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Humira Side Effects Lawsuit Filed

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Helena, MT: A lawsuit has been filed alleging Humira side effects caused permanent damage to a patient who took Humira medication for Crohn's disease. The Humira lawsuit claims Abbott Laboratories knew about the risks associated with its medication, but did not adequately warn patients about that risk. This lawsuit is separate from another lawsuit alleging patients faced Humira cancer risk from using the medication.

Humira Side Effects Lawsuit FiledThis most recent lawsuit was filed by a woman who took Humira to treat Crohn's disease, according to Bloomberg Businessweek (04/26/11). The lawsuit alleges that the patient was treated at the Mayo Clinic for nerve damage in her feet; the doctors who treated the patient said the nerve damage was most likely caused by the use of Humira. The plaintiff alleges that Abbott knew Humira had a risk of peripheral neuropathy but still marketed the mediation to patients with Crohn's disease.

Kara Mae Pletan, plaintiff in the lawsuit, alleges that doctors reported in 2006 that Humira was linked to peripheral neuropathy. She claims that after receiving Humira injections for three months in 2008, she developed permanent peripheral neuropathy, which forced her to alter her daily activities and sell her store.

This is not the first lawsuit filed against Abbott Laboratories concerning Humira. Early in 2011, a lawsuit was filed by a patient with rheumatoid arthritis, who claimed she developed lymphoma after taking Humira. The patient reportedly took Humira as part of a clinical trial in 2005. The plaintiff alleges that Abbott knew there was a three- to fivefold increased risk of cancer in patients taking Humira but did not warn participants in the trial about that risk.


A spokesperson for Abbott Laboratories told Bloomberg Businessweek (01/12/11) that Humira has more than a decade of safety data and that the risks of Humira are documented in the label. The plaintiff, however, says she was not informed about the warning or about her doctor being paid as a clinical investigator for the drug company.

Humira is in a class of drugs known as tumor necrosis factor-blockers. Drugs in the class reportedly stop cancer-killing cells in the body from working. Humira, known generically as adalimumab, was initially approved to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Meanwhile, in 2011, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a warning that young patients treated for Crohn's and ulcerative colitis with tumor necrosis factor blockers, azathioprine and/or mercaptopurine were at an increased risk of Hepatosplenic T-Cell Lymphoma (HSTCL). Hepatosplenic T-Cell Lymphoma is an aggressive cancer that is often fatal.

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Posted by
I took Humira for Crohns Disease for about 6months 2a week but started developing antibodies to it so My GI sent me to another GI specialist. This GI Soecialist decided the best course of action was to "Flood my body with Humia" so I started taking injections weekly. After the 2 weekly Humira injection I developed numbness and tingling in my left arm, it then spread to my left side of my face. I'm now dealing with left arm neuropathy that has destroyed my life. I've seen a neurologist who put me on neurontin but the pins and needles feeling won't go away. The pain is horrible and I'm starting to think it's permanent. Now off Humira I'm afraid to take any medication. I never knew Humira could cause permanent nerve damage - my life is ruined.

Posted by
Carley James-Heinisch
I have been taking humira for 4 years and was diagnoised with stage 2 breast cancer last August. I ended up havinga bilateral mastectomy and 8 rounds of chemo. I had had a mammogram december 2011 where 1 set of calcifications was found. When I had my mammogram July 2014 3 sets of calcifications were noted and after a biopsy I was told were cancerous. I believe that the Humira caused the breast cancer!!!

