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Care Center Abuse

Care center abuse can happen at any home or facility that provides care to other people, including nursing homes, homes for people with disabilities, senior living communities, group homes, and medical care homes. Abuse can also occur in in-home care situations--such as with foster care abuse. Nursing home abuse and other forms care home abuse occur more frequently than many people think, and the victims may not always be able to communicate what is going on. Victims of abuse at care homes may suffer permanent injury, including physical and emotional trauma. Those who are victims of serious injuries may die from their injuries or from care center neglect.


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Care Center Negligence

illinoisnursinghomeabusearticle Care center negligence occurs when the staff at a care center fails to provide adequate or required care to residents. This can include failing to provide medicine, failing to reposition patients in their beds, failure to report injuries, failure to treat injuries and failure to provide a facility that is reasonably safe. Negligence can result in many serious injuries to care center residents, including infections, broken bones, bed sores, dehydration and brain injuries.

In some cases, staff and employees at care homes set out to victimize seniors by stealing from them or abusing them. In other cases, such as neglect or negligence, the harm could be caused simply by understaffing or lack of trained personnel at the care center. Even if the harm was not intentionally caused, it is still the care home's responsibility to ensure that an adequate number of properly trained staff are available to keep residents safe and well-cared for.

Care centers may also be found negligent if staff know of crimes being committed against residents but fail to take appropriate action or fail to notify the authorities or the victim's family.

Care center negligence comes in many forms and can include senior living community negligence, group home negligence, nursing home negligence, foster care negligence, or even rehabilitation facility negligence.

Care Center Physical Abuse

Care center physical abuse occurs when staff at a care center commit violent physical acts against residents, including hitting, kicking, punching or throwing the patients. Care centers may also be liable if a resident is physically abusive to another resident.

Care Center Sexual Abuse

nursinghomeabusemorelawsuitsfiled Care center sexual abuse occurs when staff members commit unwanted sexual acts on residents in the home, or when they commit such acts on people incapable of giving their consent. A care center can also be liable for situations in which one resident sexually assaults another resident.

Care Center Medical Malpractice

Often, residents at care centers require some form of medical care. In some cases, the care required is minimal, but in others patients may rely on staff or physicians for daily medical care. No matter what the situation, staff is required to provide a reasonable standard of medical care. Should such medical care not be provided or be sub-standard, care center victims may be able to file a care center medical malpractice lawsuit.

Care Center Wrongful Death

In some situations, the injuries or harm suffered by residents at nursing homes are serious enough to result in death of the resident. Such situations include failure to provide adequate medication, failure to obtain medical care or refer the patient to a doctor, failure to provide food and failure to recognize patients in distress. In these cases, the family of the care center victim may be able to file a care center wrongful death lawsuit against the people involved, alleging wrongful death on the part of staff and management of the nursing home. Care center wrongful death can occur not only nursing homes but also in other care facilities--such as group home wrongful death or senior living wrongful death.

Care Center Abuse Legal Help

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Aegis Nursing Homes Offers $16M Elder Care Abuse Deal
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The hospital where my mom was released her into a halfway house which I told them that she was not to come home until they put her in a place where she could probably get help for her cardio and pulmonary disease which they refuse to help she later fell in the hospital and broke her hip and passed away she should have been put in a care facility they moved her and didn't tell me she also had surgery which was not approved

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My mother was in a place like that they didn't treat her or feed her right and they sent her home with out proper being set up for home care she pass in 2016

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Death was pulmonary and coronary. She had no heart problems. They failed to give her meds the day she died. She was a victim of theft and police called just prior to this. This was retaliation.


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