• Patrick McGean September 10, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    H1N1, assault and battery. Any vaccine is also assault and battery, no matter what the experts say no vaccine has worked nor been effective, Damaging, oh yes, seven million autistic children world wide, all vaccine damaged, no exceptions. Assault and battery!
    Nicholas LaHood is the DA in Bexar County TX and has two vaccine damaged children he learned at a screening of VAXXED the movie. He publicly announced that vaccines cause autism. Just one man’s opinion? No he is the law in Bexar County and may prosecute any fool who vaccinates anyone without full disclosure.
    No need to sue in vaccine court, sue those who vaccinated, no federal umbrella for Tort law.
    Our goal is to end all vaccinations, if no one will jab Merck, Pfizer, J and J and the others who make vaccines with no worries. Who will inject your cash cow?
    Organic sulfur a crystal food can reverse all of the adverse effects of all vaccines, the trash sulfates out. Where is the sulfur? Not since 1954.

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