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Filling the Financial Gap with Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding

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Let’s assume you have filed a personal injury lawsuit and are now facing a significant gap between the time the claim is filed and when a settlement is reached. In the meantime, you are out of work due to injuries and have a mountain of medical bills on top of your ordinary monthly expenses. How do you avoid settling for less than full case value when you need money now? Through pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

“Ed was in this situation last year,” says Mark Bello, CEO of Lawsuit Financial in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Ed was on his way to meet a friend for dinner. As he was proceeding through an intersection, a driver intending to turn left failed to yield the right-of-way and slammed into Ed’s vehicle. Ed suffered multiple injuries including a fractured patella, torn ligaments in his right knee, a traumatic brain injury and lower back injuries. He is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation; his disabilities left him unable to return to work. It was a difficult time for Ed, but fortunately lawsuit funding was able to assist with his financial needs while he waited for justice.

Ed’s situation is not unusual. In many cases where a lawsuit will take months, even years, to settle, the issue of being able to pay the bills may become an issue; an issue that could drastically affect how a case progresses. Plaintiffs in these situations may be eligible for a cash advance against their personal injury case. “This kind of pre-settlement funding eases the pressure to settle early and inexpensively. It also gives the attorney the precious time needed to obtain the fairest possible result,” states Bello. The non-recourse cash advance can be used to pay medical expenses, mortgage payments, tuition, car payments, grocery bills or ongoing daily living expenses. There are no restrictions on using the cash advance. Non-recourse funding means that if the plaintiff loses the case, he is not obligated to pay back the cash advance.

As in any industry, all legal finance companies are not equal. If you or someone you know is the victim of a personal injury and has filed a lawsuit, you may be eligible for pre-settlement funding. It is important to do some research and ask questions to determine if lawsuit funding would be beneficial to you and your case. If the plaintiff decides to apply for funding, the legal finance company will require case documentation to determine the merits of the case. Once approved and a contract is signed, funds can be available to the plaintiff within 24-48 hours. There is no credit check, no employment verification and no payments until the case settles, at which time repayment will be made directly from the proceeds of the case.

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It has been stated how the vaginal mesh has ruined lives, It is much much worse than just ruining our lives, you spend everyday wishing you were not living, the pain is so unbearable. Your life is no better than a POW of war. The pain med's side effects make it unbearable to even look at yourself in the mirror. I have lost the ability to work, provide for myself, walk, lost feeling in left foot and leg, unable to ride anywhere without suffering severe pain. The worst for most victims is Doctors that know you have the mesh will not even take you as a new patient. My Vaginal mesh erosion was so severe the device slowly erodes the skin and tissue surrounding the vaginal wall. It protrudes from the vagina. It has become embedded in the abdominal wall, putting my internal organs at risk, and causing dangerous infections. I have no control over my bladder or bowels, meaning leaking can happen at anytime anywhere. Losing the ability to have sexual relations with my husband for almost six (6) years is the greatest lost. It is a lot more than just ruining a life, it has taken my body, my life, my family, my happiness, my home, and destroyed my name. The FDA nor the manufacturers, the largest, Johnson and Johnson and it sister companies along with all the other manufactures have taken no accountable, no responsibility, no caring for all the lives and families they have taken and torn apart. The sadness of it is with the Government allowing Bellwether trials, "Justice for all" will not happen. My journey will never be heard in a court of law. Each day when I awake, I pray I hadn't. The pain is just to much to bare any longer. When the Bellwether trails were announced and U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin was going to oversee them. Hope was lost. Hope was the only reason to keep trying to get help, spending our lifetime savings to overcome the horrifying pain for a better life.
I wonder each day if the FDA and manufacturers cry tears for us as we do for all the physical and mental pain they have cause us. Do they think of us when they are eating out, buying a new car, a new outfit, watching there children or grandchildren playing sports or spending holidays with the ones they love so dearly. Do they think of us when they walk into their warm home on a cold night,a cool home on a hot day, something we no longer have.
A ruined life? Death would of been a better life.


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