• WilliamDaniels September 30, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    So much for a knowledge economy.
    In fact, worker protections are being eroded a bit more each day. OSHA very often means well but has no teeth. Employers exploit gaps in workplace rules to squeeze every last drop of profit out of their workforce. Remember, it wasn’t until the 1930’s that we got rid of child labor and started really protecting people in the workplace. Now, because we’re afraid of competition from China, India and other low cost producers, the pressure is on to compete by lowering our own standards. Which means Amazon can run a “sweat shop” operation and there is no consequence.
    What Amazon is doing may not be illegal, but morality is another thing. Unfortunately, right now the best protection for Amazon warehouse employees may not be the legal system or regulators, but social media and internet chatter. Until the people take the shackles off civil lawyers and let us do our job protecting people, pretty much we just have to sit back and watch unhappily. And aside from worker’s compensation law, not much that can be done when employers work employees in heat so hot that paramedics must standby.

    • LAS_Admin October 1, 2011 at 4:15 pm

      Hi Bill, Thanks for your comment and insight. It's unfortunate that many people have a desire to keep the shackles on trial lawyers–driven by myths such as it's lawyers who are causing health costs to go up (which, as we know, is a bunch of b.s.)– only to then realize when they themselves are injured, and seeking justice, that there is only so much the legal system can do for them. People need to speak up–and WAKE up. It's not the FDA or your insurance company who has your back–it's the lawyer who's going to fight for you and your loved ones when Avandia, Transvaginal Mesh, or the idiot driving and texting causes you irreparable harm or death. And while news websites like will report on the Amazon 'sweat shop' allegations or Wall Street's latest 'failure to disclose', it's amazing right now how many news outlets have not been covering something like the Occupy Wall Street demonstration. It's been going on for–what?–three weeks–a complete grass roots effort to return 'power to the people' (vs the top 10%) and mass media is doing little to cover it. The solution? Social media and, as you say, "internet chatter". Time to start speaking up folks…

    • Steve Miner October 14, 2013 at 1:43 pm

      I just walked out this morning cant make rate in da had to leave so I wont get written up for not being at 100% fro the week im going to sue I think im done being afraid of this place

  • Jor Bonesavage October 24, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    amazon .com is a joke 2 work 4. They make impossible demands on U & churn out a disposable, work force just like leading lambs to slaughter. Their CEO Jeff Bezos is among the richest people in the world. They prey in areas where there is a big blue collar workforce, high unemploy. rate & desperate people who will take their crap for LESS. They need to get a union in amazon to tell them to ram their jap. mgt. style (max. efficiency, 100% of the time where their rising sun doesn't stick. can go to #$%~~~~~

    • guest December 3, 2011 at 9:46 am

      Yep you're exactly correct. i just walked out of there last night on our "so called" 30 minute lunch break; words can't describe that experience. wow, that was an education in slave labor and the closest i've been to a sweat shop i guess. you described it perfectly. that was ridiculous to say the least, unreal.

      • Guest December 6, 2011 at 9:27 pm

        The 30 minute lunch break begins as soon as they announce it. Takes minutes to get through the security checkpoint (between walking and going through security). By the time you get to lunch, it is more like 20 minutes or less.

        On Mandatory OT, our first we received 30 minute paid lunch around 4:45 am. The next night, we were told that management felt 30 minutes was too much. It will now be 15 minute paid lunch break.

        Lot of reasons to complain. God thing I have a new job lined up as soon as the background check can go through. This new one is a nice office desk, for desktop support.

    • Juvencia October 4, 2014 at 9:13 am

      Jor…you know who will take all that BULLSHIT….the illegal people. Neman Marcus operates EXACTLY the same way as Amazon. I know this because I used to work for neman marcus, I only lasted 8 months. They fired me because I wasnt ‘slave’ enough for them. I am AMERICAN not El Salvador, not Mexican, not Peruvian. Those are the vast majority neman hires. I worked there long enough to gain other workers they ended up telling me, I dont have to work, but I do because I’m sending money to my mom in Mexico. And they only have their ‘work permits’. I simply loved seeing the favoritism amongst their own kind. There was a brawl while I was there….between two guys. One had the other in a choke hold. And didnt let go. My fear was that he was going to kill him by breaking his neck. Guess what the newly appointed SUPERVISOR said to them, “you all please stop”. Thats it. A lead told him call security, he told her no. I dont know wtf he was waiting for. they were taken away by ambulance. All this is from stress to make sure you do production or you get fired. Neman Marcus is great for bullying you. Neman has had one person die there as well. The risk for getting injured is very high because they are careless. I almost got hit by 3 totes that came down from the conveyor belt that went upstairs and circulated to downstairs. Pretty high. They cracked as they landed on the bottom floor not more then 6 inches away from me. That would have hurt me badly. But no one came to ask are you ok? They simply do not care about people.

