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LTD Denial: Understanding "Own Occupation" vs "Any Occupation"
LTD Denial: Understanding "Own Occupation" vs "Any Occupation" Washington, DC: It is said that an educated consumer is the best customer. Were it to be true, then the wary and aware long-term disability policyholder facing long-term denied disability might have seen it coming – and might even have been in a position to prevent the denial from happening in the first place. At the very least, knowing you’re on solid ground in the face of an unfair denial to a legitimate claim, could buoy the policyholder with some assurance that at the end of the legal wrangling, things will be made right [READ MORE]

Exploding Airbags Cause Chemical Burns
Exploding Airbags Cause Chemical Burns Washington, DC While many exploding airbag lawsuits focus on the harm caused by flying shrapnel, it is also important to be aware of the risk of high temperature chemical burns. Airbags are filled with sodium hydroxide that becomes an aerosol during deployment. If the airbag is improperly vented or filtered, the gas can cause serious chemical burns, indirect burns from melting clothing and inhalation injuries. Potential plaintiffs should make sure that they have complete medical records, including photographs, of all of their airbag injuries when seeking legal redress [READ MORE]

How Unum LTD Denials Forced Statute Of Limitations Ruling Against Victim
How Unum LTD Denials Forced Statute Of Limitations Ruling Against Victim New York, NY: In 1999, Susan Arkun, then a tax lawyer with a well-known Manhattan law firm began to suffer from “mal de debarquement,” a chronic condition characterized by nausea, dizziness and visual instability –essentially a permanent form of seasickness. Shortly thereafter, she applied for long-term disability benefits under a policy insured by Unum Group. The denials, re-directions, delay and requests for additional information went on for 16 years before she filed a pro se lawsuit in the Southern District of New York. In September 2017, more than 18 years after the onset of symptoms, the court held that her claim was barred by the statute of limitations. Tarry, Hinder & Delay wins again [READ MORE]

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