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Non-Excusable Traffic Violations Drivers Should Avoid

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Obeying these simple laws and regulations keeps the roadways safe for motorists and pedestrians.

Santa Clara, CADrivers should always maintain safety on the road. Not doing so, or ignoring basic traffic rules, puts the lives of passengers, other drivers and pedestrians in danger. Traffic violations occur in many ways. While you can consider some minor traffic violations, the consequences are far-reaching. Below are non-excusable offenses you should avoid.


Speeding is undoubtedly the most common driving offense. While it doesn’t seem serious at 5-10 miles per hour over the speed limit, even driving just over the speed limit can have severe consequences. For starters, doing so increases the likelihood of being involved in an accident. This is primarily because drivers have less reaction time, especially where road conditions are not good or visibility is hindered.

Speeding drivers also face legal repercussions depending on the local laws and penalties. In most states, drivers are fined and they can have driving points added to their license--which can take years of good driving to remove. Speeding violations can also lead to driver licenses being suspended or revoked for repeat offenders.

That aside, speeding violations also increase insurance premiums. Insurance providers often categorize speeding drivers as being of high risk. While Increasing insurance premiums may deter habitual speeders, it strains the budgets of lawful citizens as their premiums may also go up.

Driving an Unregistered Vehicle

Driving an unregistered vehicle is another serious offense with serious implications. Unregistered vehicles typically mean the owner doesn’t have official documentation from relevant authorities. This often occurs for various reasons, including failure to renew or transfer ownership. Surprisingly, some drivers intentionally evade the registration requirements.

One of the main concerns of driving such vehicles is they lack a valid insurance policy. State laws require vehicles to be registered before being insured. This means a car without registration also doesn’t have insurance. In an accident, the driver is personally liable for the injuries and damages. This exposes the owners’ finances and puts other road users at risk of not being compensated.

Similarly, there is a high chance that unregistered vehicles are not roadworthy. Vehicles should be inspected regularly to ensure they meet safety and emission requirements. Failing to register your vehicle means you are avoiding these checks. Legally, operating a vehicle without valid registration documents is a recipe for various hefty penalties. In most cases, owners are fined, and the vehicles get impounded.

Driving Without a Valid License

Driving without a license is another serious offense that puts the driver and road users at risk. Most people think a valid license is a basic identification document. However, besides identifying the driver, it is enough proof that the holder can drive the motor vehicle safely and legally.

The main reason for having a license is to show that you can drive safely. Drivers get licensed only after completing a course and passing an exam. The licensing process is designed to evaluate the individuals’ understanding of traffic laws, among other issues.

Most drivers without valid licenses are either inexperienced or unqualified. Without proper training, you won’t control the vehicle safely. These drivers may also be more prone to not observing traffic signs, such as yielding the right of way, increasing the likelihood of accidents.


Traffic issues aren’t as complicated as most people perceive. Obeying simple laws and regulations keeps the roadways safe for motorists and pedestrians. Simple infractions, like overspeeding, increase the risk of accidents. Adhering to traffic laws promotes road safety.


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