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Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes in America - the Epidemic of Silence and Shame

In this day in age, hardly a day goes by where you do not hear, see, or read about some horrid sexual assault or another sexual predator sentenced for seemingly unspeakable crimes.

Yet experts tell us that for every sexual assault that is reported to the authorities, many more go by unreported. It is as though these crimes are truly "unspeakable." Yet when someone is allowed to commit an act of depravity, often served with a dose of violence and terror - and he or she is allowed to get away with it, they often repeat that act, again and again until caught. There is clearly an obsessive pattern with serial rapists and child abusers.

So when you or someone you love has been the victim of a sex crime, an assault of the most personal and offensive kind, you need to consider not only the real potential of a second attack by the same assailant, but the future victims of that sick person who was capable of such an act at all.

Sexual Crimes come in a wide variety of types and scenarios. We'll just touch on a few here.

Child Sexual Abuse

While there is a lot of publicity generated by the most frightening child predators, the fact is the vast majority of abuse cases occur between the victim and someone they know well, often a family member or relative, a neighbor or trusted family friend. When outside of that circle, the perpetrator is often a community or school worker, a church or social service agency worker - even police officers and medical providers. The rarest cases involve a complete stranger.

Date Rape

It is not unusual for young men and women to find themselves in sexually stimulating situations in social encounters and on dates these days. However, it's also not unusual for one of the couple, most often the young lady (but not always), to decide after a bit of amorous attention that consummation of sexual relations is not desired. No Sex! Sadly, many young men find themselves in such a frenzy that the word "no" at that point may not register with them - and they may force themselves on someone, acting in a way they themselves usually can't believe afterwards.

However, the fact is, this is still a serious crime. It is quite simple really: when it comes to one's body the word "no" means "NO"!

Adult Rape

Like childhood sexual abuse, most victims of rape knew their assailant prior to the attack. Often it may be someone they've known for years, who they've come to trust and respect. Sometimes alcohol is a factor, or other drugs of abuse. And suddenly a situation occurs where the victim and the attacker are alone, the situation is just so, and this relative or friend turns into a sexual predator. In other cases, it can be a work associate or someone you do business with regularly. But in most cases, the assailant is not a complete stranger.

Stranger Rape and Abduction

This is by far the most dangerous scenario and the one most likely to result in death, especially if an abduction takes place. This is why experts have stated repeatedly that if someone attempts to abduct you - to grab you and throw you into a vehicle for example, do anything and everything you can to avoid being abducted by a stranger. Survival rates, once the victim enters the vehicle, drop dramatically. This is one case where the experts tend to agree that active resistance is the best ploy.

In cases where it looks like no abduction is likely, there is a wide range of advice given - some of it often contradictory. Like any human interaction, there is no set formula. But doing things from trying to talk to the assailant in an attempt to humanize yourself, to claiming a serious venereal disease, have probably all worked and failed in different situations. The best advice of all is to keep alert, stay in public view, and be aware of the different people around you at all times - hopefully avoiding an attack in the first place.

If you find yourself the victim of a sexual assault, you should call the police and request immediate transport to a hospital or rape crisis center. Do not shower, douche or do anything that might result in lost microscopic forensic and DNA evidence if you can avoid it. Speak with a sexual assault counselor if one is available or talk to any legitimate counselor about your experience. Talking is the first step to overcoming the trauma of such an act.

If you find your child suddenly behaving strangely; withdrawn, moody, less active or more active than usual, depressed or agitated with no apparent cause, these are all known symptoms of children who are being or have been abused. Talk to your child, get him or her to open up. Make it clear to them that nothing anyone has done to them will ever be blamed on them.

If a child tells you that he/she has been a victim of sexual abuse, do not disregard it. It is very rare that a child will lie about such things and the best thing you can do for that child is to report their comments to the police, the state child welfare agencies, or even a physician or attorney. It can also be a legal liability if you are made aware of such a possibility and fail to report it. Should the abuse become public, and the authorities are made aware that a child reported this and you did not follow up by reporting it yourself, you face both civil and criminal penalties in most, if not all states.

Register your Complaint

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Two Lawsuits Filed Against Catholic Priests and Dioceses Under New Child Sex Abuse Law
Two Lawsuits Filed Against Catholic Priests and Dioceses Under New Child Sex Abuse Law
March 16, 2022
Baton Rouge, LA New child sexual abuse lawsuits alleging two Catholic priests sexually abused teens decades ago, along with coverup lawsuits against the Diocese of Baton Rouge and the Diocese of Alexandria in Louisiana, have been filed under a new law that temporarily eliminated the statute of limitations in childhood sexual abuse cases.

Another Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed After University of Michigan’s $490 million Settlement
Another Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed After University of Michigan’s $490 million Settlement
February 22, 2022
Detroit, MI An elderly Michigan man has filed a federal lawsuit against the University of Michigan claiming he too was a victim of sexual abuse by the late university sports doctor Robert Anderson. His complaint comes just days after the university agreed on a settlement to end the biggest sex abuse scandal in the U.S. that involved approximately 1,050 victims.

Juvenile Detention Center Residents “Obscenely Abused” for Years File Another Lawsuit
Juvenile Detention Center Residents “Obscenely Abused” for Years File Another Lawsuit
January 19, 2022
Burlington, VTIt’s like a gruesome scene from the Dark Ages: children with disabilities shackled and thrown into isolation without supervision, sometimes for months. Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center, aka “Juvie Jail” has finally closed, and a second lawsuit filed in December 2021, claims 22 Vermont Department of Children and Families employees, along with the former commissioner and Woodside staff, regularly abused children between 2016 and 2020.


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