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NUTRONIX - New Silver Solution

The New Silver Solution is a nutritional supplement that it's maker, Nutronix International, claims has incredible health benefits. The FDA, in a warning letter to Nutronix International, lists the following claims by Nutronix relating to the New Silver Solution:
Nutronix Silver Solution"The New Silver Solution is a very potent and effective nano-particulate solution that is non-toxic and yet lethal to bacteria, yeasts, and some viruses.

Numerous tests at major universities and commercial labs like: Kansas State, UC Davis, Brigham Young University, have proven the effectiveness of the product in killing hundreds of strains of bacteria like Staph, Strep, TB, E-coli, Salmonella... and even the Anthrax spore."

The New Silver Solution has been proven to kill bacteria that are associated with the following ailments : Food Poisoning, Pneumonia... Eye Infection, Skin Infections, Meningitis, Nosocomial Infections (from hospitals), Respiratory Infections, Scarlet Fever, Sinus Infection, Strep Throat... Urinary Tract Infections... "Spray colloidal silver often onto minor burns, cuts, scrapes, wounds, to decrease healing time, prevent infection and reduce scarring."

Silver may be massaged into gums several times daily or swished in the mouth for oral infections as it kills the bacteria causing dental caries.

Applied topically silver can relieve athlete's foot, acne, warts, eczema, open sores, rashes and insect bites."Particulate silver contains solutions that can be taken orally for conditions such as, parasites, candida, chronic fatigue, fungal infections, herpes, shingles, staphylococcus and streptococcus infections and over sixty viral and bacterial diseases. Silver may be sprayed into the nostrils from a pump applicator for sinus infections, headaches or to abort head-colds."
The FDA warning letter to Nutronix International indicates "Your products are not generally recognized as safe and effective for the above referenced conditions."

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I have had Diverticulitis on several occasions. I started taking the Nutronix Silver Solution instead of the antibiotics the doctor use to prescribe me. Any time it flares up, the Silver solution has taken care of it in 3-4 days which has been faster than the antibiotics.

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Silver Solution works--great product, highly recommended!

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I have been taking Nutronics silver solution since around 2001. Prior to starting the silver, I use to get really bad colds all the time. Colds that would put me in the bed. I have been taking it now for aprox. 16 years and have had only had 2 slight colds. I have also used it for cuts blisters, anywhere I had a problem and it has never let me down. I say Nutronix . Thank you.

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I have used this product in the past. I am not blue. Five years ago, the flu went around our office. Even though I had taken a flu shot, I had to go home with flu-like symptoms. I immediately began a silver regimen,one teaspoon three times daily,gargling for 45 seconds before swallowing. Three days later I was symptom free. I sometimes get wounds on my lower limbs and I spray them with the Silver to keep infection away until a doctor can see me.

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The reason it's not approved is the same reason all supplements are not approved by the FDA: Because it's technically not a drug. If they want approval, they need to classify it as a drug and if they do that, it would need a prescription first before it can later possibly be sold over the counter.

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The same government that lets its DOJ lawyers lie to a judge, do nothing to its AG who was lied about fast and furious. Found in contempt.
Our gvt officials are following the lying head.

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1. Why is the Silver Solution "not recognized as safe", stated by the FDA?

2. Is it a colloidal silver?

3. Does it contain the 14 ppm stated on the bottle?


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