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Silicone Breast Implants- Mentor MemoryGel Lawsuit

Many women with Mentor MemoryGel Breast Implants claim the silicone gel in the implants are leaking dangerous chemicals into their bodies, and could potentially cause serious health risks. The Silicone breast implant lawsuits allege that Mentor Worldwide failed to comply with FDA regulations stipulating that the medical device company must conduct proper studies of all of the health risks associated with its MemoryGel breast implants.


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Silicone Breast Implant Lawsuits

Silicone Breast implants In the late 1990s Dow Corning was almost a household word. Thousands of women filed lawsuits claiming the implants leaked and caused numerous diseases, including cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. The company was ordered to pay $3.2 billion dollars to women who had a ruptured or leaking breast implant, which led to its bankruptcy. Years later the Institute of Medicine and the FDA found that the breast implants do not cause major illnesses.

The Rheumatologist (December 2016) Journal published an article by Osteopathic physician Charles Radis titled “Lupus or Mass Somatization?” in which Radis told of the first silicone breast augmentation in 1962 and how the procedure was common over several decades for both cosmetic purposes and to repair cancer-related mastectomies. By the early 1980s Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen Health Research Group warned a possible link between implants and cancer. The first breast implant lawsuit against Dow Corning, claiming autoimmune disease could arise from silicone breast implants, was filed in 1984.

Mentor Memory Gel

The FDA banned the manufacture of silicone breast implants in 1992 but lifted its ban at the end of 2006, when it pre-approved Mentor to manufacture and sell their silicone breast implants on condition that it undergoes six safety studies. Mentor has reportedly not submitted those proper studies to the agency. The studies were supposed to track about 80,000 women, but after only three years, Mentor said it had “lost track” of 79 percent of women who had enrolled in the studies.

Mentor Worldwide LLC, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, calls its silicone breast implants Memory Gel. (J&J paid $1.1 billion for Mentor in December 2008, after it became the first company allowed to put silicone implants back on the market.) Complaints allege that dangerous chemicals and heavy metals are leaking either microscopically through the silicone membrane or in the event of a rupture, leaking out of the implant itself.

The MemoryGel Silicone-Filled Breast Implants have a silicone outer shell that is filled with silicone gel. They are approved for breast augmentation in women age 22 or older, for breast reconstruction in women of any age and for use in revision surgeries, which correct or improve the result of an original surgery.

The New York Times (November 2006) reported that Mentor was already advertising its product online, called, before the FDA lifted its 14-year ban on the use of silicone gel breast implants in the US.

Mentor, along with Allergan Plc and Sientra Inc. are the only companies the FDA has authorized to market the devices.

Mentor Breast Implant Lawsuits

In September 2016, a Seattle woman filed a lawsuit against Mentor and J&J in federal court in San Francisco. Sara Ebrahimi claimed MemoryGel silicone caused skin rashes, extreme fatigue and left her bloodstream laced with heavy metals used to manufacture the devices. The case is Sara Ebrahimi vs. Mentor Worldwide LLC — Case No. 2:16-cv-07316.

A second Mentor lawsuit was filed by a woman in California. Rexine Mize claims the implants leak, causing her and other women a number of health problems, including long periods of muscle pain and nausea. Lawyers for Mize argue that her injuries could have been prevented if Mentor completed the six safety studies required by the FDA. The case is Mize v. Mentor Worldwide LLC, No. BC-649083, California Superior Court (Los Angeles).

Another lawsuit was filed in Washington State and many more are expected, according to plaintiff attorneys (above). The silicone breast implant lawsuits all claim that Johnson & Johnson failed to conduct proper studies to warn both patient and physicians of the potential risks involved with the breast implants.

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Posted by

I just explanted after having Mentor silicone implants snd pain since 2007 .. my surgeon said I was a good candidate after having 2 ruptured of Saline in the past .
This was my 3rd surgery which these heavy metals have cause some much pain . Migraines daily , fatigue, Anxiety,
Brainfog , forgetfulness, neck pain . Joint pain , insomnia…
For years I thought I was going crazy . Hormone issues ..
I am feeling so much better after only 6 weeks post opp

Posted by

I had a breast reductionw/ small implants for symmetry in 1994.I asked if they were salune. I was told yes.They are not.I never received a card w/ id # on it. I have asked my surgeon many times who the manufacturer answer.He's done other things for me since.IThey are are now severely ruptured.He was supposed to remove them 3 yrs ago and his staff said he had a meducal emergency and couldn't do it.I had my hip replaced and my husband has gad numerous serious medical problems since then. Most recently a sub-dural hematoma.Hehas been hospitalized for 2mos. He gets out tomorrow.I also have an adult child w/ aspbergers, epilepsy and MS. I only tell you this because its very difficult to get help to have surgery done and then have it cancelled last min. Now Im having a multitude of other health issues that I feel are because of silicon leaking into my body.I have sever vertigo,osteoporosis, hyperparathyrodism( surgery for that) fibromyalgia and jyst overall lethargy.In any case at this point I've no idea how to afford to pay for all the cost from the surgery and care for my husband and son while I have surgery if I can scrape the money together to do it.I can no longer work because they cant be left alone. Is there any help from a class action suit? My surgeon told me Id never have to even wear a bra again....boy did he lie! Thank you for your time.