  • Tamara March 23, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    Yes. I have found others who have experienced the same thing. I was told I had to work 55 hours a week for them. I had a 20 minute lunch break , and to top it off I was never paid for the hours I worked. I reported them to the Labor Board. If more people would come forward to the Labor Board, no matter what state you are in, and report Amazon, we can put an end to this sweat shop. This is ridiculous. This company reported that I have never worker for them, then reported to EDD that they fired me, when I was only told that my assignment had ended and to call in for more work. Now, I am seeing a doctor for an injury that I had sustained while on the job. Everyone needs to come forward and put an end to this company’s madness.

  • Mistreated May 26, 2012 at 1:12 am

    I was one of their better employees. I followed all the rules when most people ignored them because to them it was a job of no importance. It was just a warehouse job. A few weeks ago I got injured opening one of their boxes. I regret reporting it more than anything. They sent me to a doctor that wouldn't even make eye contact ( probably from the guilt of knowing what he was going to do to me) and treated me like an animal. He took my injured hand and tugged hard on my splint until it came off. When I cried out he made a face of disgust. He then proceeded to pull my hand back as much as he could and of course I started to cry in pain. That asshole had the nerve to say," COME ON! Its not like you broke it!" The rest of the visit was the same. I was mistreated and humiliated. He concluded that I was not injured therefore there was no incident at work. The following day I went to Urgent Care and guess what!?! My hand was sprained. After that no one from work contacted me. I called and left several voice mails. About a week later they call me to ask why I abandoned the job. They claim to have called me ( a number I had previously told them was not in service). They do not care about their employees. They will do whatever they can to cover their asses. A few days ago their stupid doctor asked for me to come in to see if I had nerve damage…now someone explain to me why a doctor would ask someone to come into their office to see if they have nerve damage if they had concluded their patient was not injured. WAIT, I know the answer! I sent a long email explaining in full detail what they had done to me. Even though I doubt that will do much, its a step in the right direction. If they brush me off after this ( which seems to be the case) I will have to expose them publicly. This comment is the beginning.

  • Mitzi October 25, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Wow, I agree with what all of you have said but would like to add my own nightmare, which began at the “hiring/interview”. I was given the “donut” day shift(M,T,Th,Fr), which was to begn in Sept.’12. I quit my job, bought a better, more dependable vehicle, and was then informed of a 4-8 week delay. Then I was emailed a shift change, Sun.-Wed. I had no choice so, I accepted. I started on Oct.7th. My other half is only off on Sun. so, I spoke to HR and was told, more or less “tough crap”. I was a picker at a new Va. facility. Then came the production junk. They said it was only a verbal warning but, I was made to sign a paper. We had a meeting yesterday and were offered $1000 to leave, with no chance of rehire…big deal. Already sick of their crap, I left. I asked several times for paperwork but received none. This was definitely the worst, most strict, lying job I’ve ever had. Hope I see that money! Now I’m unemployed, with house and car payments. I could not take another day of the miles of walking,rates, not being able to get to the items to pick them(stowers and ICQA people blocking isles) bullcrap, etc. I saw hundreds of people hired in such a short amount of time. They said they were hiring “peak season workers”. I have a feeling they’re also hiring quickly for those of us already leaving! Can the people in charge really actually be human beings? How are they getting away with the sweatshop/slavery issues? I hate them for putting me in this situation!

