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When companies violate the Ohio labor and employment law


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Every state has its own labor and employment laws on the books to protect the rights of workers.

In Ohio, the rights of employees are protected by a number of laws including the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act and the prevailing wage laws, as well as the minimum wage law.

Any violation of these laws could be possible grounds for a lawsuit. In Ohio, the minimum wage is $7.85 an hour for non-tipped workers and $3.93 per hour for tipped employees, such as many working in the restaurant industry.

The prevailing wage law pertains to commissioned public construction projects and the FLSA applies to overtime.

However, if an employer does not properly classify an employee, they might not be paid the amount of wages or overtime they are rightfully owed. This is also a clear violation of Ohio labor laws.

Other Ohio labor law violations include a wrongful termination due to discrimination, harassment or retaliation for asserting legal rights, or due to an absence to serve on a jury.

Employees who feel they may have been wrongfully discharged, or are owed overtime or hourly wages should contact an employment lawyer to discuss filing a lawsuit for breach of contract or other legal action.

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