Posted by
Humira as Crohn’s Disease Treatment Came @ a Deadly Price
A couple of weeks before our sons 16th birthday, our son complained about a pain in his stomach. It turned out to be appendicitis which required hospitalization for about a week, because his appendix actually had burst and needed to be removed. For a couple of weeks afterwards he had a drain bag attached to his side that needed collected excess fluids from the surgical area before finally being removed. A short time later (right after his 16th birthday), he developed a lump in the surgical area which led to another hospital stay both in home town and eventually to a major city Children’s Hospital. It was then that he was first diagnosed with Crohn’s. Medication got it under control when only a couple months later another lump was discovered and he was once again admitted to a Children’s Hospital and a more aggressive medication regiment along with the right combination of routine drugs was found. (6-mercaptopurine (6-MP), Lialda) The doctors told him he would have to take these medications every day for the rest of his life. He was in the hospital a total of 42 days in 2006 and now he was faced with a life-long illness that he needed to control.
Not wanting a repeat of those events, we would always quiz him to make sure he was still taking his medications and everything was going OK health wise. After he left for college, he had a couple of episodes or flare-ups because he stopped taking his medications for one reason or another. Nothing Prednisone wouldn’t clear-up. In 2014 he had to get a new GI doctor, because his GI doctor at the Children’s Hospital had retired and he was over the age to see another Children’s Hospital doctor. At this time he saw a TV commercial about the drug Humira and it was for Crohn’s and was administered by a shot every two weeks vs. 6 pills a day. I mean who wouldn’t want to try it! He talked with the new GI doctor and he did not want to change him to Humira. Our son was not satisfied, so he searched for yet again another GI doctor. After a complete medical work up the new GI doctor put him on Humira, this was in October 2014.
The new drug Humira seemed to be working, and he loved the shot every 2 weeks. He felt good and went out with friends on Friday, December 12, 2014, however on Saturday afternoon he felt like he was having just another flare-up. He went to an urgent care clinic to get some medicine which they gave him an antibiotic. By 11:00pm he was in a great deal of pain and went to a hospital where he was admitted. It was at that time the doctors decided to go in for an exploratory look, the worst possible outcome occurred. (He’s GI doctor was not consulted)
Intestinal obstruction and rupture (perforation) of the small intestine with abscesses (collections of pus). They said his body was not strong enough to fight off the infection.
He passed away, Monday December 15, 2014 at noon.
We can only assume the drug “Humira” was not working and destroying his intestines. Or destroying his body auto-immune system to help fight off the infection. As this was not our first rodeo with a “flare-up”.
So much for the TV commercial for Humira, as it easily influenced our son to influence his new GI physician to prescribe Humira.

Posted by
Audrey Wright
I went to see a Podiatrist back in 2007/8 because I was having squeezing pain to the top of my feet, right worse than left. She did cortisone injections with no relief. I do believe they took X-rays of me feet as well. She then sent me to a rheumatologist. The Dr I saw took X-rays and bloodwork and told me my RA Factor was borderline and that I have RA. I asked how she could say that when the result was borderline. She said that sometimes people with a normal RA Factor has RA and that it is not based on the blood work alone but clinical evaluation and my description. She said I needed to start on Humira or Metho or I would be crippled. She told me of the risks involved in taking the humira. Poss tb, lymphoma, and fungal infections. I was dazed and confused about the diagnosis but chose Humira. At least you can have an alcoholic beverage while using that drug! She left the practice about 3 years later and I was presented with a new Dr. I asked the new Dr how they could say I had RA with a borderline blood result. She said the same thing as the Dr before her. During this time I developed an imbalance while walking...not all the time though. I took out the insert that comes with the humira and began to read. stated everything the first Dr told me about. But I happen to work in the medical profession and decided I would glance around the pharmacology section. Doubt anybody else looks there. Well much to my surprise...I find that there is also a risk of MS!!! I tell the new Dr about this and she tells me that the info is correct! So she sends me to a neurologist to r/o MS. Negative for signs of MS. But I continue to have imbalance issues and nobody seems to care beyond sending me to the neurologist. Now I also have Eustacian tube dysfunction, but I have had that for years...back in my 20's at least. So that is not new. I was also doing for the 5 year allergy shot plan, which has helped the allergies but not the problem I want it to help. So Dr number three leaves after about 2 years. They call my house to tell me that I will be seeing a new Dr. I tell them that I need a new Rx for the Humira. So they get me in to see one of the Dr's at that practice just for the refill. I explain everything to her. She told me they should never have told me I had RA but should have repeated X-rays and blood work. Well they had been doing blood work from time to time. So she had them repeated. This Dr told me I could have Osteoarthritis and not RA. Now my medical field that work in just so happens to be xray. So when I go to work I take X-rays of both my feet on my ipod...not an easy thing to do by yourself. I also look up all my blood work which I had done at the hospital I happen to work at. Some of the labs I had done at the Rheumatologist office so I don't know about those. I checked every lab result that pertained to a diagnosis of RA....and the ONLY lab result that was NOT normal was the first RA Factor that was done and was borderline. So i go to my appoint to the new Dr. I had the blood work and X-rays that the Dr I saw one time completed in November/13. My appoint with the new Dr is Jan/14. I tell her that there should be bloid results and xray results on my chart from Nov. She tells me there is nothing on the chart. I tell her that all the blood results are normal and ask her if she would like to see X-rays of my feet? She asks if I have the report. I tell her no, that I have the X-rays I took myself on my ipod! I tell her that as time has passed since 2007/8 it has become more and more difficult to find shoes I can buy that give me no pain. The first Dr told me I needed to buy a wide toe box, so this whole time I figure it is just because of the RA. Towards the end of the 2 initial Dr's it started to feel like a lump under my forefoot. I start looking "foot problems" up and come to realize I must have Morton's Neuroma. The new Dr looks at the X-rays on my ipod and tells me I have Osteoarthritis. She sends me for an MRI which confirmed the Osteoarthritis, of course not showing the neuroma on the MRI. So I go home and make an appoint with a ortho/podiatrist Dr. He tells me I have Morton's Neuroma, does injections, no help, and tells me to continually wear my orthotics. I also get a "pulling sensation" at my finger tips and toes from time to time. Obviously from the neuropathy that has developed. I call the Rheumatologist office requesting copies of my chart. Took me over a month for them to cough anything up and I still don't think I got everything. In my chart they had stated (spring/summer 2014) that I was recently diagnosed with RA. Recently??? Then they proceed to say I was on the Humira due to ulcerative Colitis induced arthritis!! I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis around 2002/3 and was on Lialda for that....not Humira. My GI Dr kept me on my Lialda and was never prescribed by him, nor have I ever been tested for the 3 types of Ulcerative Colitis induced arthritis. I discontinued the Humira myself. Now since all the RA crap I had a GI specialist do a cololonoscopy. She tells me that they took biopsys from deep within the colon wall...and there is NO EVIDENCE that I EVER had Ulcerative Colitis!! I was just recently back to see the RA Dr and asked once again about the "imbalance" issues I still have and asked if it could be caused from the Humira? She told me that when the Humira was stopped...those issues would have been gone too. Well I just looked it up and it states that no...those issues would be permanent. Did she feel the need to look further into it?? No. So I received an email from their office that I can look up my chart online. I have a feeling the Dr's nurse sent it to me. Because I told the nurse my whole story when I was at the office and when I was leaving the office...she gave me a hug. Almost like she knew something was wrong. I may not be able to sue as I know it is very difficult to do so, but I can be my own healthcare advocate. It does make me wonder though how many people have been put on such dangerous drugs that have been wrongfully diagnosed. I called the Rheumatoligy office a few days ago requesting a password so I can look at my chart on line. They have not gotten back to me. There is something wrong with this whole picture.

