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Edgewood Arsenal Veterans Come Forward with Chemical Testing Claims

Washington, DC: Complaints are surfacing from veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces in the 1960s, during the Vietnam war, that they were used as test subjects as part of a cold war chemical research program involving potentially toxic substances.

The veterans also claim they were not informed of what substances were used on them. As a result of the testing, many of the veterans who served between two and four months at the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland, suffer from chronic, debilitating illnesses.

According to a recent report by "From 1955 to 1975, military researchers at Edgewood were using not only animals but human subjects to test a witches' brew of drugs and chemicals. They ranged from potentially lethal nerve gases like VX and sarin to incapacitating agents like BZ. The military also tested tear gas, barbiturates, tranquilizers, narcotics and hallucinogens like LSD."

The reports by CNN, which are based on information from now declassified army documents, cite experiences of veterans who have come forward with their own accounts, including that of Army Pvt. Tim Josephs.

Josephs was 18 in 1968 when he was sent to Edgewood, now known as the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, under the assumption he was there to test military equipment. He was subject to chemical testing almost as soon as he arrived on January 1, 1968. He was there for a two-month assignment.

"Sometimes it was an injection. Other times it was a pill," Josephs told CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Josephs said he didn't know what drugs he was getting. "A lot of chemicals were referred to as agent one or agent two."

The number of "tests" Josephs underwent varied from week to week. Just days before his Edgewood duty ended, in February 1968, Josephs was hospitalized for days with Parkinson's-like tremors, symptoms he said have followed him on and off throughout his adult life. CNN

Josephs is not the only veteran to have come forward. As a result, at least one class action lawsuit has been filed against the Defense Department and Department of Veteran Affairs, with the hope of, at the very least, getting compensation for medical expenses as well as details of the chemicals that the soldiers were subjected to and any associated health effects.

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Published on Mar-14-12


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I was stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground and assigned to Edgewood Arsenal, my family and I lived in government quarters just off post in Edgewood and on the arsenal from 1985 -1990 for my family and 1985-89 for myself. I was pregnant with my daughter while there, this was also when they were digging up old cluster bombs while excavating to build some new buildings, the same time the commander was indicted from the environmental agency, the same time they found out the water was not suitable for consumption. I can continue by saying I filed an approximately 80 page document to the veteran's administration about my claims and kept getting blown off; resubmitted, blown off. Fed the "F" up. Daughter can't have kids due to this place; not to mention the other members of the family ailments. APG-EA continued to hurt soldiers ways after the human experiments and should be considered also. Thank you

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While I understand the premise of the lawsuit as stated, I have a question, I and my parents moved to Jolla in 1964. My mom eventually transferred to Edgewood Arsenal shortly later. There were instances of chemical damages to the car. And instances when she told me when the office people had to stay indoors instill all cleared. My question to you is my son suffers from a rare form of eczema and severe asthma. Since I grew up in close proximity to Edgewood with obvious chemical testing, how much can I have transferred birth defects to him? This being said, also my son's father was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam.


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