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DirecTV Cancellation Fees: "A Big Mess"

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Stanton MI: Elizabeth M. is upset that DirecTV charged her an early termination fee, especially since she only had DirecTV service for two days. She says that even customer service reps for the company told her she shouldn't have been charged the fee. But what made the situation worse was that DirecTV took the money directly out of her bank account without notifying her.

"I moved to Michigan in November, right after Thanksgiving," Elizabeth says. "The only cable service there is Charter Communications but it was $50 higher per month than what I had before. So, I called DirecTV to get their rates and decided to go with that service. That was around December 18. The installation occurred on December 24, and everything was working fine. But, when I called Charter to talk to them about disconnecting my cable, I found out that if I unbundled my services [phone, cable and internet] I would pay more for the service I got.

Fee Frustration"So, I called to cancel DirectTV on December 26. They disconnected the services while I was on the phone. But I got on the Internet later and discovered that they had already charged me my first month's services, and at a different rate than I was quoted. When I ordered DirecTV's services, they made me pay for shipping and handling of products to the installer. I didn't have a credit card so I gave them my debit card number. They asked me at that time if I wanted monthly billing to come out of my account automatically, and I said no. I told them that I wanted a paper bill. To see that they had taken this money out of my account without my approval made me angry.

"I called DirecTV back and they said it would take four to six weeks to get my money back. I wasn't happy about that so I talked to someone who said he would get me my money back in 10 business days and, to his credit, it was back in my account on the morning of the 10th day.

"Around January 24, I checked my bank account and I saw that there was a $465 charge to my account for an early termination fee. I called DirecTV to ask why I would be charged this fee because I cancelled within the period of time allowed to terminate my contract [30 days]. He said it was a computer error and it would take six to eight weeks to get my money back. At that point my account would be overdrawn but he said there was nothing he could do about it.

"I was so upset that I filed a complaint with the attorney general's office and the FCC. I also filed a complaint with the bank. My account was overdrawn because of this and the bank accused me of fraud. I was told that if the account was overdrawn for 30 days, the account would be sent to bad debts and would go against my credit. The money was put back in my account just before the 30th day.

"DirecTV was not authorized to take that money out of my account. When I complained about that, the representative said that it was mentioned in the disclaimer that was read to me, but it wasn't. Then he said that I should have read it online. That's not right. Not everyone has Internet access.

I don't know how they can get away with this. Going without money in my account put a hardship on me. It was really a big mess and it was upsetting to say the least. It's really not fair. They assumed they could continue to take money out of my account at their leisure. I should not have been charged that termination fee in the first place."

Customers are now investigating a possible lawsuit against DirecTV alleging that they have been illegally charged early termination fees. If DirecTV has charged you an early termination fee that you feel was unfair, contact a lawyer to discuss your legal options.


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On Feb 15, 2014 Direct Tv made a unauthorized transaction on my bank account with Police & Fire Federal Credit Union in the amount of $524.90 plus I was charged $20 fee for insuficcient funds. I have had Direct Tv services since I could no longer afford the services. I made Direct Tv aware of this because my financial status have changes that I can no longer afford the services but once I become financial stable again I will like to sign back up. The representative understood and made me aware that they will be mailing out a shipping box so they can ship the receiver back. It took a while for the box to be returned due to the Noreastern and snow emergencies we've experienced here in Pennsylvania. USPS came and picked the box up Saturday Feb 15, 2015. Due to the unauthorized withdrawal of $524.90 Direct Tv did on my account has caused other transaction on my account to bounce and that will accumulate more fees for insufficient funds. As long as I've had Direct Tv I never experienced something so horrific and will be reporting this issue to my bank Police and Fire Federal Credit Union so they can go after the company. I'm very unhappy and disappointed with the company. I would not recommend my neighbors, coworkers, family and church members to sign up with Direct Tv because of the dishonesty. I want this matter resolved ASAP, My $524.90 back in my account plus the $ 20 fee I was charged for not having enough in the bank to cover this unauthorized transaction. I received a call from the president of Direct tv Scott and he stated that it's in the contract I signed 5 years ago. I stated why didn't the representative mention that when I called last week? His response was they need to retrain the representatives at the company because she should've mention that.

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Melanie Clark
I canceled my Direct TV because I went with Dish which was cheaper after being with Direct for 6 yrs. I was deducted $517.24 without approving Direct TV to do that. That bounced a bunch of checks and has caused fees. I called Direct TV demanding my money back and that I didn't authorize them to withdraw the money and they said there wasn't anything they could do. I now have been fighting with my bank and the fraud dept. to dispute this charge. I will NEVER RECOMMEND DIRECT TV to anyone! I'm a single mother of 2 teenage kids and now I don't know how I'm going to pay my house payment or even buy groceries. Direct TV should be sued over this.

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I paid my step brothers bill a few times he didnt pay his bill his account was closed in Nov 2012 they took almost 500 out if my account without my permission now i cant pay my rent i am single mother of six who doesnt recv child support can anyone help how i can gt it back

Posted by
Isaac Chandler
I had call Direct Tv and they offered me a bundle for tv and internet when they came out to install it they told me they could not give me internet because verizon was in my area. i then called to cancell service. boxes were sent back within the 15 days of receiving return boxes. i was told my account would'nt be debited if the boxes were returned within the 15 days. without any notification direct tv debited my account $424.00 and this is after they got their equipment back. called them and they will not return the money. now my truck payment cannot be made and is subjected to a repossession. direct tv left me with $1.00 in my account to make it through christmas with 3 children and a wife.

Posted by
Chandra Scott
I was a loyal customer for (7) yrs wth directv. My service was suspended in Aug.2011. No one told me of a termination fee if you move.I rec'd a H/D box and was put back into a (2) yr contract which no one told me about. David and Jennifer told me the termination fee would be waivered. My last bill was $42.88 which I pd with debt card. I went into bank and they notified me that directv went into my acct and took $472.87.which was unauthorized. I am going to try and resolve this problem by different avenues. That was horrible and they should not be allowed to get away with this. It was unauthorized, and will be dealt with.

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I owed a oustanding balance with direct tv they turned off the direct tv I have since moved they took 334$ out of my account with out my approval. I only owed about 180 to begin with they said the other charges were for the dvr box that i have no idea where to send it back. besides, it only worked half the time anyway when i complained about that they told me i would have to buy a new one. are they allowed to take money out of my account with out notifying me?

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Directtv also took money from my account without my permission; we were not on auto pay. We cancelled our service and were awaiting the return boxes to return our equipment. The boxes were sent to our old address, not the new one as requested. They withdrew over $600.00 from our account and refuse to give it back. The bank says they can do nothing. It seems anyone can take money from your account any time they want as long as they have your credit card number. I live paycheck to paycheck and cannot even pay my car insurance or put money in my gas tank to get to work. Is anyone doing anything about this or are they just allowed to whatever they want to whomever they want??? I want to take action! They need to stop doing this to people!

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Working for DISH Network it’s unreal how many horror stories like this I hear about DirecTV. It seems like the only way to get fair treatment from them is to alert the media like this guy did: It makes me thankful to work for a company that genuinely strives to provide great customer service, and people like people, instead of ATM’s.

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DirecTV took money from my account overdrawn it and now refuses to give it back because my card was used to pay bill two times . plus they opened this account wqith my daughter name and my SS# is their anyone that can help me and stop them from doing this .. the way the emcony is why are they allowed to take money when I did not give them permisson to do so only to pay bill the two times i did ... Can anyone help


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