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Brain injuries go beyond concussions


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The dangers of brain injuries have been widely reported in the news lately, especially in light of the National Football League's concussion settlement.

However, there are many other types of brain injuries, which can affect a person due to a number of reasons.

Traumatic brain injuries ??" or TBIs ??" can occur when a person falls, following a car accident or when a person receives a direct blow to the head.

A closed head brain injury happens when the brain swells but has no place to expand. This can happen when a person receives a blow to the head from an outside source, but the skull does not fracture or displace. This type of injury can also affect a victim's personality or memory.

Acquired brain injuries ??" or ABIs ??" occur when there is an internal problem such as air deprivation or a medical condition. ABIs can be caused by a near-drowning event, a seizure, stroke, birth complication or aneurysm.

In the case of the NFL, a lawsuit claimed that the league knew of the dangers of head trauma and failed to disclose it to players. The league eventually agreed to a $765 million dollar settlement.

People who have suffered a brain injury due to the negligence of others may qualify for actual or punitive damages, remedies and court costs if they file a brain injury lawsuit.

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