• Brian R. T June 23, 2010 at 10:28 am

    I submitted an idea to BP by way of . I also sent a copy of this solution that would have worked then and that will work now to an e-mail directed to an agent of the President of the U.S.A. and also to the NAACP. I can be reached at [Editor's note: phone number has been removed]. I feel that BP has undermined average Americans, thinking that we are not intelligent enough for them to even give the slightes ear too. Then it was proven when the CEO of BP made the statement about "the little people" that BP apparently think very lowly of the American people. Since that oil is on American soil, we the American people should put an end to them lying to us about how much oil they have been receiving daily. We should stop them from raising gas prices so high that we have to park our vehicles. We should claim the oil as our own, make BP pay for the gush and sue them for the high gas prices we endured in past years. Last but not least, we whom have submitted our ideas should sue BP for saying that they would consider any idea just to dismiss our ideas and our time as not being good enough for them to even consider. The proof of that is that they have not used any of our ideas that could have stopped or contained the gush of crude oil. I wonder if this gush was on British soil, would they be more concerned about stopping or containing this gush of crude oil. Thank you for reading this message and I wonder will I get an answer

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