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"My Attorney Advised Me to Keep My Knee Replacement Parts after Revision Surgery"

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Boston MALaurie, a former runner, had a knee replacement in late 2007. She is scheduled for revision surgery next month. "I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't have another knee replacement," says Laurie, who has spent the past four years in pain and frustration.

Laurie has never been able to do what her orthopedic surgeon said she could do with the DePuy knee replacement—she won't ever play tennis again; she can't even ride a bicycle. "I can't make a full revolution; my knee will splay out to the side while I'm pedaling," she complains, "and going downstairs is a joke; most of the time I have to hold the railing because I can't do a full flex.

"I was a hardcore runner for 30 years and I was 57 when I went to an orthopedic surgeon the first time; he was the expert on a procedure where they grow your cartilage in the lab and inject it back into your joint. Unfortunately my knees were too far gone—I wasn't a candidate—so my only option was knee replacements. Reluctantly I had the surgery on one knee because my surgeon said I was too young for both knees; in hindsight I thank my lucky stars he only did one knee. It was the worst surgery I've ever had and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Fortunately I was in good physical shape; I was able to get up and walk around and I didn't need rehab."

But the pain and inflammation didn't go away as time went on. Laurie saw her surgeon for the yearly follow-up and complained about the inflammation and limited range of motion, but according to Laurie, "he more or less blew it off." By the second year, her knee was worse—more inflammation and pain and continued inability to move. She had to quit her job at the hospital; standing on her feet for any length of time was out of the question.

"Several times I tried to reach my surgeon, to no avail," Laurie says. "I'm beginning to wonder what the hell is going on here—I think he was intentionally avoiding me because the device had failed or there could be medical malpractice…I knew something was wrong with my knee but it didn't cross my mind that something was wrong with the device; at that time I wasn't aware of so many people having problems with hip and knee replacements.

"I eventually got an appointment with my surgeon's assistant, who said that I just needed more physical therapy or I could get a cortisone shot. This wasn't right…Towards the end of 2009 I found another surgeon who took a lot of fluid out of my knee and checked for infection. My white blood cell count was really high which usually indicates infection. I had bone tests and MRIs…

"I ended up going to another surgeon around the beginning of 2010; this time they found debris in the fluid, obviously from the device. He suggested knee revision surgery, and if there was infection, the entire knee would have to be replaced. He said it was likely that one part of the device would have to be replaced—I told him that I would go home and think about it.

"I went to New England Baptist Hospital—it is supposed to be 'Number One' with hip and knee replacements and I'm on my fourth surgeon. This surgeon said the part was loose, which was causing abrasion. So the device wasn't in there properly—that made sense to me. I mentioned defective parts and he said it was a possibility and it was also possible that the device wasn't the correct size.

"Wait a second, how can that be? How can I have an ill-fitted knee replacement? 'It's not an exact science,' he said, which sounded like he was making excuses for his peers. I went ahead and booked the revision surgery with him. 'After going through all your medical records, there is a slight chance of infection, but I will remove the liner, clean out the tissue, freeze the tissue specimen, send it right up to the lab, and if we find infection, we will take out the entire knee,' he said. But he cannot determine anything until I'm on the operating table.

"So I'm going to wake from this revision surgery on September 2 and ask what happened when I wake up—not a pleasant thought.

"As for a defective device or personal injury claim, I'm over the three-year statute of limitations regarding defective devices, so I don't know what I can do about a lawsuit—I wish these surgeons hadn't made me wait for so long. But I contacted an attorney anyway.

"My attorney told me to make sure I have it in writing—before my revision surgery—that any parts I have removed, including any tissue and fluid, must be stored in case the lawyers need to test it. And all the knee replacement parts belong to me. I get to go home with the defective bits."

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In 2006, I had a right knee surgery for a torn ligament in TX.

In 2010, I had a total right knee replacement. Both knees looked the same. I moved to southern Utah in 2011.

In November 2013, I had a mechanical fall. It took many doctors more than 6 months to find out that I had a right knee infection. At first there was no infection. Then several doctors attempted to put liquid in my knee and take it out of my knee. Then the infection showed up.

