• Vivienne Barraclough December 7, 2011 at 9:40 am

    Thanks for the reply jen..I have the collar for 6 weeks…I really dont like it…do you sleep in yours? they told me i have to and shower in it..yes, the pain in my arm is from pinced nerves…its like a numb feeling on top and underneath it aches and bites…sharp lil wierd feelings….its hard to get the lid off the milk….in my right arm my left is good..6 weeks isnt really that long compared to alot of peoples struggles, its just been a nightmare, its amazing how one split second can change your life…we were going down a highway and there was a crossover road…and right when i got there she pulled right out in front of us…(we had no stop sign) we hit her about 55 mph…our car caught on fire..icouldnt hear my son i couldnt turn to see him…they couldnt open my door…i made it over to the drivers side …i heard my son….saw him in someones arms…air care came and well…here we are..i thank god we are alive and recovering…but we will never be the same..i try really really hard not to be mad at her…but if she just would of stopped….payed attention…sorry for the long post..thanks for listening(reading)

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