  • alicia October 25, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    wow, I was hired recently by ISS/Amazon and at first they gave me the same "donut" shift but it was for 7:30 pm to 6am (the graveyard shift). That was a couple of weeks ago. In that time, my start date has been pushed back twice. My last schedule was for Sunday-Wednesday. Pushing back my start date twice, just makes me nervous. It's like they've "hired" me, but have no intention of putting me to work to earn a paycheck. Supposedly I'm to start this coming 11/11/12. But after reading some of the scenarios that others have gone through with Amazon, I'm almost afraid to work there. I feel like it might be wise for me to look for another job and take any job but this one.

    • Mitzi November 4, 2012 at 1:37 pm

      Good luck alicia, I think you’ll need it, and then some! I do believe they’ll put you to “work” shortly, as they did to me after changing hours, shifts, start date, etc. You can only do your best but even though I know how hard I work, I felt it would be impossible for me, or most anyone to survive their outrageous expectations and inhumane treatment. You have to be more than a normal, regular human being to make it there. I also read some posts about age being a factor but being an older adult, has nothing to do with it, in my case. I’ve been known to work circles(recently) around people, half my age. After only a brief period with them, I could write a book, with nothing positive included, because I saw none of that. If you are a picker as I was, I feel sorry for you but you’ll see what I mean soon enough. A little bit of advice: be prepared for a meeting, approx. 3 weeks after you start, especially if you’re “verbally”warned (written up), prior to this, take the $1000 if offered, and get out with something, while you can! I did receive my paperwork(they couldn’t find it at the facility on 10/24/12) for my “pay out, to get out” the other day and hope the money shows up soon. If you can afford not to go at all, I would avoid the place/stress completely. After I get my money, I have a “wonderful” letter to send them, voicing my opinion. I’m sure they know already, but don’t care. They are obsessed with one thing only…Greed!

  • Bulldog27 February 19, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    Amazon is the one place you do NOT want to work. Do not trust Integrity Staffing Solutions to back you up when alll go wrong. Do not make recommendation to family and friends for them. I did this to a friend. Amazon and Integrity promised him a permenant full time job. He gave 2 week notice to his employers of 3 years to join Integrity high pay. After 5 weeks of working for Amazon, he started getting write-ups from weeks before. On his first paper and pen with management, management said he was asked repeatly by other manager of his errors. He told them he had no idea, this is the first he ever heard of it. After this conversation more made up stories just kept coming after 2 weeks of this explaining this on paper. He walked out and went back to his old job.

  • Bulldog27 February 19, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    After this conversation more made up stories just kept coming after 2 weeks of this explaining this on paper. He walked out and went back to his old job. He have not received one write up at his previous job but Amazon/Integrity?? He said you really have to do anything bad to get a write up at his previous job but Amazon/Integrity pick at every little things, the nagging and lies was being to associate with the problem. I, myself, was victim of their lies. I can recall being at work a couple time I received a call from top manager I was not at work and it is imperative to call in. I went to report that to Integrity, I got we will take care of it.

  • Bulldog27 February 19, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    Nothing ever got taken care of as points was scoring against me. Management have also reported I did not go through the security gate and it was thought that someone was helping me to get in. Management took my badge went to the security and swipe it, check back on the computer, I did not show up on their system. Integrity Management team once again said they will take care of the problem, never happened. Group meetings- I never attend, never know what is going on. I am Deaf and I thought I would be assertive by going to reporting supervisor and ask for updates. I did this 2 days in a row. On the third day the Integrity supervisor laughed at me in my face. What is it with you? I said "excuse me?" You keep coming up here for update wasnt you listening. I was stunned no one told Integrity supervisor I was Deaf.

  • Bulldog27 February 19, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    . All three times I tried to obtain information from them all I got was "nothing you need to know." Since they wasnt telling me anything, I stopped going to the supervisor desk asking for information. When I started getting write up. I told them I wasnt informed. The manager didnt believe me. He wrote down on write up paper "He claimed he didnt know about this rule. He claimed he wasnt informed of anything. He refused to sign the paper." This made Integrity and Amazon management believe I had a serious behavior problem. Amazon and Integrity failed to recogized I am a Deaf person. Rules and policies were made with visualization of Hearing (non-deaf) people in mind. If your policy for call out, is to call a 800 numbers when I have a flat tire, break down on side of the road or im in a midst of a severe weather- it is not equal access.

