• Chris Allindi December 6, 2012 at 1:19 am

    I need a lawyer probono for my case in kenya, its a family matter and it needs urgent intervention, kindly respond at your earliest
    Chris Allindi

  • David April 3, 2014 at 9:26 am

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    On January 5th 2014 I sent my boss(Mr. Elad, GM for Soloplant (K) Ltd) a text message indicating to him that I wish to resign from active duty and he should look for a suitable replacement for me to train after I come from my annual leave.

    I resumed work on February 1st 2014 during which time I handed in my formal resignation letter. My boss(very upset and hostile) insisted that the notice has to be as per my employment contract or I will not get a shilling and I will have to do his bidding. I agreed as I wanted to resign honourably and of course adhere to the contract that I had signed. I was fully aware of my employment contract so I was ready and willing to serve the company the three months notice before my departure.

    On February 27th 2014 at around 1320hrs my boss approached me while I was on my lunch break and told me “after tomorrow you can go home, you do not have to come to work and we will pay your money”. He had made a decision that I should not complete the rest of the notice period( two months) and he later confirmed to me that I will not be paying the company the two months notice remaining.

    The next day I was required to clear with the necessary offices there after proceed to the accounts .I was served with a termination of employment letter the same day further stating that I made a request to the company to waive the three month notice clause in my employment contract ( I did not) in which case I will not be paid the two months notice. I did not agree with this particular statement so I was not willing to put pen to paper. Since I had cleared and been told to leave, I had no choice but to leave and wait for a month to get paid my money but it has not happened. During the waiting period, I mailed my former boss asking him to honour the employment contract to which he declined saying that I should not expect free money.

    On April 3rd 2014 I called the HR who confirm to me that the decision by the boss still remains the same…not to pay two months in lieu.

    If there is a way to seek justice for me, could I get I lawyer on pro bono in Kenya.?

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