• Marilyn Nirdlinger March 31, 2015 at 9:07 pm

    I have suffered hemiplegia paralysis/ischemic stroke due to the drugs administered by doctors in Fl Hospital

    Orlando. I was acknowledged by 3 pharmaceuticals of their own drug products and have communicated with them on the following: In fact, my doctor and I have found TWO DEATH CASES caused by IMITREX, that I just recently mailed to the Atty.

    GSK – manufacturer of IMITREX (SUMATRIPTAN)

    Bayer Healthcare – manufacturer of CIPROFLAXIN and PROPOFOL

    TEVA – manufacturer of TOBRAMYCIN.

    All these drugs were given to me by negligent doctors from the hospital knowing that I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis – which are Imitrex (which caused cerebral hypoxia, enlargement of my heart, two valves leakage)

    (Ciproflaxin and Tobramycin, two antibiotics w/c are contraindicated with myasthenic patients). These two antibiotics has been a black box warning by the FDA. According to FLA time limits filing product liability is 4 years but the FL state has enacted to 12 years statute of repose subject to various exceptions…please advise if this firm can still help me out as I there is NO suit filed against any of the company. I still have NO USE OF MY RIGHT LEG, loss my employment, memory loss/comprehension issues. Thank you!

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