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North Carolina Wrongful Termination

Were you looking for Employment Law - North Carolina or Wrongful Termination lawsuits?

North Carolina wrongful termination lawsuits allege that employees in North Carolina were wrongfully fired from their job. As in many states, in North Carolina there are certain circumstances in which an employee can file a wrongful termination lawsuit.


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North Carolina At-Will Employment

unpaidovertimeleadstoterminationTIn North Carolina, employment in the private sector is considered at-will employment. This means that an employer can fire an employee for any reason or no reason at all.

Despite being an at-will employment state, there are exceptions to the employment at-will rule. It is illegal to fire an employee for reasons that are discriminatory, such as firing an employee for his or her race, national origin, sex, religion, or citizenship status.

It is also illegal to fire an employee if that firing violates a public policy. This includes firing an employee for refusing to lie under oath or for refusing to break the law while at work. Employers also cannot fire an employee for complaining about workplace safety issues or for taking a leave of absence for a serious medical condition.

Finally, employers cannot fire employees if that firing violates the terms and conditions of an employment contract.

North Carolina Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

If an employee is fired for reasons that violate state or federal law, the employee can file a lawsuit to be reinstated to the position or to recover damages for the firing. Depending on the circumstances of the employee's job loss, the employee may be able to sue for infliction of emotional distress or other injuries.

North Carolina Wrongful Termination Legal Help

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The Linda Construction Company
1801-A North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28206]
I have been harassed on my job so badly. The owners as well as the co-owner has no clue what has transpired here. I have been mis treated placed under undo stress as well as having being treated for an ulcer then I have been told that I am crazy I have been gossiped about I have been called un countless names. Then L has called me several times telling me things about the manager then turn it against me as if I was the one speaking. I have been threanted several times to lose my job and the owners knew nothing. I was told that I was not allowed to talk to the owners knew that the owner had invited me to her gathering and became very angry and lied on me to the owners, the co-owner is the one who hired me and now I am being fired for what Because I became afraid of losing my job I was picked on I was sent to the mail box four times in one day knowing that the other lady had already retrieved the mail. I have been counted out as the bad one. I was told that I make everyone uncomfortable when I had not done anything wrong to anyone. I have been pushed around I have been treated very badly. The Linda Construction Company has a defected employee; she has made people cry and even leave the job she has made Latoya do under minding things to try and get me to say mean and ugly things about her and I would not L has even gotten in my face in front of S and S did not a thing what do you do when you can’t go to the Owners about the manager who has treated you so badly. Then they fire you I have been laughed at I have been treated so wrong and it has been very hard and I have become very ill. Is there any help

Judy D. Johnston
5015 Cherry Crest Lane Apt K
Charlotte, NC 28217

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