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Botched Circumcision Case in Discovery

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Clayton County, GAThe efforts of veteran attorney Jonathan Johnson are, at the moment, heavily focused on a medical malpractice case that will have long lasting consequences for a three-year-old boy who will be growing up with a mutilated penis after a circumcision went very wrong.

His mother has already incurred thousands of dollars in medical bills and there will be many, many medical appointments for her son in the future.

On October 21, 2013, baby DeJuan Williams’ mother brought him to a medical clinic in Clayton County, Georgia where he was scheduled to be circumcised by a nurse midwife.

“The child went in for a circumcision with a nurse midwife in Clinton County when he was three weeks old,” says attorney Jonathan Johnson from the Jonathan Johnson Attorneys at Law in Atlanta, Georgia. “The nurse midwife accidentally severed a portion of his penis. It is the end of the penis called the glans.”

Glans is Latin for the word acorn and refers to the shape of the hyper sensitive tip of the male penis.

According to the statement of claim, the midwife nurse at the Life Cycle OB/GYN clinic laid baby Williams on his back on a table, draped and prepped his genital area. She then used a medical device called a Mogen Clamp to do the procedure.

In the process, the complaint says, the midwife “amputated the glans of DeJuan Williams’ penis by placing and using the Mogen Clamp in an attempt to perform a circumcision on the infant.”

A doctor at the clinic and another nurse midwife were called in and observed the injury. According to court documents they permitted Stacie Willis and her baby to leave the clinic without sending the baby for an immediate consultation with a pediatric urologist along with the severed portion of the penis.

When the lacerated area continued to bleed later that day Stacie Willis took her baby to a hospital emergency room.

“The mother was not told what occurred,” says Johnson. “When she took him to the emergency room they could not visualize the injury. It was actually sometime later when she found out how serious the injury was,” says Johnson.

“The weird thing about the case is that the doctors that cut off the tissue put it a saline solution and put it in the freezer. They never advised the mother or anyone else that they had this tissue available. It possibly could have been re-attached to the child if it had been done properly,” says Johnson.

“The mother never knew they had it,” says Johnson. “We later found out they had it in their refrigerator for several months.”

The case is now in the important examination for discovery phase and will be followed by the certification of expert witnesses.

The named defendants include the nurse midwife, several doctors and the medical clinic. The suit also names Teleflex, the manufacturers and sellers of the Mogen Clamp. According to the statement of claim Teleflex hade “a duty to recall the Mogen Clamp because they knew, or reasonably should have known, that it was a defective and unreasonably dangerous medical device not suitable for the intended purpose and use, with the propensity to cause severe and permanent mutilating injury to infants, including amputation of their penis glans.”

It is unlikely that DeJuan Williams will have a normal function of penis now or at any time in the future.

The suit claims Teleflex was reckless and failed to warn that its Mogen Clamp could cause serious debilitating injury. The suit demands in punitive damages $100 million from Teleflex.

“It really cannot be corrected,” says Johnson. “There is no way to correct it at this this point.”


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Its time to imprison these quacks that perform genital cutting on kids. No disease, no consent, no surgery!!

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The glans is the "the hyper sensitive tip of the male penis?" NO!

The glans is the LEAST sensitive portion of the male penis. It's about as sensitive as the heal of the foot. The foreskin is the MOST sensitive portion. It's on par with your fingertips and eyelids.

So, using Johnson's logic and his sensitivity argument of the male johnson, this poor boy was genitally mutilated twice: once when he was circumcised, and soon thereafter when the second mutilation occurred.

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From fellow Intactivist Jason Fairfield:
"The foreskin is full of veins. Not just capillaries, but veins - you know, those really important blood vessels that are essential for proper blood flow? Circumcision cuts off and discards more than a yard of veins and other blood vessels. It's up to circumcision proponents to demonstrate that this does not affect blood flow through the penis. The highly vascular nature of the foreskin and frenulum also makes circumcision a high hemorrhage risk.
Circumcision cuts off the only smooth muscle tissue on the penis. This fascia is important in the mechanics of sex and in conforming the foreskin to the glans for optimal protection of the urethral meatus.
Speaking of the meatus, circumcision disrupts bloodflow to the meatal lips that close and protect the urethra, leaving a small, open hole instead in most circumcised boys. Meatal stenosis, the product of irrigation deficiency and direct abrasion, occurs almost exclusively in circumcised boys and men and is an obstructive medical condition often requires surgery to correct.
Keratinization of mucosal surfaces is damage. There is no other way to describe it; keratinization compromises the elastic and impermeable characteristics of mucous membrane tissue, making it easier to tear and become infected. Circumcision not only keratinizes the mucosal remnant on the penis, it cuts off a substantial amount of immunologically and sexually significant mucosa.
Many boys and men feel disfigured by circumcision. There is one way to avoid that: don't circumcise them. It's impossible for someone who hasn't been circumcised to feel disfigured by circumcision.
Circumcision contributes to early-onset erectile dysfunction. Circumcision greatly increases the risk for penile edema and sepsis. Infant circumcision has a shamefully high re-do rate. And so much more.
Circumcision damages the penis in a dozen ways. It has been declared a de facto harm by courts and numerous prestigious medical associations. It is only a matter of time before the imposition of circumcision on healthy boys is recognized as the criminal act." As an RN Intactivist, this whole debacle could have been prevented by leaving the boy intact and not trying to circumcise a newborn. 80% of men in the world live happily intact and this child will never have a normal life, let alone any kind of sex life. Circumcision, the more you know, the more you are against it.

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Forced enital cutting is not midwifery.
Why would a person who specializes in women's health be cutting apart the healthy genitals of an infant?
And since she is a nurse midwife, she is bound by the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses, which charges nurses with the DUTY to PROTECT the vulnerable. This butcher pretending to be a health care provider did not protect this helpless vulnerable individual.
How do we know t was an accident?
Lots of child molesters choose jobs that provide them easy close contact with their potential victims.
No person anywhere should ever have their genitals cut apart against their will and without their fully informed consent.
Stop all circumcisions. Because every circumcision is a botch to some degree.
Especially when performed on an infant or child.
More info can be found at


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