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DePuy Pinnacle FAQ

What is the DePuy Pinnacle Implant?

The DePuy Pinnacle implant is a metal-on-metal hip implant device, used in hip replacement surgeries.

Has the DePuy Pinnacle Implant been recalled?

No, the DePuy Pinnacle Implant has not been recalled. Last year, the DePuy ASR hip replacement was recalled due to a high failure rate. That recall was not extended to the DePuy Pinnacle.

What are the concerns with the DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement device?

Concerns with the DePuy Pinnacle device include that it has a high failure rate and that the device can loosen or come out of position, often requiring revision surgery. Additionally, the class of metal-on-metal hip replacements in general--of which the DePuy Pinnacle is one--has been associate with complaints of metal toxicity. That is, the metal on metal design means that the metal head of the implant (the part that replaces the top of the patient's thigh bone) fits directly into the metal cup--the part that replaces the hip socket. The head component fits into the cup component to mimic the patient's hip joint--the "ball and socket". As such, the two components move or rub against each other as the patient performs normal daily activity—such as walking, climbing stairs or exercising. The friction between the two components reportedly causes wear on the parts and can lead to metallic debris falling off and into the bloodstream. The New York Times illustrated how a metal-on-metal hip can lead to metal debris escaping into the bloodstream.

What are some signs that the DePuy Pinnacle implant device is failing?

Signs that a hip implant device is failing include difficulty moving the hip and pain in the hip.

What are some consequences of a DePuy Pinnacle implant device failure?

Patients who suffer a DePuy Pinnacle hip implant failure may have to undergo revision surgery to replace the failed device. Revision surgery comes with its own risks and possible complications. Patients who undergo revision surgery usually find they have longer recovery times than the initial implant surgery.
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Last updated on May-16-11

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