Posted by

i have had Mentor Memory Gel implants since 2010, experiencing almost immediate negative reactions. Even if the silicone wasn't leaking into all systems of my body, my body fought the implants like foreign objects, drastically lowering my immune system and making me prone to a slew of new diseases and bacteria / viruses. Since 2010, I have experienced a cascade of health problems caused by these toxic implants that only continue to get more and more serious. Not only have I experienced random shooting pains and heat in my breasts, I have fibromyalgia throughout my entire body, migraines, neck and back pain / stiffness, an auto inflammatory eye condition threatening vision in my left eye, positive ANA markers for auto immune disease, skin rashes, boils, chronic yeast infections, viral staph infections, EBV in overdrive (500 titer), bacterial infections, arthritis, anxiety, depression, brain fog, chronic fatigue, loss of words / names, impaired motor skills, nerve pain, digestive intolerances, severe vitamin deficiencies, hair loss, body odor, and intolerance to heat and heavy exercise, loss of hearing in heat, and vertigo. If there is a lawyer that would be interested in representing me in court, please contact me. I am now unemployed due to inability to work from this disease.

Posted by

I’m currently experiencing a world of pain and especially inn my left side of breast shoots through down to my arm and side. I’m constantly getting stomach pain and cramping so bad I can’t move.
Eyesight decrease and vision distribances since having mentor implants in. Change of colour in the white of my eye now are grey and look sick. Puffy red eyes. Blackening out in bright lights then coming to again faint. And dizzy a fair bit. Lower full back pain. Joint and muscle soreness. Nausea, fatigue anxiety and depression. Sucidal thoughts out of no where where’s previously a very happy person not understanding how people can think of that. Struggle holding my baby from the pain or enjoying playing with him as he touches my boob or chest it’s agony. Brain fog and unable to think properly. Heart palpitations and change in heart beat at time. Breathing problems and shortness of breathe. I’m
Sure there’s more but that’s all I can think off right now. Only had mentor in since 2016 and it’s been horrible the last 4months somethings going wrong in my body. Starting test but nothing found in ultrasound other than small pockets of “fluid” would
Never do this if I knew what could come out of it and be In such a health decline.

Posted by

I have had Mentor Gel Implants since 04/07/2005. I had "reconstructive" surgery. The surgeon made the decision that gel is what was needed and they were in a "study." I had the surgery. I was called in twice to get examined and he said everything was fine. I have a sharp pain in my left breast at times. I now have a sagging left breast. I had a heart attack in April 2008. I have 5 stints and a pacemaker and cannot have an MRI due to the stints and pacemaker. I have A Fib. I have weight gain with no explanation as to WHY. I have Osteoarthritis and had to have back surgery last November. I have constant joint and nerve pain. I had to have all 10 of my fingers operated on in 2009 for trigger finger. My insurance paid in full for the gel implants as it was for reconstructive surgery, not from cancer but from growths and so much tissue removed. I would like these implants removed as I know they are my problem. I feel that because they were "reconstructive" and fully covered by my insurance that they should be covered to remove them. I have wished I had never had them due to the pain in my breast, pain all over my body, a sagging breast, A Fib and the size of the implants. I asked for the same size cup that I was originally but the surgeon put in larger implants. I was assured that they were perfectly safe at that time but they are not safe and they are the cause of all my problems and my problems are many! I never had problems until I got these implants!

Posted by

I have had my mentor gel implants since 2014 .. I was healthy and never had not 1 health problem before 2014.. it only took 6 months before I started getting bowel issues .. allergic reactions to certain foods .. my skin has broken out in rashes.. I have severe pain in my joints.. my hair falls out ...!i have been to the hospital several times for heart palpitations...weight gain memory loss ... severe fatigue... my digestive system is messed up so bad it's depressing! I have had a deep pain in my left breast for the last 2 months that I am currently getting tests done for!
I know 100% that these implants are the cause of this and I would be happy to have them removed once I can afford it and if I had known or found any information or warning signs that these things could possibly affect my health and wellbeing I would have NEVER EVER have made the choice to get them!!!


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