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Successful Cases

The following is a list of some of the complaints that people have filed on (formerly that were successfully resolved.


General Motors. I was contacted by a law firm regarding the complaint I filed on this website. I have signed a contract with them to act as a class representative. I was informed of the risks and benefits of participating in the Class Action lawsuit as well as the expectations and projected timeline of the suit. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to participate. If it weren't for this website I would have no means to resolve the problem with GM. I had exhausted all of the resources available and known to me including the GM Customer Complaint line, Better Business Bureau and the Minnesota Attorney General's Office. Thank you so much for providing this valuable service. I have given this website to my friends.
- J. Jasperson, MN

Daimler Chrysler. I submitted a proposal for class action against Daimler Chrysler about the paint job on Dodges year 93-97. The paint on them becomes chalky and peels. I'm in a car club which is for Dodge Avengers and Chrysler Sebrings. A great number of us have had this problem with our paint jobs. We had a lawyer contact us and at least 13 of us have gotten new paint jobs from dealerships in the Chicago area. Thanks so much for helping us out.
- S. Ranel, IL

Volkswagen. I was facing $3,500 in repairs for my car windows. After taking part in the successful suit by Lawyers and Settlements, I was able to get all repairs done without cost. I was both entirely surprised and very pleased that I had signed up with this service.
- G. Bird, BC

Kia. I filed a complaint against auto car maker Kia. And I won a cash settlement thanks to It was so easy. I couldn't have done it as pain free without your assistance.
- L. Stanford, PA

Defective Products

Fujitsu. A $42.5 million settlement has been reached and is pending approval in the class action lawsuit alleging that the company had sold faulty hard drives. The class includes US citizens who bought some models of Fujitsu 3.5-inch IDE hard drives. The suit also listed Gateway, HP and others as defendants. (Oct-21-03) [SETTLEMENT WEBSITE]

Fujitsu. I cannot express how impressed I am with your website. I lodged a complaint approximately 2 years ago on abnormally high hard drive failure rates. I was contacted with a weeks time and informed the lawyer further on what I had experienced as a computer technician. I had found that there were people all over the world having these same issues. I forwarded the web links to the lawyer and they found enough cause to file the case in California. In the end a settlement was reached and the hard drive company ended up paying out around $42.5 million. I am elated to see that the billion dollar companies didn't get to shaft the public again. Thanks for giving the little guy a place to lodge a complaint and actually see results. About $42.5 million worth of results!
- J & B Heinle, MT

Cypher Stent. Thank you for connecting me with an attorney regarding the cypher stent. I found all the information very helpful in resolving my issue with the cypher stent.
- W. Taylor, FL

Contact Lens Provider. I filed a class action suit against a contact lens provider which I felt I was wronged. pursued this and won the case for us. We received compensation along with coupons and free products for the company's wrongs. I appreciate everything that has done for me.
- S. Merker, OH

CDs. When I came across LawyersandSettlements while surfing online I was a bit unsure, but when I began to work my way through the site I was very interested. I decided to look for any type of case that also pertained to myself. I filled out multiple cases, and never bothered to follow up on the status of those claims. Six months later I got a letter in the mail containing a check for just over $10. I know that that is not very much, but when I read that it was a settlement against the CD industry for overcharging for CD's that I had purchased in the past. It may not have been much, but it was ten dollars that I did not have prior to that day. I have other close friends that also collected on various settlements, some in excess of $300. It only takes a minute to fill out the forms, and it could pay off pretty well.
- C. Garcia, AL

CDs. LawyersandSettlements alerted me to Compact Disc Case and I was able to recover $15.00.
- C. Brandt, IL

CDs. I received a check in the mail from where I had filed a complaint through your website for compact disks. This site is very helpful in helping the average person obtain the help they need in situations where corporations take advantage of them.
- J. Foster, IN

Drug Liability

Rezulin. I did not even know that there was a class action against Rezulin until I saw it on your web site. I entered my dates of taking this and you folks took my notes and records and now I am going to receive 4280 dollars from this action. I am so pleased with these results. Since I am on a very limited budget due to being handicapped, this money that I did not know was out there is really going to help.
- D. Shanstrom, IA

Fen-Phen. With the help of Online Legal Services, I was able to pursue and receive a settlement for injuries sustained due to taking Fen-Phen diet pills. This was a class action lawsuit that I was able to participate in and reap from, thanks to the information posted on the Lawyers and Settlements website.
- K. Jackson, MS

Celezene. Your website and newsletter are my favorite. We would never have known about all the injustices in the world currently going on without this fantastic site. I have forwarded your newsletter on to many of my friends and relatives who are also loyal fans of your website. I had filed a claim for celezene (pills that were advertised to rid yourself of cellulite) and received $150 settlement for the class action filing. I know this isn't a hugh settlement, but it is the principal of the matter. I am sure there will be future injustices that I will be able to file due to having the knowledge you have given me. Please keep up the good work and your awesome website. Thanks again!
- R. Kress, TX

Cortislim. I recently submitted claims against Cortislim, claiming false advertising, and thanks to your site and directions I received, a small but meaningful settlement. I thsnk you for your site and for helping people recover losses and find justice. It is truly appreciated! [PRESS RELEASE]
- A. Haywood, VA