Posted by
margaret powell

2011 january ggt liver function test at 35 rose to 200 in febuary 2012 stopped for operation on knee ggt fell to 110 restarted humira started a month later then rose back up to 210 .severly ill in hospital nov 2013 march 2014 i have been diagnosed with fribrosis of the liver i have been classed as termanally ill i beleive this is all due to the humira.i have never suffered liver or cirrhosis before have scans and ultrasounds to prove it no one will give me a time but i am now going to spend a while in a hospice which is only for the terminaly ill,1year if im lucky.humira wa used in the whole aspect of treating chrons

Posted by
Mrs. EAK
My 30 year old daughter just died on Nov. 21,2014. She had been on Humera for 8 years. She had neuropathy in her feet, blurred vision, very low immunity, stomach pain, , diarrhea,bleed from rectum , weak muscles, and nausea,. Her father and I rushed her to the hospital. She had 104 fever and had massive strokes. Stop taking Humera. I feel that is what killed my daughter.By the way we found out she developed tb menegitis. Hope this poison doesn't kill you.

Posted by
tim eddings
my wife took this drug for three weeks and ended up in the hospital with every side effect and some. stayed in hospital for eight days went home for one week and is now back in the hospital. this drug has ruined our lives, is there any help out ther for us?

Posted by
rami tawfiq maayah
My brother has a chrons diseases, doctors started with him HUMIRA needels since two month, after one month Palmoplantar pustulosis psoriasis appeared on his body and start spreading inside his ears, all his hands and feet, between legs, his back and head. Now he can't walk because of his feet, he has a strong pain and he is yelling from pain strenght, HUMIRA destroyed his life and our life as a family. HUMIRA destroyed us!! We thought that it will provide him a quality of life but it does not. We had a very bad luck in side effect.

now doctors says that my brother will not be treated!!!

Posted by
After being on Humira for over a year I took my normal injection on a Monday night and within minutes I had severe abdominal pain. A trip to the ER revealed an intussuception. More common to a 33 day old and not a 33 year old. I had to have a small bowel resection to correction the problem. Nothing will deter me from knowing that this was caused by Humira. The most painful part was after requesting my medical records I found that I did NOT have RA. My doc had used another patients labs which were mistakenly placed in my file. So now I have a huge scar and a shortened bowel. But at least the situation gave me enough insight to know I never have to take Humira again!

