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An intellectual property ("IP") or copyright infringement lawyer can evaluate cases involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, franchising, technology rights, data rights, internet law and invention development.


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What is a Patent?

A patent is an official document issued ("granted") by the federal government to the recipient ("patentee"), granting "...the right to EXCLUDE others from making, using, or selling the invention throughout the United States." (35 U. S. C. 154) An intellectual property lawyer can help with these issues.

A patent has 3 basic parts:
  • A grant
  • A description ("specification") telling how to make the invention, and
  • CLAIMS (defining, in words, what is protected).
A Patent Specification generally includes four main components:
  1. Background (describing the technical field of the invention and the problems that existed before the invention,
  2. Drawings (usually required) showing the invention; and
  3. Detailed Description(enables readers to make and use invention and shows best mode known to inventor at time of filing - i.e. satisfies statutory duties under 35 U.S.C.112)
  4. Claims, which define, in words, the limits of coverage claimed by the inventor.
What is a Patent?
Other Features of Patents
How to evaluate an Invention
What a Patent is NOT
What is Patentable?
When may One apply for a Patent?
How to Obtain a Patent:
STEP 1: Prepare a Disclosure of the Invention
STEP 2. Conduct a Patentability Search
STEP 3: Draft and File the Patent Application
STEP 4: Prosecution of the Patent Application
STEP 5: Pre-Grant Publication of the Patent Application
STEP 6: Issuance of the Patent
Exploitation of Patents
Enforcement of Patents


Patents deal with inventions.

Trademarks and service marks deal with "marks" used in "trade", that is brand names.

Copyrights deal with works of art. Intellectual property, especially copyright for writers, is seemingly a simple concept: when you create something, you own it.

Copyrights, like trademarks, arise automatically.

Patents, however, must be applied for.

An intellectual property lawyer can help with all of these things.

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German Court Rules Google is Responsible for YouTube Copyright Violations
German Court Rules Google is Responsible for YouTube Copyright Violations
September 13, 2010
A German court recently ruled that Google is responsible for any potential copyright conflicts that may occur from videos uploaded to YouTube by users. READ MORE

In Copyright Infringement News, Blogger Sued over Post
In Copyright Infringement News, Blogger Sued over Post
August 18, 2010
A copyright infringement lawsuit is casting a pall over the casual blogging industry after an online blogger was served for allowing a visitor to post a newspaper report in its entirety, without his knowledge, on his blog. The blogger was not given the opportunity to pull the offending article from his blog in advance of the lawsuit. READ MORE

Copyright Battle Forces Men at Work to Give up Five Percent of Hit Song
Copyright Battle Forces Men at Work to Give up Five Percent of Hit Song
July 11, 2010
An Australian judge ordered that the music group Men at Work must give up five percent of profits from "Down Under," a hit song from the 1980s, because of copyright infringement. READ MORE


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