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Woman Awarded $340K for Removal of Thyroid

This is a settlement for the Medical Malpractice lawsuit.

Washington, DC: A woman who had her thyroid removed has been awarded $340K in settlement of her medical malpractice lawsuit.

Sheraline Austin underwent surgery to remove a lump in her throat that doctors suspected of being cancerous. However, intraoperative data indicated that the lump was infact benign. Nevertheless, the otolaryngologist found lumps on the right side of Austin's thyroid and elected to remove the remainder of the gland.

The gland was subsequenlty found to be cancer free, and Austin sued the doctor, contending that he should not have removed the right side of her thyroid. She now suffers from hypothryoidism.

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Published on Jul-1-11


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I have been trying to start a class action suit about my Thyriod surgery I had surgery July 2nd 2014 and I was very very sick I coded 2 twice during my surgery and i woke up after surgery and could not breath the doctor had nipped my vocal cord I could not talk for 3 years I whisper a lot when I talk this surgery cause me and my family so mich pain they did not manage me the proper way I had to get on disability can get al lawyer the doctors covered up my surgery because they New I wasn’t done right I gasp for air a lot and have trouble drinking water and I had hyperthyroidism the doctor took me out the unit and sent me home I go see a lawyer and he was trying to do a disability claim instead of helping me with a law suit they put me out the unit at the hoispital and tryed to send me to work with no way of talking or anything I have went threw hell and back and still suffering to this day I Ended up loosing my job because I couldn’t speak and I haven’t found any lawyer in Alabama to help me yet with this

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it has been 2 years and 1 month and 1 day since my thyroid surgery and i still can't talk above a whisper and strand horse voice i never been able to sniff through my nose since surgery i choke all the time have trouble swallowing food and drink frequent throat clearing i have hyperduction bilerial vocal cords the hospital put me out and said there is nothing they can do for me the speech therpy told me that the doctor messed up.

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i had thyroid surgery and i haven't talk in almost 2 years E N T doctor diagnosised me with hyperduction bilateral vocal cords

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Can someone please start a class action lawsuit agaist surgeons wrongfully removing parathyroidso during a thyroidectomy. This happened to me in 2006. My surgeon tried to hide it from me. I suffer with many difficulties from his mistake. Also a financial burden of the lifelong supplements I must purchase to keep me alive. HELP

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Please help me I had surgery on 12/02/2014 which forever changed my life I am a mother of 5 and in 2014 do to my being extremely persistent as I knew I was sick I found out I had thyroid cancer.. These Drs made me feel I had mental problems like depression and told me to see a physiatrist but I kept fighting and I demanded an ultrasound then it was found a suspicious nodule.. I interviewed the surgeon prior to my surgery to make sure he was very experienced as I have children to care for he made me feel is if I was over reacting and stated this is in fact a very safe and common procedure I had my aunt there as a witness as her husband to had thyroid cancer.. After surgery my body crashed my calcium dropped extreme levels and next thg I know there are numerous Ivs in me then I was forced to get a pic line. Then later the next day my body crashed my blood pressure dropped I passed out I woke up upside down and was put in the Neuro ICU undergoing multiple tests having multiple types of Drs trying to figure out what was going on come to find out the surgeon by mistake removed ALL of my parathyroid glands by mistake. I need help please give me advice I need help I suffer every day my children and family suffer as my life will never be the same.....


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