• Lynn April 14, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    This has happened to my 85 year old mother. My sister moved into my mom's home in September 2012. Within six weeks my sister has power of attorney, her name on mom's bank accounts, changes mom's will, changes mom's home locks, removes phones from mom's room to limit outside contact and over medicates mom with controlled drugs. My husband worked quickly and power of attorney is now returned to us, senior services has done an investigation and discovered questionable bank activity and my sister is in the process of moving out.

    Best news? Mom now lives with us with her elderly animals. She is happy, cared for, safe and protected. We expect criminal charges will be filed soon.

    • Merele April 28, 2016 at 12:14 pm

      We are having the same situation with an elderly relative. His daughter has isolated him. Will not let anyone talk privately to him. Has Blocked our number from his phone.
      When asked, he admits that he has changed POA and his will in the last three months since his wife died and he was taken to live with his daughter. How did you husband remedy the problem. Adult Services say they cannot do anything unless he is physically unsafe. But he is very likely being ripped off financially.

      • Jessica November 24, 2016 at 9:51 pm


        Do you ever find out what to do? I am in the same situation. My grandmother lives with my Uncles and they have refused me to have any contact with her. I tried to get APS involved, but they said there isn’t enough evidence. She is an extreme diabetic and I’ve heard she has to ‘share’ her medicine with her sons because they don’t have the insurance to get their own. This has all been ‘approved’ by one of her granddaughters who is a nurse. I am at my wits end trying to figure out what I can do.

  • Bob DeLacey October 12, 2013 at 9:56 am

    Don't count on it!!!

  • Lena Beach December 23, 2013 at 12:39 am

    My sister had my mother change her will and made herself sole trustee of my mother trust. Then my sister changed my mothers bank accounts and created joint bank accounts with my mother. Thereafter my sister helped herself to my mothers social security income, rental income and savings. My mothers savings of 50,000 was taken by my sister prior to 2006. Thereafter my sister accessed my mothers account since it was joint. Rent monies were pocketed by my sister instead of deposited etc. My mother passed away on September 6, 2012. The bank records were acquired by court subpoenas.
    These crimes are ongoing and the criminals aren't persecuted. After the victim dies is there any justice?

    • Mary Jacobs December 29, 2016 at 4:38 pm

      I have had three different social workers and not one police officer will do a damned thing to arrest the woman who coerced me to sign away a third of my property, using blackmail. The lawsuits she has put against me for not giving her rent money which is supposed to be used for my livelihood are costing more than I can afford and now I am going to have to move so that she can get her money before I die. Some police told me that they thought she was trying to hurry the process. We have had guns shot at our house and an intruder came with a broken inner tube from a bike tire to try to strangle us, and the police did nothing because no one got killed. People go to prison for shoplifting diapers from Walmart, but a distant relative can steal your home and put you in the street and no one does anything.

  • Kenneth Dippel September 6, 2015 at 6:47 pm

    I have a greedy brother that wants it all to himself. Soon as our mother was carted away in a nursing home he went out and coerced my father into executing a Power of Attorney. Prior to that I had all life insurances set up where all of us siblings including my brother would be equal beneficiaries. I had all our names on the financial accounts. Soon as my brother got that account he went out and took our names off the account, put his name solely on my father’s account as a joint owner of the account. Ever since this time the wills have been changed to where my brother inherits everything which was not our mother and father’s wishes. My brother even uses my father’s car and thinks it is his now. He has literally moved in with our father and taken over the home and isolates our father. He has squandered away over $200,000 and as of now there is only about $11,000. A lot of wonderful things happen to my brother once he got this license to steal. He was able to get a $180,000 30 year loan magically paid off in 2013. Seeing how that went so well he and his wife went out and took out an equity loan for $204,400 which you can all but be sure that my father is making the house payment. My father and mother are both incapacitated. I’ve tried to go to Court and gain general guardianship over my father. But, there is a da Clerk of Court who is good friends with my brother and his wife. I have appealed and will appeal every bias ruling handed down by the CC good ole boy and gal. The Clerk has a conflict of interest. I also reported this to local DSS officials who have turned a blinds eye to everything. I am really pissed off at local CC officials because I have strong reasons to believe they are aiding and abetting my brother in keeping the POA in tact and allowing the exploitation of my parents to go on. Both my mother and father are still alive. Just to let you know I will not let CC officials deter me from putting a stop to this BS!!! Stevie Wonder could see through this POA crap. So seeing how CC officials don’t want to put an end to my brother’s POA gravy train, I have reported this to IRS and have asked for an investigation from the income my brother has gained from his POA!! I gave IRS all banking information. I also reported this to the United States Treasury cause my father receives federal government benefits and under 31 CFR 240.17(d) the U.S. Treasury does not recognize a state POA or durable power of attorney. It is only recognized 6 months following a period of incapacitation. I also reported this elderly exploitation to the U.S. Attorney General’s Office, the U.S. General Accounting Office, and first thing this week will be getting in touch with my Senator, Lindsey Graham. So, let that be a lesson for you. Do not give up especially if your parents are alive and you know they are being exploited by a family member or anyone else. Report this to the United States Federal Government especially if you loved one receives Federal benefits. Feel free to email and I can give you resources to handle a license to steal. I get so sick of hearing the crap: “He is doing such a good job taking care of dad”. He is doing a good job of secretly stealing and our dad don’t even know it. He don’t even know where his income is coming from or the name of his bank.

