• Sony Roy August 29, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    This case is ready to fgo and was IN PROPRIA PERSONA slated to become a LAN+DMARK in view of the Torts density in this case and the plethora of Substantive Due process and Procedural Due Process violations. I, Sony Roy the plaintiff in this case, have located more than 5000 violation that are all tort-worthy since the State of Florida nd the Walton County in Florida failed to fulfill and discharge their duty to protect me and my property according to the 1995 Property Rights Act. I do not wish to file the TAKING violations only to allow me to support my evidence with the 1995 CAT of the State. I view this case as a) Legislative since the 1964 CIVIL RIGHTS AACT TITLE IX has been shattered by the County and the State of Florida supported by the Fed Judges. I do not wish to blow the Whistles but, if this is what it takes let it be. There are also 10 frauds uipon the court left unchallenged and unanswered as FAILURE TO PROSECUTE by the Fed Judges and a multitude of other exy TORTS. Contact me if you are also licensed to appear before the BAR in Florida. B

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