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Civil/Human Rights - Verdict in favor of Plaintiff

Case Name:Stewart vs St. Vincent De Paul
Case Number:37-2013-00059877 CL UD CTL
Verdict Date:2015-07-01
Outcome TypeJudgement
Court:San Diego Superior Hall of Justice
Incident Date:2013-07-04

Plaintiff's Complaint:
On July 4, 2013 a tenant named Lorraine Prenters at Village Place apartments 32 17th Street San Diego, California 92101 which is owned by St. Vincent de Paul, attacked me with a chain without provocation from me, after she was released from jail June 28th, 2013 for dealing drugs on the property. She was not evicted for dealing drugs and the director of housing Gervon Flanagan, and property manager Erica Jardine both had knowledge of this. Lorraine was also not evicted for attacking me with a chain. I called police who after looking at the video tape kept at Villa Harvey Mandel 72 17th Street where St. Vincent de Paul security officers sit, they gave her a citation. A few days later, Lorraine came to my unit and peered in my window stating,"Hey, it's me". I told a relative who was staying with me and they confronted her telling her to leave me alone. Lorraine lunged at the man scratching him. He tried to defend himself against the attack. I called the police again. The tenants who are mostly black, have prison records and use and sell crack all lied on me . They wanted to protect Lorraine Prenters one of the main drug dealers. So the director of housing Gervon Flanagan issued me an eviction notice. I hired an attorney and took it to court. St Vincent de Paul attorney Rebecca Fortune asked for Judge John Meyers who denied me a jury trial, and did not allow my witnesses or the police officer who gave Lorraine Prenters a citation to speak in court. Regina White of 212, Officer Barrerra and Lorraine Prenters all lied on me claiming I started the attack against Lorraine. Previous to this altercation, Lorraine would come to my door drunk and high accusing me of wanting her boyfriend Kevin, whom I never spoke two words to. She also accused me of stealing her cigarettes. I told her to stay away from me. Judge Meyer asked Lorraine under oath why she had been arrested June 28th, 2013 and she lied, stating, "I was wearing pink". Both Gervon Flanagan and Rebecca Fortune knew the real reason for the arrest yet they stayed quiet. Judge Meyer claimed he could not evict me for defending myself but allowed a loophole where Gervon could continue to set me up to get rid of me. Judge Meyer placed me on a six month probation saying if I caused the black criminals to feel uneasy he could evict me anytime. So three weeks after the trial. Lorraine began to harass me and threaten to harm me. I emailed police about her, and also told them that a tenant named Sam Hollman in unit 320 complained about Regina White in 212, and Lorraine Prenters in 320 coming to his door with bags of crack. Rebecca Fortune got these emails from Google, and took them to Judge Meyers claiming I violated my probation. Samuel Hollman came up missing and was found dead in the desert around April 2014. CEO Sister Tricia Cruz was asked to resign for embezzlement April 2014. Judge Meyer issued a notice to vacate to me May 18, 2014. My new attorney Richard Steiner appealed the eviction and it is won July 1st, 2015. Ten million dollars is the asking price for harassment, slander, attacks, and allowing tenants with criminal and prison records to endanger residents by selling and using drugs on the property when HUD has a policy that clearly states any property accepting HUD funding as Village Place does from the San Diego housing commission to follow the Anti Drug Abuse Act passed by Congress in 1983. Any tenant using or selling drugs on the property or within 1000 feet of the property shall be immediately evicted. It is safe to say that Gervon Flanagan since she is black is taking drug kickback money from the tenants involved.

Injury, Damage, or Loss:
Ten million dollars. Loss of unit for full year May 18, 2014 to July 1st, 2015. Loss of property, suffered homelessness, slander, harassment from St. Vincent de Paul staff and tenants. Gervon Flanagan director of housing, and Erica Jardine property manager knowingly place tenants with prison and drug convictions who are currently using and selling drugs on the property to be a nuisance to the community and disrupting the peace of the other tenants. They should do federal prison time too.

Defendant's Wrongdoing:
Both Gervon Flanagan as the director of housing and Erica Jardine property manager, have knowledge of the tenants they are allowing to use Villa Harvey Mandel and Village Place Apartments at 72 17th Street and 32 17th street in San Diego, California 92101. They are not doing background checks on these people and most including Willie Ray Meadows of unit 321 came in 2012 on parole, Regina White in 212 has a prison record and everyone knows she sells and uses crack she said two of her best clients are Jack in 211 and Mike Hoffman in 208. Village Place apartments is known on the street as New Jack City. People without drug, and prison convictions such as myself should not ever apply to these places since they are allowing criminal activity to happen. I signed the lease December 2010 in ignorance.

Plaintiff's Attorneys:
Richard Steiner 877-534-2524 ext 2613

Defendant's Attorneys:
Rebecca J. Fortune Kimball, Tirey, & St. John LLP 7676 Hazard Center Drive Suite 900 San Diego, Ca 92108 (619) 231-1422

San Diego Superior Court/Hall of Justice 220 W. Broadway San Diego, Ca 92101 Dept. 61 Judge John Meyer (619) 450-7061

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Published on Apr-29-16


Posted by

Mr. Richard Steiner

I am interested in having you consider taking my case if possible. I was told of your firm by another lawyer who insisted you might be interested in taking a case such as mine since it involves a myriad of civil rights issues and involving discrimination and that you have litigates such previously and successfully.

I am of a protected class, I am a Disabled Senior Citizen now and I was injured while working for my employer who refuses me treatment and to accommodate me,l thus not allowing me to return to work because I have received NO real treatment and would require accommodation for my injuries,additionally, my employer is also the state of California, and additionally to re-iterate, I am a tenant of the state of California as well. I am being discriminated against by this agency because this is how it all started when I became an employee some many years ago. As for right now here is an example of what I endure regularly, other tenants pay 4 times less rent than I am paying to be exact, while the other tenants are having their contracts serviced as agreed while my contract is being ignored. My house suffers from deterioration and a lack of maintenance and repairs in spite of the Contract/Rental Agreement.


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