    • Chantal Rohleder November 19, 2016 at 3:06 am

      I am going through the same issue I was working for a patient and was there a year and seen so many things…I was hired due to the nephew believing that one if he other nurses was stealing medications a year later I have worked there and he now is firing me accessing me of the same problem he hired me for while the other nurse who has been there for two years is still there…I believe he is the one stealing her meds and also stealing money from her without her even knowing she is bedridden so she cannot leave the e…I want to expose him and he put me through so much this last week with firing me and his false accusations…I have recordings from the other nurse about everything ….

    • Patricia Gilley November 21, 2016 at 10:09 am

      Thank you for your very informative post. I would be most interested in learning about the resources you used to put a stop to the license to steal. Our grandmother is being victimized by her daughter. We have filed an elder abuse complaint and we were retaliated against. Any help you can provide, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Patricia

    • Dale January 4, 2017 at 1:58 pm

      My name is Dale. I am 64, a widow. I was ripped off by my handyman/contractor foe over 9k. He did about 6100.00 in actual work at my home. From april to oct he abused my credit card for other jobs. He kept saying ge would bring receipts over to go over them. Still haven’t seen Visa receipts. He used the same tile and floor materials on the other jobs. Reports are in for Visa and Lowes. Police report in. He also had police drag me to psyc ward for evaluation. Internal investigations started for police and hospital. He also walked off floor instal that he was paid and overpaid for.3900.00. He owes IRS 75k. Found this out very late. 2 bankruptcies. I knew his family for 20 years which is why I trusted him. Please send suggestions for help.

    • Karen Cromwell January 20, 2017 at 9:47 pm

      Kenneth how did your story end?

  • jenn March 1, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    My mother n law is able to go places and etc.And doesn’t have Dementia just CHF and heart problems.My husband moved in with her and his dad after his divorce to help them out and keep his daughters and ex wife from running over them like taking money,stealing,&very verbal abuse to them.Then we got married and I agreed to move in with my small child and help instead of finding us a place together.His dad pass away few wks later.My mother n law has quit doing anything she sits and wanders where her granddaughters are cause they do not come around as much since they have to sneak to get money from her.But it has started again and my husband is furious 28th his mother cause hepaid debts off for her that her daughter cause her about 2 yrs.ago.Now the mother lies to him about getting loans(3) and giving all of it to her granddaughter.And she is having to paid all paid all them back all them herself .And she draws disability $1000.00 a month and pays utilities for about $470.00 a month and that it but now she has three loans plus her granddaughter take over $500 from her on the 3rd of every month.The mother gets mad when caught in lies about her daughter.And tells us to pay the bills and so she will have some more money to help her granddaughter out.But she doesn’t think about us buying all the food ,cleaning house ,taking care of the yard,and we just fixing her septic tank septictank costing septictankcosting$600 and buying her a recliner and a washerand dryer that she couldn’t afford because of her makingher take loans out,and taking $500 every month from her.And she get mad and starts screaming at my husband her son if he tries to stop her from taking money.She thinks she has to buy her granddaughter a love and she doesn’t even come around unless it’s the 3rd of the month.And my husband And i have talked about moving out But he is afraid that ppl.will take even more from so bad that she will be without utilities or worse a house.But I can’t risk getting into a argument with them all and I don’t know if my husband would like me to step up and see if this is in fact fincanial elderly abuse.Help plz

  • ang March 7, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    My mother has told me my brother whonis living with her is very controlling so he isolates myself and my children blocks phone contact my mother health no that good recently she had a fall and I’m concerned my brother threatens me with police of i go there and has done twice .what can I do I’m very concerned for my mothers health my brother has bipolar on and off his meds my mum i75 .please help me with some advice

  • Mary Anne harris October 18, 2016 at 8:52 am

    Feel l am being forced to sell my property for less value and am being forced to hurry up. Private lender refuses to ever give statements of payments after years owe more than started with. Buyer promises aid to remove personal property and then changes mind . buyer is realtor in same office as agent who listed. Contract after contract forced to sign rapidly and price reduced each time until way below sellers original price in four month period. Each day says one thing and changes and swears never said.