  • Bulldog27 February 19, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    . If management giving last minute notice at meeting with no intepreter present and attempt being made for update information and management say it is nothing- it is not equal access. Several times there was a time schedule change I either showed up on day off, showed up late or didn't up at all. All because lack of communication on Amazon and Integity yet I still penalized for it? -Not equal access. When Amazon and Integrity they uses offensive tones and cross lines in form of oppression otherwise known as AUDISM. Like sexism and racism, Audism exist at Amazon and Integrity. That's how cruel and nasty Amazon and Integrity are. Amazon and Integrity try to cover up their hide by taking advantage of the complaint to make up for their lack of accommodation. When authority such as federal, state and local government ask questions about their accommodation Amazon use your conduct reports/write-ups as an excuse as reasons for not provide these accommodation. All of this exist because Amazon/Integrity busy trying to protect their asset and not doing what is right by their employee. Authority do not do enough investigation on Amazon.

  • Phobia June 1, 2013 at 12:40 am

    I recently resigned from a new Amazon Warehouse. I tried everything to secure a better position and I was the highest producing associate in my dept. Partly because I exploited the "number game" (they have so many loopholes in production accountability, anyone with good PC knowledge can "tweak" their numbers" 😉 The constant inaccuracy and fear of termination from their sometimes impossible standards is a very real problem. There is no accountability for any of the myriad deviant variables that would inevitably result in low numbers. Even brought the exploits to their attention and they did nothing about it. Haha. They made it incredibly difficult, if not impossible to secure a better position. Sadly, their communications are completely scrambled. Important e-mails were never sent. The managers would put you in any position you requested specifically not to be in. If you asked for training in any area where you have experience and would excel in, they would do the just the opposite. Reporting any injury was a well known death sentence. Management would show up to the "Amcare" clinic and do anything to make sure that your injury was not work related. I ended up leaving with a bad case of Carpel Tunnel from getting my hand stuck in a "PPE" vending machine. I knew if I reported it, it would result in eventual termination. Oh well. I witnessed the atrocious treatment of associates. Those I still know who continue to work there are miserable, and the employee turnaround is remarkably large. I had high hopes to work for Amazon and it was quite a "wake-up call". I lost a lot of respect for the corporation.

    • Danielle September 16, 2015 at 8:57 pm

      Hi, I have a family friend who just got fired from her job at Amazon. A coworker fabricated stories, set it up in complaints just right, and ended things by scratching her own body and accusing my friend. Instead of reprimanding or shutting down the other party, they decided to terminating my friend. Both the HR rep and the complaining employee are Hispanic. It sounded like the Hispanic employee was going to pull the race card. This is in such poor taste for Amazon and I will not order from them again. Just wondering if you have heard other stories like this. Or anyone from Amazon. I think she needs a lawyer and I’m willing to help her. They lost an incredible person and worker.

  • Steve Miner October 14, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    Im going to sue this place they cant treat people like that

  • dean January 27, 2014 at 9:07 am

    Also going to lawyer! Amazon also hires people with learning disabilities and screws them on hours and pay.have all the proof I need.just waiting on a couple more people with same disabilities to end their assignments.kind of decoys.I also am privy to their knot regulations and holiday no pay!they must have an idea that their is people in their getting information on such a big's also soon time to take this to newspapers and local news stations.

