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Hair Perm Causes Total Hair Loss

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Lexington, NCCrystal had no qualms about letting her sister perm her long luxuriant hair with Dark & Lovely products. But within five minutes of applying the relaxer, she would suffer appalling personal injury--with a burned scalp and total loss of hair.

hair loss"My sister was in town for the funeral of our aunt and since she does hair professionally, she put the Dark & Lovely perm in for me," says Crystal. "My hair doesn't take long at all to relax so it wasn't in for even five minutes and I started feeling a strange little tingling at the top of my head, so we said let's rinse it out quick. When we started washing it out, my hair started falling out in the sink in big chunks.

"As an African-American, if our hair grows long and it's our own hair, we really take care of it. I tell you, I was so upset. My sister didn't know why in the world my hair was falling out. We'd only used the regular strength product. We thought maybe it was too strong and it could've been outdated but the expiry date was still a long way away.

"Every time I washed it, more came out. I couldn't lay down it hurt so bad, my scalp was so badly burned I had scabs all over it. It took eight months for all of it to fall out."

Although she had long thrown out the product packaging, Crystal was able to obtain the company's toll-free number from the original beauty shop where she had bought the product.

"They sent me some Dark & Lovely products to stop the breaking," says Crystal, "and offered to pay for four deep treatments. So I went to this beautician nearby for the intensive care conditioning but it didn't stop the hair falling out although less fell out when she washed it because of her treatment.

"The beautician wrote a letter on my behalf saying the permanent was too strong and that I'd done nothing wrong.

"I'm real mad at Dark & Lovely; they didn't even apologize. They gave me the runaround. At first they tried to tell me something was wrong with my thyroid but my doctor checked me out and nothing was wrong with me."

Crystal discovered that her personal injury from Dark & Lovely products was not uncommon. "Some people at my daughter's school asked me about my hair, and one of the bus drivers there said, 'I could've told you that--don't use that product.

"Well, I wish someone had told me! If only I'd known before but then again I had no reason to ask. There's no real warning on the packaging.

"At the time, in 2005, I was just out of college and going for interviews and I felt real bad. My hair was this mess and I was not at all confident. The most embarrassing thing happened when I started wearing a wig and it fell off in public. I'm not used to wearing a wig; I've always had my own long hair. When my cousin said I looked like I'd been through chemotherapy, that made me real depressed. I stay in most times because I'm so embarrassed.

"Right now I'm wearing my hair in its natural state and haven't used a relaxer since and I certainly haven't used Dark & Lovely. I spent a lot of money and time going to the beautician for my hair to grow back. It's down to my shoulders now.

"I don't think they should just get away with doing nothing. I hired a lawyer when this happened two years ago but no more than a month back he sent me a note saying he was too busy. He said he'd tried to contact Dark & Lovely and got no response which I didn't find hard to believe. That's what they did to me."

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I need someone to call me about the perm lawsuit. I have pictures to provide.

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I used a Dark n Lovely mild relaxer and it made my hair fall out 2X as well as my mothers. Finally just decided no more chemicals for us. All natural, braids and at home blow outs. May not be salon or magazine perfect but it beats bald.

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I recently used Dr. Miracle's touch up perm just as I have for several years. While shampooing my hair after the perm I noticed clumps of hair coming out in my hands. I'm 60% bald now and
I'm forced to wear wigs indefinitely. Has anyone else had this to occur while using this product?

Posted by

Has anyone's hair grown back after this

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2 months ago i went to a dominican hair salon and asked them to do a wash and set..they washed my hair with something and than straightened it. I left my hair straight for 2 weeks after that.than when i went to wash my hair it all started to fall out in clumps i started to freak its now been two months and my hair is still falling out..and a have a receding hair line. To make matters worse i notice there hasnt been any new hair growth and all the hair thats falling out is coming out from the root im panicking will my hair grow back? If so why is it taking so long to see any growt

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i use the product motions for black women for a long time. i used the shampoo perm conditioner i have the bald crown it started off little now it about the size of a toddlers fist. i used to be able to cover it up in a pony tail because my hair was so long.. i thought it would grow back but it has gotten so bad even my edges are now getting bald and i can not cover it up anymore..i feel like my life is over.. i hide it from my husband and daughter if feel so a shame... i dont know what to do... i dont go to any family functions and i do not planning on going anywhere this summer.. they make all this money off of other people pain.. it is just not fair we read the product and expect to get the results we read..keep using it until we figure out i what wrong but then its just to to to to late and people like me feel to shameful to do anything about it or like me just do not have the resources to do anything and just live with the pain and humilation

Posted by

My hair started falling out after using it. I didn't even Finnish with the whole process of dark n lovely because my hair was falling out. My scalp was burning as if it was lit on fire. My hair is now very fragile and its not shiny or smooth anymore. Instead its frizzy, breakable, and you can or manage it. It's almost as if my hair has dried out of nutrition. I'm wicked upset. I want to sue the company.

Posted by

I have used this for years, with problems until now I have patches falling out , and everytime I wash my hair it leaves a scalp burning I being forced to wear to wear a wig it is so embarrassing

Posted by

How long did it take for your hair to grow back. Because my did the same thing. I'm so scared everytime I wash it it continue to fall out by the handful. I'm even embarrassed to let people style my hair

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well sad to say im onlii 16 and my birthday in like 25 daiis but yesterday i tryed to perm my hair and it wasnt even in there for more then 4 minutes befor my grandma seen a chunk of hair on her hand i immediatly went to rinse it out and my hhair just started coming out in chunks...i have no scabs or sores in my head...but my hair is really dry... like straw...i tryed me best no try cry but i still did...but i have to keep my head up and my hops up...i just hope my hair will be able to grow back.... if not my life will be ruined.... :( but i went to buy a wig todaii.! and i just have to learn how to put it on the right way so i can go out in public... but for now im home schooled. never again will i ever use any un nantural hair products...i learned my leasson the hard way :(

Posted by

I'm sorry to here about your hair loss the same thing happened to me I used dark and lovely I think all perms should be took off the shelf they are no good my hair has not been right every sense I used that perm that was eight years ago I been to the dermologist quite a few times and they said it was nothing they can do I need to sue the company because its noway a product should be able to burn your scalp beyond repair and get away with it I wish I had of left my hair naturally nappy I would still have my hair now I have to go through life without the hair I was born with because of a perm that ruind my scalp I been whereing wigs for years now and I'm tired of it my hair is so damaged I can't do anything with it so I just deal with the best way I can I pray about it I have patchy hair loss maybe my hair will come back to me


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