  • "Bear" October 20, 2016 at 1:01 am

    How is it that one family member accuses another by hearsay and transactions supposedly made online and the one being accused at times had their parents permission and gave them cash for the patents to use the card the accused never had access to the card. And. Has recieots for what ever transactions were made.and there are claims that the accused knows nothing about and the one making the claim says she ha power of attorney and parents have dementia both is which are untrue the parents took care of themselves and did their own finances and took care of themselves

  • Repta October 22, 2016 at 12:00 am

    I have a 71 year old mother that ended up in the hospital after falling & fracturing her skull. She lived with my older sister at the time of the accident. Me and my younger sister found out my mom was living in a garage with our older sister and 14 cats. Now my mom has giving her POA and prevents me and younger sister from checking up on our mom. My older sister also has access to my mother’s disability checks and food stamps. The garage they were living in had no running water. My mom’s clothes looked like they haven’t been washed or she hasn’t taken a bath in months. She’s lost most of her teeth because of lack of dental care. But my mom thinks my older sister can take care of her. Is there something we can do to prevent any further elderly neglect where my mother is concerned.

    • Admin October 26, 2016 at 9:53 am

      Hi Repta, We’re sorry to hear of what you’re going through with your mother, and hope she is on the mend. If you’d like to submit a claim form for an attorney who specializes in elder care to review, you can do that at the link here. Your question, whether through an attorney here or otherwise, should really be answered by a legal professional.

  • Mary Jacobs December 29, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    A person can go to jail for shoplifting diapers at Walmart, but have a distant relative coerce someone like me into quitclaiming a third of my property under duress, and we get three social workers but no police, no arrest- nothing.

    • Anonymous January 30, 2018 at 5:02 am

      Perhaps getting yourself an eldercare lawyer would help. If someone is coercing you, you really need to get your ducks in a row and maybe even exclude them from inheriting from you by writing a bulletproof will now while you have the chance. Whoever this distant relative is probably isn’t entitled to nothing like someone much closer to you probably is such as a child or grandchild. What you need to do if you haven’t already done so is contact an eldercare lawyer and get everything voided that you were coerced into if this is something you really didn’t want to do and then have a lawyer tell this distant relative to cease and desist desist, which is a warning of possible further action if the coercion doesn’t stop right then and there. It sounds to me like this distant relative may be up to no good and hopefully you didn’t fall for the quit claim deed on a third of your property. If you did, contact the eldercare lawyer through your state bar association and void everything you did under coercion. Right now in January 2018, a lawsuit is pending against a fraudster who took advantage of my dad who had Alzheimer’s and died in test today and a house is questionable right now along with life insurance proceeds. The POA who was not entitled to anything from my dad ended up going behind his back and tampering with legal documents, causing unicare to allow the life insurance beneficiary change from next of kin to herself, totally illegal in Ohio. Now UniCARE is also in trouble, very serious trouble for not only allowing the switch and not looking out for my best interest

  • John January 2, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    Disgusting that crimes against elders and disabled that involve money are more heavily prosecuted than when a caregiver rapes, kicks, punches, slaps, neglects to death or otherwise abuses a vulnerable adult. Get the priority straight. People’s safety first. Crimes committed against a person are worth more time in jail than crimes against a bank account.

    • Anonymous January 30, 2018 at 4:54 am

      Yes, safety is first but also remember that in the age of so many people hurting financially, elders just don’t have long to wait for recovery of stolen funds and assets, especially when there are some cases where the bank account was closed and the money was moved and the elder has no access to it, especially even more so if they happen to be on Social Security and were otherwise paying the bills before. When seniors need their money to cover basic necessities for basic survival including but not limited to medical, they don’t have forever to wait for financial recovery, especially if there are even bigger assets involved such as a home, car, other money collecting assets like annuities and the like or even a business. Robbing elders is also robbing their heirs, especially if those heirs are experiencing their own hardships that would otherwise spend if inherited money was extended to them in order to end the hardship and correct hardship related problems. Let’s say you have a child who happens to be disabled, living on Social Security, can’t get no help getting a vehicle nowhere and happens to get around on a power chair or mobility scooter. Not all sidewalks are wheelchair friendly and sometimes the user must use the street. In some cases like this, people would rather run their mouth’s and complain rather than to step in and help where help is needed when that need which is all too obvious is right under their nose. What angers me even more is in some cases where people who are well in a position to help in certain types of cases like these just won’t, especially when there are cars out there that can be freely given to those who absolutely need them the most, especially in cases like I’m describing here. These are the cases where you don’t know that specific person may not have a now deceased elder who was financially abused without their knowledge and now that person now has a legal lawsuit with a recovery in the balance. Getting that person with disabilities off the scooter and into a car would be in their best interest, especially acting as fast as absolutely possible, because after all, it’s their safety too!

  • Karen Cromwell January 20, 2017 at 9:43 pm

    Dale I am so sorry to hear about this. Did you dispute charges with your credit card company.