In May 2014, removal of infected hardware - added spacer - 6 weeks of antibiotics. Both knees look the same. Two months later, second total right knee replacement. This one has not healed as well as the others. Plus the right knee is an inch or so bigger than the left knee. In November 2014, I had a right knee manipulation to improve flexibility, with limited effect.

I read there are different sizes of hardware for different size knees. I have small bones, and it is obvious the right one is larger.

In 11-16, a painful knot developed on the front of my right knee. When I came to Utah, I walked a lot. I am a senior citizen.

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I have had 7 surgeries on my right knee in the past year!!! Initial knee replacement, got infected, they went in and rinse. Later infection still there went to another doctor, He took the hardware out. Did revision and 6wks vancomycin. Few months later replace hardware. Infected again. Another revision was done with 6wks vancomycin. Then it kept bleeding. Hemotoma surgery AGAIN! Infected again, done anther revision. With all this I was in and out of hospital with stomach problems due to antibiotics. Found out I had cdiff. The cliff is now gone but I'm still having knee problems and am told I have to be on antibiotics indefinitely. Still have to have 1 more surgery to put in hardware.
Also was rush to icu because my blood pressure dropped to 78 over 54 due to reaction of antibiotics. HELP!!!!

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I can visibly look at my knee replacement implant and see that it is too large. I have a petite bone structure. However, my doctor is blaming me for not being able to increase my range of motion. I am in constant pain. I exercise daily. I have had 2 manipulations. I have a CPM machine, in which I use daily. The more I exercise, the more pain and stiffness I experience. I had TKR in August 2015. The surgery was performed by a very well respected prestigious award winning doctor. However, everyone is human and can make a mistake. I need help.

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little over 2 years ago I underwent knee replacement, from day one I complained to my doctor the pain I was going through to death ears, After some x rays performed at the beginning of the year it was concluded that the cement holding my knew was breaking apart due to infection I underwent a revision surgery and it was not infected but loose, Now they are scheduling a 3rd surgery because I am going through excruciating pains. The Doctors at Lahey clinic are making me cripple.

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I had a partial knee replacement in May of 2011. Today I still walk with my knee bent all the time. I still go down stairs one step at a time, not foot over foot. I fell down three times last year. I went back to my doctor for all follow up appointments and more. I was in physical therapy for three years.

I was told by my doctor it was my fault. I used to walk 3 miles 4-5 times a week. My job before the surgery was being on my feet, no chair, 7 hours a day, as a check in agent for a major airline. I lifted 50+ lbs of luggage continually while in high heels.

I was in good shape. I haven't been able to work since my surgery. I am now disabled.

All I was told was it was my fault, from a doctor at the best Hospital in Boston for replacements. I too was told this is not a lawsuit case.

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Well after 15 months of constant pain and swelling after TKR, it turned out I am allergic to nickel. I don't ever recall being asked about this allergy. I'm beyond upset. I can't exercise right now as the knee is loose and separating from the bone. This could have all been avoided if my surgeon had asked me. I had the allergies when I was a teenager but my mom was allergic which put me in a higher category. I'm not sure if I need to seek an afforney at this point.

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Laurie story sounds similar to mine but I was 7 months out and couldn't move my knee or ride a bicycle so got a second opinion and now I have to get knee revision and possible TKR with bone grafting. I have had terrible time finding a lawyer even though I have gone through pain and suffering and lost my job and my doctor clearly should of known that I needed a knee revision but was apparently to arrogant to do anything. It took the new Dr 10 minutes to figure it out. Hm! It is frustrating. I totally understand that lawyers have to make money but it seems like everything has to be perfect for them to take your case and they don't want to work for anything.

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I was Told you have so long like 30 days from the time you find out there was a mistake made. Or Proved. I found out 7 years later that a surgen did the wrong side on a Laminectomy. I was told I could have filed a lawsuit. Choose not to bye Law Firm. Told me I had a good case. This Lady did not know what was wrong till surgery. She should have some time to File. Is this not True?


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