Posted by
Margaret Merchant
After just 3 injections of Humira, for her Crohn's disease,my daughter, age 35, started having heart palpitations (or pvc's) She is now being treated for heart problems and may need a pacemaker. I am so angry at the doctors that encouraged her to take this medications, saying that "the good out weighed the bad". Obviously not. She has also had some types of hallucinations or "waking dreams"( being awake but dreaming). She is adamant that the Humira has caused this. She never wanted to start it in the first place, but like I said, was urged to do so by her doctors. This is an extremely expensive and dangerous drug that is padding a a lot of people's pockets at the expense of their patients.

Posted by
Chris Broschell
My father-in-law took Humira and Remicade for RA for about 3 years and developed an extremely rare form of hemangiosarcoma from a cut on his head when he bumped it on the kitchen cupboard. He died in 2007 from this cancer. This "medication" is right up there with thalidomide.

Posted by
I started taking Humira in 2011 for a year for my psoriasis. Back in the late 90s I noticed a cyst in my right breast which caused no problems nor showed signs of it being cancer. Just before I stopped taking the Humira, I noticed dimpling at the site of the cyst & nipple inversion, a clear sign of cancer. I finally got a biopsy in June of 2013 & was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer, had the cancer & nearby tissue removed, 2 lymph nodes removed that were cancerous, plus 30 more lymph nodes removed to be on the safe side on July 11, 2013 & went through 2 chemo treatments (I was supposed to have 6, but it affected me so much I couldn't continue with the other 4) & 33 radiation treatments, which ended January 6, 2014. I truly believe Humira targeted that cyst & turned it into cancer. I really believe people like me who were put in danger taking Humira should be compensated monetarily.

Posted by
Joy in Irvine, CA

My sister died in 9-2013 from taking Humira for 3 years for a severe skin lesion problem. Humira damaged her liver and she was only 58 years old. Do not take Humira because it will destroy your liver, and then you will be in extreme pain and die from a stroke; like my sister did 4 months ago. She was a vibrant healthy person prior to taking Humira; and I am spreading the word how dangerous Humira is.

Posted by
Val Disarro
Yes my husband started this treatment
Two years ago to control his psoriasis and
Reumatoid arthritis; needless- to-say,
He take the shot gets really tired, the next
Day he is still kind of tired, third day I see
A personality change in him and he gets
Upset for every little thing and yells a lot.
Fourth day he is not too bad but I have
To be carefully on how I approach him
To talk to him, fifth day out and out rude
Goes out in his shed and segregates himself
From everyone. Oh yeah, when I do ask
Him whats wrong " he says he is in pain"
Oh plus he has dystimia, HBP,high cholesterol
Smokes cigarettes . He is miserable.

Posted by
Marie Homan
I was diagnosed with RA in 2007 & went on Humira in September of 2007. I am now on nothing & I refuse to take any & all RA meds because of this one. I do take asprin & motrin for pain. I now have sjogrens syndrome, systemic vasculitis, raynaulds syndrome, I had a spot of skin cancer removed from my right calf. I am scared of what will happen next. I only took it for 14/15 months, two times a month. I might be wrong & the dates might be 2009 I took the Humira...I will need to check my records. I hope you all are doing well.

much love,

Posted by
Jessica Roberts
My father took humira for RA, he died of lymphoma 4/26/08. No one in our family has had a history of Lymphoma. 2 weeks before he died he had a nose bleed that lasted 3 days.

Posted by
Claire Miller
I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia after taking two bi-weekly injections of humira last September. (ironically, September is Leukemia awareness month). My rheumatologist believes it was caused by the humira. I am in remission, but still on chemo for another two years. My life is so different now... Why doesn't someone hold Abbott accountable for this?