  • Henry J Glees May 11, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    I need a lawyer to investigate why was my checking account at Chase closed and where is my money going to. I was receiving $1690 per month from Social Security and other benefits. Now, for unknown reasons, my bank account is closed and I don’t have access to my money. This has gone on for 3-4 months.

  • […] It’s also important to keep an eye on the older person’s finances to detect any signs of financial abuse or theft. Psychological abuse can be more difficult to detect, however, and this generally causes […]

  • Anonymous January 30, 2018 at 4:45 am

    What I would do if I were you is give your state social security office a call and tell them what you just told us here and also alert the chase bank main headquarters. Another source you may want to call is your state Attorney General’s office as well as your local APS and tell everyone what you just told us here. I would also get me an eldercare lawyer if I were you and your first call to that should be your state bar association and tell them you need a real good eldercare lawyer

  • Leann Maccioli January 31, 2018 at 11:57 am

    I want to inquire information on how to handle this situation, who do I call?? My friend is being taking advantage of by his children.

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  • Loren February 11, 2019 at 2:18 pm

    Same thing. Brothers stole money from moms. Will and trust. Think I can live on 600 a month

  • Jhonnie Dedmon December 31, 2019 at 12:17 am

    I am very concern about my sister. She is 82 and has a companion male who is 62. That automatically sends up a red flag. My sister had a blockage and blood clot and had to have emergency surgery. Her companion did not notify me her sister until he had given permission for them to do surgery. After surgery and talking with the doctor I asked if there was any damage . His reply was yes. She didn’t know who I was nor who her companion was. She had problems speaking. The doctor asked about family and I told him she had 2 daughters but that they were on the outs, that I was her sister than her companion. The doctor stated that the daughters had the legal right for making decisions for their mother, than next would come to me. The doctor stated that the companion had no rights about that whatsoever. I informed the companion of course he was upset because he couldn’t make decisions pretaining to her health. He has alienated her from her daughters and all family members. The doctor put my name and phone on her medical records on who to contact. They called and told me they were going to contact Conway Regional Hospital on transferring my sister there for rehabiation. I said okay. They later contacted me and stated that Conway Regional Hospital wouldn’t accept her because she had no physical needs that needed theraphy only speech therapist. They than asked me if I would give my consent for them to contact Salmon Place Rehabitation Center and nursing home. I said yes. They called me back and said that they would accept her. My problem is that the companion drove her there and got her admitted than he proceed to have my name removed and his added. I asked him why and he said that’s what she wanted. I asked him if he was related to her and his reply was yes. I than asked how was he related and he hung up on me. They are not married because she would lose income and health care benefits from her deceased husband. Arkansas where she lives does not recognize common law marriages. This companion has filed 6 chapter 13 bankruptcy and 2 Chapter 7. He has just recently filed Chapter 7 again and added her car of which he cosigned but she makes the payments. He gave a portion of her income to the attorney stating it was his. He stated that he would quit work and take care of her because he has a retirement income. His retirement income is Social Security of which is alittle over $1000.00 and when he turns 65 it won’t be that much. He changes jobs about every 6 months. He’s a truck driver and my concern besides him dipping into her income which isn’t a lot is that he will take her out of the facility and take her on the road with him and her family members will not know where she is or how to contact her. Everytime she tells him she wants him gone he starts crying saying he has no place to go. One of the time she was in the hospital she had $400. 00 in her purse. He hung onto her purse. When she got out she asked for her purse and checked to see if the money was staill there. It was not she asked him about it and he said he knew nothing about it that he didn’t take it. She continue to ask him about it and finally he put his hand in his pocket and pulled the money out and gave it to her. I’m trying my best to protect her from him but I continue to get road blocks. I call the rehab center daily to enquire on her condition and they continue to refuse to give me any information.I;ve tried talking to the administrator and she is of no help. I know that family members have a right to ask about their condition and to visit their family member. However, they won’t give out any information and they said no visitors.I had my other who lives out state to call and see if she could find out how our sister was doing. She called and they refused to tell her anything.She has made him benefictory on her life insurance policies and he is suppose to use that money to bury her with. However, I am pretty sure that he will take the money and run. She pays the rent on the house she is renting and her car payment and he is suppose to pay the utilities . Twice that I know of utilities were disconnected because he failed to pay them because he had no money. She ended up having to pay to get her utilities connected again. I personally don’t see how he can pay everything with the income he has therefore he will be dipping into her income. My sister doesn’t have much but what she does have needs to be there for her to pay her bills. I think that if he is allowed to have control of her money to pay her bills that he should be held accountability for what he uses her money for. Otherwise he should be required to file a monthly report and receipts showing what he has paid out of her account. I’m bucking my head against the wall trying to find a way to protect her. HELP

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