• Caroline G February 22, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    It's fascinating that the entity Kirkland & Ellis is representing pro bono is actually not a group of low-income parents at all but a well-funded organization representing charter school operators, Parent Revolution, which has funding from the Gates Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation and other high-net-worth backers.

    Parent Revolution researched statewide in search of a school to target, then pre-selected the charter school operator that would take over McKinley Elementary, before ever making contact with a single McKinley Elementary parent. Then it sent paid operatives out door to door in search of parents to sign its petitions.

    Jay Lefkowitz may support that deception, and that's his right. And of course he may well wish to see the law followed scrupulously no matter whether the client is as Astroturf as all getout. But it's just surprising to me that a major law firm is willing to provide pro bono services to an organization that has ample funding from billionaires and corporate titans.

  • irma martinez September 6, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    My son described to me how he was raped in school by another student ,
    he stated the other student ripped his under were and raped him my
    son is assign an aid by the district and my son stated the other student
    has an aid who is brown, yet the teacher sent them to the bathroom alone together
    my son and the other student.
    My son stated after the incident,
    my son went to the class room and told the teacher
    what had happen and showed the teacher the under wear that were completely ripped and the teacher stated to my son he needed to be good and do his work she told him the other student was good and sweet.
    My son stated he was told to come home and change his under ware by the other student.
    can u help

  • A. Lee October 22, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    In response to Caroline G. comments regarding how Parent Revolution chose the school, then pre-selected the charter school operator then ……..finally engaged the parents, shows how the system really works. Those struggling parents fighting for a good education naively believe charter schools or an entirely new school staff is the answer to their prayers. It's not. Their particular children will be adults long before any positive outcome is realized, if ever! My guess would be the parents would not become involved at all if they knew that. They don't have the understanding of "teaching to the test", best teacher training and what exactly educators mean when they promote their own l economic/business interest in school reform agenda. Moreover, using children and their less than fortunate parents to meet these long term goals…..are not the same of the parents and students in need as we speak! . Kirkland and Ellis other non profit billionaires promoting such education agendas work to make a more promising future for all. That is their right to do so. It's just a shame the parents think their kids will equal opportunity to succeed to their greatest potential. I don't think that is the ultimate goal the big interest have in mind.

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