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Settlements - Discrimination

  • Religious Discrimination NMSU to pay $165,000 in Muslim discrimination settlement. (Mar-7-08)
  • Housing Buyer Discrimination White homeowner settles $30,000 buyer-discrimination lawsuit. (Mar-4-08)
  • Religious Decorations Oklahoma City to pay attorney fees in religious freedom violations lawsuit. (Feb-20-08)
  • Police Officer Slander City of Detroit agrees to $25,000 settlement. (Feb-20-08)
  • Kamehameha Schools $7 million non-native Hawaiian racial discrimination settlement. (Feb-11-08)
  • Morgan Stanley $750,000 gender discrimination settlement awarded to female broker. (Feb-10-08)
  • Student Harassment Wichita School District pays $45,000 settlement for high school students' harassment lawsuit. (Feb-4-08)
  • Racist Voicemail Stamford Board of Education pays student $37,500 settlement after failing to protect her from racial discrimination. (Jan-24-08)
  • Apartment Appointment Pine Properties Inc. pays $158,000 housing discrimination settlement. (Jan-23-08)
  • Disability Access Developers pay $175,000 settlement for failing to comply with the Fair Housing Act. (Jan-21-08)
  • Drive Through Discrimination Jack-in-the Box pays undisclosed racial discrimination settlement to two customers. (Jan-17-08)
  • Cheer Leading Squad East Hardin Middle School pays mother $3,000 settlement after kicking her son off the cheer leading team because his is a boy. (Jan-16-08)
  • Soccer Coach University of North Carolina awards soccer player $385,000 settlement for gender harassment. (Jan-15-08)
  • Garden Grove Apartment Owners of complex pay $270,844 settlement for housing discrimination. (Jan-8-08)
  • Employee Discrimination Lockheed Martin Corp. agrees to pay former aviation electrician a $2.5 million racial bias settlement. (Jan-3-08)
  • Car Dealer Discrimination Burton of Seaford agrees to pay $70,000 employee age discrimination settlement. (Jan-2-08)
  • Public Reputation Meijer Inc. pays town treasurer $3 million settlement for defamation during a state election. (Jan-1-08)
  • Professor Harassment Ohio University pays former student $225,000 gender harassment settlement. (Dec-30-07)
  • Racial Slurs A teenager has been ordered to pay $128,500 to a black family who alleged the boy left a box marked "KKK" that contained racial slurs, in their driveway. (Dec-13-07)
  • Target Discrimination Target Corp. has agreed to pay $510,000 to settle a racial discrimination lawsuit that claims the company discriminated against four management applicants on the basis of their color. (Dec-12-07)
  • Torture Charges Settled Chicago city and police department have agreed to pay $19.8 million to settle a lawsuit that claimed the police tortured and coerced false confessions to murder from four suspects. (Dec-11-07)
  • Police Discrimination Police Sergeant settles for $200,000 over claims he was discriminated against and looked over for promotions because he wasn't white. (Dec-7-07)
  • Hotshot Harassment Female firefighter awarded undisclosed settlement. (Dec-7-07)
  • Voting Districts Charles Mix County pays $110,000 settlement for voter discrimination. (Dec-5-07)
  • Police Discrimination Milwaukee pays police officer $15,000 settlement for false arrest and racial harassment. (Dec-5-07)
  • Housing Discrimination Landlord Robert Krug pays $140,000 settlement for not allowing renters with kids to take occupancy at his apartment complex. (Dec-3-07)
  • Landlord Discrimination Keller Williams Professional Partners et al. ordered to pay couple $55,000 racial bias settlement. (Nov-29-07)
  • Racial Discrimination Frankfort-Elberta Area School District settles elementary school student racial bias case. (Nov-19-07)
  • Cancer Discrimination Tucoemas Federal Credit Union pays former employee $3.1 million settlement. (Nov-18-07)
  • Wheelchair Ramp Menehune Shores and Asset Property Management Inc. pay $200,000 disability discrimination settlement. (Nov-13-07)
  • Gender Harassment First National Bank pays $350,000 settlement after vice president was charged with gender harassment toward female customers. (Nov-9-07)
  • Arena ADA Madison Square Garden pays fine for ADA violations. (Nov-2-07)
  • Police Officer Discrimination Windsor Locks pays former officer $110,000 settlement for age and health discrimination. (Oct-31-07)
  • Recovery House Sarasota County pays $760,000 discrimination settlement after trying to zone out recovery homes for alcohol and substance abuse. (Oct-30-07)
  • Optometrist Harassment National Vision Inc. pays $175,000 after doctor harassed four female patients. (Oct-25-07)
  • Housing Gender Harassment Landlords pay $240,000 fine for harassing female tenants. (Oct-23-07)
  • Chef Religious Discrimination Muslim chef awarded undisclosed settlement from Gordon Ramsay restaurant. (Oct-9-07)
  • Guide Dog Housing Discrimination Apartment owners pay $55,000 for refusing to rent space to a visually impaired man. (Oct-9-07)
  • Hiring Discrimination JBS Swift & Co. pays $200,000 settlement to female job applicants. (Oct-6-07)
  • Hiring Discrimination Alltel pays $275,000 settlement for gender bias in hiring employees. (Oct-4-07)
  • Applicant Discrimination Pilgrim's Pride Corp. agrees to $1 million settlement for gender and ethnic discrimination. (Oct-4-07)
  • School Sports Ponca City School District pays fine for gender discrimination. (Oct-3-07)
  • Apartment Discrimination Phoenix Village Apartments pays $185,000 settlement for failing to rent apartment to families with children. (Oct-2-07)
  • Eastpointe ADA Violations City spends settlement on accessibility improvements. (Sep-27-07)
  • Robert Perlick, and Toney and Patricia Russell $50,000 settlement in housing discrimination lawsuit pending court approval. (Sep-24-07)
  • Shamrock Applicant Discrimination Food Supplier pays $816,781 settlement. (Sep-20-07)
  • Harvey, IL $400,000 settlement in racial discrimination lawsuit. (Sep-16-07)
  • Apple Ridge Apartments $725,000 settlement in housing discrimination lawsuit. (Aug-31-07)
  • Georgia-Pacific Consumer Operations LLC $749,076 settlement in racial discrimination lawsuit. (Aug-29-07)
  • Los Angeles, CA $125,000 settlement in racial discrimination lawsuit. (Aug-27-07)
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