• Todd March 13, 2013 at 12:46 am

    After shopping several Honda dealers on a new CBR250 2013 they would not take less then full list price with some dealers taking a $100.00 off the 3 to 400.00 fees. The interest was advertised as 2.9%. I offered a loan @ 19% interest. That equals almost 50% of the retail purchase price. Two of the dealers I shopped insisted on a credit application to American Honda Finance to later learn they were 2012 models. I did find a 2013 Black 2013 full list $4199.00 plus fees reduced to a total of $150.00. The credit application was submitted to American Honda Finance the dealership called Dave at American Finance Company and denied because Dave was sick of dealing with my submitted credit applications and for me shopping at more than one store. I was polite to all the dealerships. I have been a male model my whole life selling the brands. I have never been treated and disrespected like I have by this Dave guy w/ Honda Corporate. My 2013 car I recently purchased was @ 1.9% interest.

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