• Brent April 17, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    I took Cipro and have lost the use of my left leg. I can't find anyone lawyer to help! My kneecap split in half and my quad tendon ruptured. Not good, I trusted my doctor, why.

  • Jan Velsor November 29, 2019 at 9:13 am

    Was given Cipro and a Levaquin together in IV form about the time it was “black boxed”. I never was informed until released from hospital. Within weeks, doctors discovered (via multiple MRIs) I had torn and ruptured tendons in shoulders, thumbs. Had operation on one in my shoulder, deemed to be the worst. Now, years later, I have more torn tendons and ruptures AND now I have peripheral nerve damage. What next? My heart? It doesn’t stop. Just gets worse. The FDA should be sued but that’s not going to happen as long as we have a pharmaceutical president as head of HHS with FDA reporting to him. Should be no statue of limitations on FQ. Treat it like agent Orange and mesothelioma. I live alone and now 76. The pain was treated for years with monitored opioids, which no doctor will prescribed thanks to HHS. This should be a lawsuit in the billions with criminal charges brought against the head of HHS and the FDA. There should be no time limit since facts were hidden by our government officials engaged in a conflict of interest. I could not survive all the necessary operations, which don’t last. Where is Trump on this medical death sentence? What’s his connection with his appointment of Alex Azar? Where is the media on this? I want justice!

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