Posted by
Donna Lapka
I have had RA since approximately 1990. I am now almost 55. I was given Humira by my rheumatologist to prevent the progression of my RA. He didn't warn me of any adverse effects. I started Humira right after Thanksgiving 2011, 2 injections per month. I had an episode of terrible night terrors around Christmas, chalked it up to a bad dream. In March I was unable to speak for a few minutes, this passed over. I had MRI and believe something was overlooked. The last week in April, I began talking to my son and my words became all jumbled up. I woke up the morning of Sunday May 5, or 6 2012, it was that Sunday. I have no memory of that morning. I woke my son up and told him things that didn't make any sense, tried to leave the house not properly dressed, began throwing things out my doorwall, my then 19 year old son was terrified. EMS was called, I was taken to Mclaren Hospital, Clinton Township. Apparently I was awake and having hallucinations, I do not recall. Next thing I knew I wake up Wednesday morning, so sick I'm not even wondering why I am in the hospital. I almost died. I had encephalitis secondary to humira. As a result the top of my head is numb, my nose is numb and now I am getting headaches. I was told I had, had a stroke they didn't know when and a possible seizure disorder. The doctor said he did not know if the numbness would go away. I cannot spell as well as I used to, I am a little confused with directions. I have developed headaches, and now a lump on my ankle and neuropathy of my left foot. Went to the neurologist on 6/16/13. She ordered EEG and MRI I had them done on 7/9. I am currently waiting for results. Recently had ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis. Fluid was found in my cervix, I was also found to have a "fatty liver" my ankle has a knot, perhaps I have congestive heart failure. I am scheduled for a biopsy on 7/19/13 I am scared to death of what humira has done to me. I quit taking it after being in the hospital. I had never had a stroke or a possible seizure disorder, numbness in my head and nose since humira. Does this stuff stay in your system forever.

Posted by
I am a 53 year old white male.

I was taking Humira for approximately one-year to treat Crohn's Disease, however I have discontinued its use due to health complications. The damaging conditions and complications I am now suffering are not in my family (they are not genetic), nor have I ever suffered any related symptoms or conditions before taking Humira.

Approximately 3-4 months after beginning Humira, and not knowing that any of these conditions were possibly related or promulgated by Humira, I developed and was treated for several skin/dermatology conditions, such as "inflamed seborrheic Keratosis" and various "basal cell carcinomas." The Dermatopathology Report is quoted as saying, "This is a curious case and there appears to be a disconnect between the clinical and histopathologic impression. Certainly, there is no evidence of any atypical basaloid or atypical invasive squamous process, even despite performance of multiple step levels."

Soon after, I was diagnosed with "Gynecomastia," but in only my right breast. Again, the diagnosis was confusing to the doctors as I had no family history and that it was only in one breast.

Then, I felt a small lump near the heal of my right foot. Again, it was unknown as to what or why I had a suspicious area of inflammation.

In this year alone, I have suffered from nearly a dozen painful, and apparently unrelated and mysterious, inflammations and "lymphedemas." I have had to go to the emergency room 3 times and to many doctors. Multiple painful swellings have occurred in my testicles, penis, under my buttocks, arms, hands, face, lips, throat, and tongue.

I am now under the care of a Oncologist/Hematologist who, and again, is confused as to why this is occurring and believes it is a severe reaction to Humira.

Sadly, and as a side note, I apparently developed Crohn's Disease from taking the medication Accutane around 1993. Again, I stumped doctors when I was finally diagnosed with Crohn's as I was atypical of the general Crohn's patient and it is nowhere in my family.

Posted by
I developed 'Saturday night palsy" in right hand the morning after a shot, after the next dose, the left hand to "went out" 2 nueros never seen anything like it, nothing to do. Lasted 9 months. Very scary to have both hands paralyzed & not have anyone know what to do. 2 years later still have atrophy

Posted by
@ Tina...get a new Neuro, asap, I was on Humira for 2.5 yrs & was diagnosed with Humira Induced Multiple Sclerosis 3 yrs ago...most importantly get OFF the Humira ASAP

Posted by
I've been experiencing the numbness/tingling on the left side of my face, my lips, left arm. Also, joint pain and chills. Sent to a neurologist for various tests, all negative. Neuro says it may be MS, but nothing conclusive. Asked GI doc about the possibility of it being Humira and she said I need to find a new Neurologist. Aside from a multivitamin, Humira is the only med I take.

Posted by
Teresa Stephenson
I want to add its not just cancers and peripheral neuopathy. I have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, stroke symptoms and I now have aplace on my brain that will have to be monitored from time to time that could lead to TIA's that eventually lead to strokes and I didnot have this issue till Humira. I also have visual and speech disturbances still even after being taken off Humira. I have numbness and tingling in my mouth, face and hands, extreme fatigue, worseneing of joint and muscle pain and tremors. Most of these issues will never go away. I urge people to do some research before they take such serious medications. But you can research all you want though and what do you do when important life changing side-effects, some can be fatal, are not mentioned or reported to you.


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