  • Guest July 26, 2014 at 9:23 pm

    So happy I found this site. On my fourth day of work lastnight I was so humiliated I just don't know what to do.mi was put in the pick to cart section with a guy. (I am female) when I looked at my board to turn my name sideways so they know I saw my position which is required it had already been turned. Then a PA looked at me and said oh I'm sorry. I said it's alright. I wasn't sure what she ment since I'm new and I knew it was a harder position but that was fine I would get through it. Well, I went over set up and started working and the guy working with me was two stations down and the sup and her two PAs were right between us. I saw the AM are manager talking to the guy and showing him how to twist and move. The AM left and about an hour into my shift the guy left. I had a no job assignments on my computer and went up to one of the PAs to ask about and she said oh I will fix that we have plenty of work for you since your the only one. I asked where the guy went and he said they sent him to pick the tray. And instantly I thought if there was so much work why did they move him since everyone else was working pick to tray. Soon after I got back to work the sup and her two PAs were standing next to my station laughing and talking and whispering not doing much of anything else for over an hour. I turn around and two HR people with white sheets of paper were looking at me and writing on them. Just two days prior on my second day of work one of the PAs came to me after watching me with a white piece of paper and said I was stretching too far etc. I said okay. I corrected what she said. Then these two last night said something about me bending which was bullshit because I made sure I was bending correctly and doing all that right. I reach because I have to reach I am a short person. Anyway, I listened to them which really they didn't say much if anything just asked me how I think I did. I went back to work and turned around just in a matter of a few minutes and everyone disappeared. I mean as soon as the hr people left the sup and her PAs everyone was gone. I felt humiliated, so much so when I left for break which was two minutes I had tears in my eyes and when I got outside I called my husband and couldn't even talk for awhile because I was crying. It was all a set up. I waited for months also for this job I was positive and happy about a new career. I don't understand why in four days of work I had three people writing on little pieces of white paper about me?? If someone could tell me what these papers are I would appreciate it. I worked my ass off for them and never said or did anything to warrant these actions against me. I have walked around this FCC and have not seen anyone being written up like I had done to me. Now I don't know what to do or where to go from here. I was so humiliated I just went home lastnight.and now one even called me for three hours later and left a message "Where did you go? Call us if you want to" that was it, nothing like Are you okay? I just don't know what to do if I should go in and confront this head on or just get a lawyer???

  • Juvencia October 3, 2014 at 11:36 pm

    The very same holds true for Neman Marcus warehouse. I was fired from there end of July….after I tried hard to keep my job because my desire was to help myself with my health which is going down the drain very fast. It was exactly as the article states..if you don’t make production they bully you to hr to ask you why didn’t you make production? I told them over and over the workers in front of me are passing up toats that require ’tissue’ which means it will take you a little longer to box it and place it on the conveyor belt. And since I was at the end of the line….I had no choice but to do them. So subsequently I got fired for doing my gawd damn job. I am royally pissed off because there is so much ‘preference’ there. The leads/supervisors are from Mexico and peru and guatemala and el salvador. I found out that they only have their work permits. Nothing else. But when we were sent home early because we didn’t have enough orders…guess who got to stay later. And as I heard another supervisor walking around tell this other lady lead to keep a few till nite time so they ‘can make their hours’. What about everybody else? That’s wrong. I wish I could have done something about this. But I am broke and jobless still. Oh the reason they fired me so they said: I have Rheumatoid Arthritis on both hands. I worked 6 months them knowing this fact, but didn’t ask me for a doctors note. Now came May 2014 they kept asking me for a note…so i went. Got it. They wanted more info, I went back, not sufficient again, went back again the 4th time, each visit was $50.00 at the front desk. (I must be made of Gold). I thought that was going to help me keep it as the hr lady lead me to believe. I contacted TWC (Texas Workforce Commission) to get unemployment. The worker said, i thought they would keep you since you got the note from the doctor. I told him thats what i thought too. But I cannot get Uemploy. benefits because the way they labeled my release from work form: Termination/resignation. All I had earned to get as unemployment was a little over $2,000.00. I guess that was toooooo much for such a luxurious upscale store. I am glad im not killing myself there anymore….They don’t care about people. Just numbers. Good riddence. I want to work with legalized american’s. I didn’t fit there. I attended a meeting they had once, some could not even make a sentence in english. That’s not where I belong. I was hired at ‘holiday season’ christmas coming up….they told us ahead of time we were going to work a lot. Which I welcomed. I had lost track of how many hours I worked. Turned out I worked 40 hours OT on top of my 40. And this is the thanks I get from Neman Marcus.

  • am November 12, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    An amazon employee by the name of [name withheld] has stolen about $3000 worth of my stuff, and there is a warrant out for her arrest.

    She works at amazon in carlisle and I’m having problems contacting amazon. The cops will visit her at work soon. If anyone can help me contact amazon, it would be helpful. They have two numbers posted, but no one picks up.

