the door for he cannot get in the room. he has choked me before I had 2 sets of clothes he will not let me have anything I was sick and needed my breathing machine and medication so I called him left him a voicemail I didn’t hear anything back from him I drove to baytown to get it he did not come to door so I called the police to come and get it for me seemed to be nice at first and they came to the car and give me my stuff and then the police told me to go are i’m going the jail I did not do anything for them to threaten to take me to jail. I am on disability I get 745.00 I have called email lawyer no one back back if you can’t help do you know of anyone PLEASE HELP ME TIME IS RUNNING OUT

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