• Astroboy December 31, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    I agree that a person who would file an "addiction" lawsuit against Chuck E Cheese is indeed a quack. Perhaps, the real motive here is to be a media whore and to get her name out there to promote her real estate endeavors.

    This is the type of parent who fosters an entitlement and blame culture for their kids. She places 100% blame on others for her own failure as a parent to be responsible for teaching her own kids the virtues of responsibility, moderation, balance, and accountability. She is the type of person who sits up a night thinking opportunistic thoughts of fabricating some frivolous lawsuit for attention and money. I'm surprised she hasn't decided to target Frito Lay, candy and soda companies for creating an addiction for unhealthy foods for her children (because she obviously has no responsibility to teach them good eating habits). And as her children get older, she can prepare her cases against the video game companies and television networks, especially cartoon network, for creating addictions to time-wasting entertainment activities for her children.

    What will stop these types of frivolous lawsuits would be if there is a screening layer added to our justice system….that weeds out obvious cases that amount to hogwash, and would otherwise end up wasting resources and taxpayer's resource and money. Better yet, screen up front and if the plaintiff decides to proceed, the plaintiff will be liable for all court costs, refunding jury duty members time off, and all other incidental costs. That will stop these people like Ms. Keller and her vermin attorney from filing these types of lawsuits.

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