  • what im about to tell all who see this is 100% true it just happened to me please forgive me about my spelling I cant spell worth a So I started working for amazon on the 8 of this month 11\14 an I went to work as people befor me has done all in the same so lets get down to the nitty giddy I had to watch all these videos about amazon an how they love their workers its a fast pace job once you get into it about a week in you should be fine right off the bat I conciter myself to be a better than averge worker so I start work on a Saturday training of course please stay with me its going to get crazy as I continue so I worked Monday 5hrs had to leave early because I left my asthma inhailer at home Tuesday I worked was off wensday worked Thursday here is when it gets good I was working my but off not playing around or nothing if I would move any faster than I was walking I would haft to start skipping or running im not joking im so so serious so while I was skip n around a young woman comes up to me an says hi you are Nowell Howie I haft to give you this write up becase you are not where you are supposed to be as far as numbers go I said to the lady like its my third day an on report I have been picking it up day by day my third day she says yeah I no its jive but you haft to get three befor your fired so just sign this one an you be ok like no I wont im busting my but foreal anamazon im not doing good enuff an I haft to sign a rgt up and its my third day no im not signing that who told you to bring it to me she takes me to the guy they call a problem solver an he tell me that if I don’t agree with this go talk to the staff people who hired me not amazon but the staff people working threw amazon that hired me I go there an they tell me that I haft to talk to chris like whos chris well chris works for amazon directly an he tells me to take him to the person who told me to see him so when I do that chris tells the guy why did you send him to me I can not talk to a temp about a write up I haft to talk to your supervisor an let him no the proper things on how they should be done after all that the staff people tell me that the reason I got the write up is because last wensday when I was working I only worked 9hrs an didn’t meet my numbers BIG WHITE FLAG I DID NOT WORK LAST WESNDAY THAT WAS THE 5TH AN I DIDNT START WORK TILL THE 8TH HELLO PEOPLE HOW DOES A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY NOT KNOW WHEN I STARTED WORKING THEY TOLD ME WHEN YOU HIRE ALOT OF PEOPLE THINGS LIKE THAT HAPPEN I TOLD THEM NO NO NO HOW DO YOU HAVE ME WORKING AN I DIDNT EVEN HAVE A BAGDE YET STAFF PEOPLE IS PUTTING IN FALSE HOURS IM GOING TO GET THE BOTTOM OF THIS IM CALLING THE BBC THE AMAZON 800 NUMBER IM CALLING THEM ALL PLEASE STAND WITH ME TOGETHER WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL THEY GOT THE RGT ONE THIS TIME BABY

  • Jose lopez February 13, 2015 at 5:45 pm

    I was injured on the job December 15,2014, I worked at Amazon for almost two years. I recently had surgery for a ruptured rotator cuff, I need a lawyer willing to fight amazon for worker’s compensation, any suggestions?

  • no name March 18, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    I am having issues with my HR dept, does anyone know who I can contact who is above them? Ive even reached out to the GM with no luck…

    • J March 30, 2015 at 3:25 pm

      Sometimes the media will do. We have a guy here in Dallas who takes on even the city with someone’s prob/complain, and he always wins! Other then that, that GM has a boss. With my former employer I had to fight as well…went to TWC (texas workforce commission) and those numbers the employers post on the walls…if you have a complaint or prob…(osha) etc etc..well that didnt do anything. AT ALL. Seems like the govt agencies that do handle this kind of crap, do NOT CARE. I hope you can find answers….because the working conditions amazon had/has…..I went thru the same crap with neiman marcus. Until they fired me for low production (which was fabricated bs). The managers play with the numbers so you wont make it. I know that for a fact because other workers told me, I did 10 pages worth of packing and they told me their score….well I did the same 10 pages but my score was lower then 80…..they wanted 99 and up. Robot speeds. As a result of this job, my arthritis went into full bloom. Fingers crooked, I did not get unemployment because the govt worker that was handling my case, choose to believe HR.
      Good luck.

  • Danielle September 17, 2015 at 10:36 pm

    I have a case of discrimination… Employee jealousy of other’s position and race. Hispanic HR rep taking sides of Hispanic employee over the other employee… Employee made up stories to get a young new employee fired. It was easier to fire young girl over Hispanic employee. You can see why. Anyone know of other cases like this??? I’m getting an attorney and contacting the news to see if they and the paper will take this on. I would like to know if anyone thinks I have a case. Thank you. Your advice is much appreciated.

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