Neurontin. I recently received information from a lawyer about my case against the people who make the drug Neurontin. I cannot believe the fast response I got. I got better and quicker service from you people than I ever did before if I needed a lawyer. The information you provide on your site is fantastic, there are so many class action law suits that people don't know about, and they should. I would recommend your site to anyone, before I recommended a lawyer from my past or the phone book. You people are great, and very informative. Thank You For Helping Me Out, and for informing me about Neurontin. Thank You.
- M. Bohle, VA

Duract.I received a check as part of the settlement for Duract. We agreed to never divulge the exact amount received, but I can tell you that it was over 10 thousand.
- P. Hoffman, IL

Weight Loss Product. I submitted my claim regarding a weight loss product that you drank at night and it was supposed to make you lose weight while you sleep. I received no results and after the class action settlement I received a check in the mail for approximately $90.00!
- V. McDowell, TX


Overtime, Vacation Pay I was terminated after 13 yrs. and without two weeks vacation pay that was due. I tried your free case evalutaion, and glad I did! With the info I received we filed a claim with the Labor Board against Flamebeau Airmold. The case settled 10/25/04 in our favor, receiving all vacation pay and 30 days penalty for a total of $4,850.00. Thanks to Its good to know justice still prevails.
- J. Herrera, CA


Household Finance Corporation. My case involved the Class Action lawsuit against Household Finance Corportion, regarding their deceptive and unfiar lending practices. My settlement check was received in December of 2003. I received a favorable outcome thorugh a submission to Lawyers and Settlements.
- C. Matijas, MI

ACE Cash Express. I submitted a claim through the LawyersandSettlements website for ACE Cash Express. Apparently they were charging a ridiculous interest rate on their advance loans. I decided to submit my claim to Lawyers and Settlements and received a check in less than two weeks. Thanks so much for providing this service to consumers. I have forwarded this website many, many times to countless friends. Thanks again.
- K. Hall, TN

Capital One. I was very pleased with how fast an attorney contacted me. He was truely concerned about my case. He always kept me up to date on the progress of my case and in the end rewarded me with a generous amount of money.
- R. Johnson, WI


I was researching a company when I came across I found a few suits that I knew I might be affected by and quickly filled out the online application. I was STUNNED to find a check in my mailbox about a week later from a class action settlement. It took me just 5 minutes to do online! Now all of my family & friends are researching the site and putting in their claims... Thank you!!!
- M. Masso, FL

Just to let you know how great this program is, I wanted to tell you about some of the class action suits I have been awarded payment on. I have received 4 different checks and 2 certificates for discounts on products, directly from your efforts. I want to thank you for providing this service as I would not have had any way of knowing about these class action suits if you had not been here. I have seen many attorneys on TV talking about different class action suits, but you have to pay a retainer up front to be involved. They are only the big ones, moneywise. With this legal service, all I had to do was give some information and I am included. Note: I still have several more out there waiting for settlement, if anyone reads this and you have had any experience with these products or services, sign up. It is the best way to do business with attorneys, (no offense) on class action suits.
- H. Burk, OK

I have had major success with the two cases that I submitted to Both gave me cash rewards that were higher than my original expectations. Great Work!
- L. LaSala, NY

Yes we received a settlement from the associates we found on your website and never would have been part of the settlement if I had not signed up on your web page and found out about it, the settlement was for around 256 dollars but it helped at a time we needed it.
- F. Doughty, SC


Unum Provident. I am very satisfied with the service and will settle shortly for a 6 figure sum.
- M. Stein, MA

Metropolitan Life. I am writing to let you know that this website has truly been a blessing to me and my family. Recently , I inquired about information regarding the Metropolitan Life class action case on behalf of my mother. We were able to get helpful information, as well as be linked to other sites with information about the case. As it turns out, my mother received 3 checks for 3 policies which were held by my deceased grandparents, and another close relative. Thank you so much for providing such a valuable and worthwhile service that really makes a difference!
- H. Washington, IL


PayPal A $9.25 million settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuit filed on behalf of users who opened a PayPal account between October 1999 and January 2004. The suit alleged the company was understaffed, hid its customer service phone numbers to save money, had rude and unhelpful phone staff, did not answer customer service email, and "without notice or warning, erroneously and unnecessarily" limited or closed accounts and then made it difficult to restore the accounts. (Jul-30-04)


Sprint. I was denied long distance service by Sprint based on a credit rating system. I found out from Lawyers and Settlements that the company was not within its rights to deny long distance service to customers and that there was a class action lawsuit against Sprint on behalf of all customers who were refused long distance service. I signed up and am scheduled to receive a long distance calling card from Sprint to compensate for being denied long distance service. I wouldn't even have known about this class action suit if Lawyers and Settlements has not contacted me. Thanks, Lawyers and Settlements!
- R. Knapp, PA

Verizon. Went up against Verizon and Won!! Never made it to court but did threaten to file cicil suit against them for the $175 early termination fee they assess. I made my way up the ladder and FINALLY got justice!! I showed them the contract does not state 175 per line, ONLY PER CONTRACT!! So anyone prior to July 2004 might wanna look over the contract and if you have more than one telephone line on your contract and want out, you only have to pay the 1 fee, not per line!!
- R. Simpson, GA

Unfair Business Bractices

CDs. Ralphs Grocery Co. A settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuit that was filed on behalf of all California residents who participated in the company's "The Great Escape" promotion and did not receive the two-night hotel stay promised by that promotion. The suit alleged that the company violated the Consumer Legal Remedies Act and the Unfair Business Practices Act. (Jul-21-04)

If you would like to share your success story, please send us a short [EMAIL]. We, as well as our readers, would greatly appreciate it.

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