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The risk of Osteoporosis and bone density loss from Depo-Provera birth control is quietly announced to the public

Millions of women continue to receive multiple Depo-Provera shots each year but are unaware of the potential risks

New York City, New York - Each day, the FDA launches several health advisory warnings and asks pharmaceutical companies to revise drug warning labels to include additional risks and side effects not previously known. Everyday, millions of U.S. consumers continue taking these medications unaware of the newly discovered risks.

Unbeknownst to many women on birth control, Depo-Provera, a popular birth control method, has been on the radar for the FDA and other research-based health organizations for several years.

Last year, the FDA ordered the maker of Depo-Provera to revise the packaging and promotional materials to contain the new "black box" warning which states, "Use of Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection may cause you to lose calcium stored in your bones. The longer you use Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection the more calcium you are likely to lose. The calcium may not return completely once you stop using Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection."

Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection contains a powerful variant of the hormone progestosterone which is released through a hypodermic shot given every few months. Several studies have indicated that this hormone can increase the loss of bone density in women of all ages, including teen and young adult women who are in critical stages of natural bone growth.

Since its launch there have been several studies conducted on Depo-Provera confirming the risk of Osteoporosis. While these studies are valuable, they have not been able to identify the long-term effect on bone density, especially for teenagers and young women. Osteoporosis and the loss of bone density typically effect women later in life making them susceptible to fractures throughout the skeletal system.

Despite the FDA warnings and the results of subsequent studies, Depo-Provera remains popular among women due to its higher birth prevention rate and its convenience. Health care professionals advise those taking Depo-Provera to discuss a bone density test with their physician and advise using Depo-Provera for no more than 2 years or using a birth control alternative.

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